Personalized Hawaiian shirts & 12 benefits of swimming for children

personalized hawaiian shirts

Swimming requires a combination of foot pedaling, hand fanning, and regular breathing to help children concentrate, stimulate the brain, improve height, and be good for digestion. Let’s find out the benefits of swimming for children 12 and personalized Hawaiian shirts

personalized hawaiian shirts

Best benefits of swimming for children

Develop confidence

Many children are afraid of going into the water and are always shy in front of crowds. Swimming creates challenges for children. When children pass, they will feel more confident in their abilities.

In addition, researchers also say that swimming is very helpful in treating autism. The combination of swimming with toys, music, and games will help autistic children interact with people around them.

Improve concentration

“Swimming requires a lot of coordination, not only physically but also mentally. Focusing on foot kicks, arm strokes, and breathing control, helps children not have much time to pay attention to anything else.” something else,”. At that time, children will realize that concentration helps make a difference in results, affecting their ability to succeed.

Stimulates brain development

According to studies, movement during swimming helps connect the mind and body. This will help children significantly improve brain development and intelligence. Additionally, due to the stimulation of young children’s senses, regular swimming improves brain and emotional development.

Support cardiovascular health

Swimming keeps your child’s heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina, and improves balance.

Improve endurance

Swimming is a sport that exercises every muscle group while building cardiovascular strength. This means better endurance and stamina, creating a physical foundation for other sports.

Increase the height

This is a benefit that almost everyone has heard about. When swimming, muscles and bones are completely relaxed. Therefore, swimming is very suitable for people who want to increase height, especially growing adolescents.

Weight loss for obese children

The thermal conductivity of water is 24 times that of air, the temperature of water is lower than the normal temperature of air, so swimming helps the body cool down and burn fat quickly. When swimming, the muscles, joints, and skeletal system are continuously exercised, the body becomes supple, reduces excess fat, and helps the body become firm.

The metabolic rate is very fast, during and after swimming time, 30 minutes of swimming consumes about 1,100 calories. Therefore, swimming is an ideal weight loss method for people with plump bodies, especially obese children.

Reduce the risk of injury

Other sports activities can cause pain in some areas of the body such as the limbs or waist area, affecting the joints, and bones of the arms and legs, making the body easily tired and reducing interest in exercising. Swimming is a safe sport for children, reducing unnecessary injuries.

Body massage

While swimming, water pressure acts on the entire body, acting as a massage to help beautify the skin and reduce pain and fatigue throughout the body. The impact of water on the body will have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system, helping blood circulate and the swimmer’s breathing capacity is increased. “The most important thing when learning to swim is to learn how to breathe and regulate a stable breathing rate, which is essential for children’s health,” Dr. Huong emphasized.

Helps children reduce stress

Whether it’s the relaxing feeling of floating or the gentle gliding, being in the water has a calming effect on most people. But that’s not the only reason why swimming is considered a stress-relieving activity. Due to the increase in endorphins in the brain, swimming helps children relieve stress effectively. In addition, children develop a balanced lifestyle thanks to swimming habits.

AIDS digestion

Imagine food as a marble and your child’s intestinal system as a tight, winding hallway that the marble needs to roll down. Swimming is an activity that supports the digestive process.

Improve sleep

According to research, people who regularly swim have better and deeper sleep, because swimming consumes a lot of energy. Muscles are stretched to the maximum. Sleep is the time for muscles to recover; The body rests to regain strength.

Improve social skills

While swimming with other children, children will have interaction, which helps improve social skills outside of school. In addition, children will feel more interested and open when meeting friends with similar interests

Essential Items and personalized Hawaiian shirts for a Beach Trip with Children

Custom Hawaiian shirts
  • Clothing:
    • Swimsuit and custom Hawaiian shirts: Choose a swimsuit made of stretchy material that is comfortable to move around in and dries quickly.
    • Lightweight, breathable clothing: Let your child wear this when traveling or playing in the sand.
    • Thin jacket: Put this on your child in the evening or when it’s cool.
    • Hat: Protect your child from the sun.
    • Sunglasses: Help your child avoid squinting.
    • Towel: Use this to dry your child off after swimming.

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  • Toiletries:
    • Sunscreen: Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and that is suitable for children’s skin.
    • Body wash and shampoo: Use these to bathe your child after going to the beach.
    • Wet wipes: Use these to clean your child when there is no water.
    • Diapers: Bring these if your child is still young.
    • Toilet paper: Bring this in case of emergencies.
  • Other items:
    • Stroller or baby carrier: Use this to transport your child on the beach.
    • Floaties: Help your child float while swimming.
    • Toys: Bring some toys for your child to play with in the sand.
    • Water and snacks: Bring these so your child can stay hydrated and energized.
    • Medications: Bring some common medications such as cold medicine, digestive medicine,


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