Unique and simple Halloween costumes for girls

halloween costumes for girls

The Halloween season is very close. Do you have any Halloween costumes for girls yet? If you are still having a headache thinking about how to apply makeup that is both simple and unique, let’s go with Mazeshirt and check out the article below! Surely these will be suggestions to help you show off your makeup skills and finish Halloween costumes for girls!

The greatest Halloween costumes for girls

1. Dress up IT clown with lipstick

halloween costumes for girls

When dressing up for Halloween, it appears that many people prefer and choose the image of the IT clown. Although it’s not a new idea, it hasn’t lost its cool over the years!

Moreover, this Halloween makeup is also quite simple, you just need to use lipstick to draw the lips around the cheeks and paint a little on the tip of the nose. Do not forget to add sharp eyes to make Halloween costumes for girls more eye-catching.

2. Simple clown with eyeliner

If how to dress up for Halloween as an IT clown is a bit difficult, you can replace it with this makeup. Just use eyeliner or black eyeshadow and you can transform into this scary clown for female Halloween characters!

3. Transform into Wonder Woman

If you want to stand out at the Halloween party with your friends, the idea of ​​​​dressing up as Wonder Woman will definitely be a good suggestion. However, this is a slightly sophisticated makeup method and requires you to be skillful.

The most important thing in this makeup is to use a pencil to draw lines for the face. In particular, above you can draw a headband by using eyeshadow and lipstick.

4. Sweet Bohemian Girl

Sweet and wild is this Halloween costume idea for you. Especially, for girls who love gentle style, do not ignore this makeup. To transform into a Bohemian girl, you can use a pencil or eyeliner to skillfully draw around the eyes and cheeks with simple motifs. From a distance, it looks very much like a lace mask that is both sweet and seductive.

5. Cat makeup

Girls cat costume is not only suitable for personality girls, but even everyday girls can F5 themselves with this charming style. With this Halloween costume idea, you need to make your face a little whiter and then use highlights to make the bridge of your nose more prominent.

Use a black pencil or eyeliner to draw the eyes, the tip of the nose, and the hairs of the beard. Don’t forget, to make yourself stand out more, buy additional accessories such as a mane, or a choker necklace!

6. Dress up as a dog on Snapchat

The idea of ​​​​making Halloween into a cute dog filter in the Snapchat app is also a great idea that you can easily apply. In particular, this idea is both unique and extremely trendy on this special occasion.

According to this makeup idea, you will have to focus on makeup for the dog’s nose. Use dark and light brown powder to blend evenly. In addition, if you have a specialized face powder, painting will be easier.

7. Annabelle doll

Annabelle doll – a scary ghost doll character will be a unique Halloween costume idea that children will surely find interesting. Girls can use it by wearing black eye makeup, red lips, and an indispensable white face. To make this character more realistic, use a wig and dress yourself up.

8. Catwoman

The image of a girl with a black suit and a cat mask full of personality is not too strange to be a Halloween costumes for girls, and when it comes to Catwoman, all the girls feel extremely interested in the strong but attractive image of the cat girl. And if you are also a “Fan” of Catwoman, then you are not afraid to dress up as a sexy and attractive cat girl on the upcoming Halloween.

To transform into a Catwoman is not difficult. You just need to choose for yourself a stylish black outfit such as leather leggings, a leather crop top, and even a pair of boots and a cat mask to be able to turn into a very attractive Catwoman.

9. Harley Quinn

You won’t soon be able to forget the picture of her wearing an incredibly sexy outfit and having her hair tied on both sides in vibrant colors. past time. Indeed, it will be very interesting if you are transformed into the rebellious personality of Harley Quinn on Halloween.

Outlying ombre dyed hair with pink and blue tones along with a smudged makeup style from eye color to lipstick is the “secret” for you to become a “genuine” Harley Quinn girl. And if you are a girl who “pays for it”, don’t forget to buy the same clothes as this wild girl. Indeed, dressing up as a rebellious and sweet Harley Quinn is one of the greatest Halloween costumes for girls on a creepy Halloween.

halloween costumes for girls

10. Simple t-shirt for a Halloween night costume

If the outfits are too eye-catching and colorful and make her uncomfortable, mix things up simply with just a T-shirt. True to the spirit of Halloween, a cool black T-shirt with ghostly images such as skulls, mummies, and skeletons,… is worthy of her choice.

T-shirts are so familiar to every girl. When combined with jeans, a black skirt, and a pair of bold shoes, it is enough to make women take the spotlight.

Bad Witch Vibes Halloween T-Shirt

Vintage style with bad witch vibes for girls’ witch costumes.


Bad Witch Vibes Halloween T-Shirt
Everyday Is Halloween T-Shirt

Everyday Is Halloween T-Shirt

Pink t-shirt for girls skeleton costume on Halloween day.



Above is a collection of Mazeshirt‘s simple and unique Halloween costumes for girls. Hopefully, you all have a wonderful Halloween night with special and outstanding Halloween costumes for girls.