20+ tips for dressing beautifully in a traveling shirt 

traveling shirt

When traveling, you should choose outfits that match your traveling shirt for streetwear fashion. We will share below so you will have an impressive trip with beautiful photos and impressive fashion styles

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Outstanding outfits matching traveling shirt

A thin T-shirt over an oversized shirt

Long or short jeans combined with a thin t-shirt and an extra layer of oversized shirt The exterior always brings a liberal, dynamic, and lively style. What to wear when traveling to look beautiful, if you choose this style, it will help you express your fashion sense and provide effective sun protection.

Minimalist jacket and traveling shirt

A minimalist t-shirt paired with a jacket will help you be more stylish. This style is also easy to combine with jeans and extremely diverse skirts. The wearer will always feel confident when going to a strange place, a prosperous city, or traveling to luxury destinations abroad.

Thigh jeans

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She should prepare herself a pair of jeans to wear with items such as T-shirts, and stylized shirts, or combine with extremely diverse blazers and bomber jackets. Especially, you should prepare a suitable bikini for yourself. 

Wide leg jeans

Sets of clothes mixed with straight-leg jeans. Long, loose, wide-leg jeans will provide comfort when moving and can be combined with many items. These pants are also famous for their top shape and age-hacking abilities, helping her stay youthful and show off her long legs.

Sleek maxi dress

Don’t miss out on charming maxi dresses that are full of femininity and purity, ladies. Whether it’s the countryside or any bustling city, a flowing maxi dress can be used very well. A small suggestion for outfits with these dresses is to combine them with a pair of sandals and a wide-brimmed hat to create a perfect outfit.

Crop top and jean shorts

She can show off her long legs, slim waist, and attractive body with a crop top and shorts, especially jean shorts. This style will bring you the most comfort when participating in many places such as night markets, food courts, walking on the beach, or conquering the stairs at hilly tourist destinations…

Off shoulders dress

Most of the time when Gen Z girls ask each other “What to wear when traveling”, stylish girls recommend having dresses that are off-the-shoulder or show off your back. These dresses will help you take beautiful, seductive photos with wonderful scenery. 

The floral set is filled with the scent of the sea

If you go with a group of friends, family, or company, don’t miss the floral sets filled with the scent of the sea. These sets of clothes will increase solidarity, creating a whole filled with the color of “life” to help you remember a trip full of memories.

Travel t-shirts and blazers

T-shirts can be combined with many different jackets, but the most comfortable and airy is the blazer. Girls can mix it with jean shorts, wide-leg jeans or shorts and short/long skirts, which are all suitable.

Honey Bee Bumble Bee Embroidery Crewneck

best women’s t-shirts for travel Basic Embroidered shirts that are easy to mix.


Honey Bee Bumble Bee Embroidery Crewneck (1)

Skinny jeans and cardigan

Skinny jeans and cardigan It will be very suitable for slim girls. This outfit will be suitable for walking around town or going to the night market.

High-waisted pants and crop top

When traveling and wanting to stick to an active style, you should choose high-waisted pants and a crop top. This outfit is suitable for all different locations and settings. She can also easily combine it with sneakers, high heels, or sandals.

White shirt with waistcoat

The cold wind begins to caress people’s skin. This is the time for her to show off her winter outfits. A white shirt combined with a patterned waistcoat will make you more stylish. From ancient and modern landscapes to cafes, you can use this outfit.

Long dress and sweater over it

A gentle, sophisticated, and elegant Korean style outfit: Long dress and sweater overcoat. This outfit will help her score points wherever she goes. This fashion can be used to go to the airport, walk around coastal streets, go shopping at centers, visit spiritual and solemn places… it’s all fine. What to wear when traveling is no longer difficult for Gen Z girls with the above outfits. There are still many other items, let’s continue to explore!

Babydoll dress and sneakers

If she wants a youthful and comfortable style, she should choose a babydoll dress and sneakers. Comfortable, “easy to breathe” and can “eat the world” without worrying about your waistline. Girls who are passionate about food or travel and don’t want to miss any places should choose this style.

Crop top with skirt/jeans

What to wear when traveling to be elegant, dynamic, and stylish? She is modern and likes personality so choose a crop top with a skirt/jeans. Guaranteed that in this outfit you will always attract many eyes and always feel confident no matter where you appear.

Sweatshirt and long skirt

Long skirts are always the choice when traveling in the cold season. When combined with sweatshirts such as hoodies or sweaters, a long skirt will help you flatter your figure more easily. This style is suitable for all ages and helps keep you warm, moves flexibly, and is easy to pose when taking photos.

T-shirt combined with a midi skirt

The minimalist style chosen by many Gen Z when traveling is midi skirts and t-shirts with few details. This style will help you easily highlight accessories, handbags, and shoes.


So, with the 20+ outfit coordination tips above, Mazeshirt shared the hope of helping you answer the question “What to wear when traveling?” It can also help you get more diverse outfit ideas.