Beach outfits and 6 fun activities on the beach

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Are you preparing for your long-awaited beach vacation? A beach vacation is a great way to relax the mind and spirit. Of course, traveling to the beach in the summer will have many hot days and make you sweat more. But that’s also why participating in water sports or activities is the perfect way to cool down, refresh, and have a lot of fun while traveling. 

This article summarizes types of interesting water play activities and some lovely beach outfits when traveling to the beach that you can refer to. 

Why do we participate in water play activities when traveling to the beach?

Of all the activities you can do on a sunny day while traveling to the beach, water sports are some of the most fun.  Water sports are not only a cooling activity, they are also great exercise and a way for you to discover yourself. 

Although water sports can seem a bit complicated for newcomers. But water sports don’t take as much time to get used to as other sports. With other sports, there may be a lot of accessories and sports equipment that you have to buy. However, with activities such as surfing, basket boating, or scuba diving… you will have the opportunity to experience it visually. Once you develop the basic skills, you are free to paddle anywhere you want. 

Another reason why people should participate in water play activities when traveling to the beach is that it will help them have more memories and impressions. 

The collection of water play activities creates many interesting things

Fishing, squid fishing

For those who are passionate about fishing, when traveling to the beach, they will be able to freely experience exciting fishing and squid fishing activities. Try once to channel your emotions towards the ocean waves to cast your rod and search for wonderful travel landmarks.

This exciting water play activity will bring you many exciting experiences. Moreover, if you are lucky, you will also have a seafood party made by your own achievements to treat to friends and relatives.  When traveling to the beach, remember to experience fishing and squid fishing activities right on the sea!

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There is always a shortage of beautiful beaches and countless types of related services. For example, scuba diving to see coral, catching pearls, or walking on the seabed. 

It will be extremely interesting when your sea trip has many things to experience through scuba diving to see coral and scenery under the ocean. When you sink deep into the water, you will admire the shimmering and amazing undersea world. Create memorable moments in life.

Flying over the sea

Flying over the sea is currently extremely attractive to young people. With sports such as parachuting, flyboarding… there are certain risks that require the player’s skills. But for tourists who especially like to conquer challenges, this is a great choice for their travel itinerary. 

Almost all famous beaches in Vietnam have been offering this sport. You will have the opportunity to “fly” in the air to enjoy the sea breeze and the salty taste of the clear blue water. Promises wonderful moments of experience. 

beach outfits

Floating in a boat or basket on the sea

Although floating in a boat or basket on the sea is not a thrilling water activity. But it requires players to have courage, perseverance, and ingenuity. 

Basket boats look easy to control, but the truth is that they are very difficult to row and navigate. However, you can rest assured because most games have instructions from experts or people there. 

Water play activities with a basket boat slowly rowing out to sea will bring you a feeling of peace. At the same time, immerse yourself in the sea to clearly feel each endless wave. 

With this game, you can row near the shore or far from the shore depending on your preference or level of professionalism. But remember that you need to be in good health, know how to swim, and be courageous. Because you will be able to face big waves, hitting hard enough to make you fall out of the boat. 


Flyboarding is also a fairly familiar flying activity on the sea surface for young people who like adventure. Although it has just appeared in Vietnam, this game is already extremely attractive. 

In the first moments of starting, many people will encounter clumsiness because there is still a lot of unfamiliarity and overwhelm. But you just need to calm down and take the initiative to perform competently by grasping the techniques instructed by the technician. You will have wonderful experiences in your life.


Surfing while going to the beach is no longer strange to tourists looking for thrills and adventure. The moment of riding high waves or being chased from behind by them is truly amazing. 

Many people think that surfing is a sport for the upper class or professional players. But if you are interested in experiencing it, you can definitely try it.

Just like paragliding, being able to surf proficiently takes time and practice. As long as you have passion, you can conquer big and small waves.

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We hope that the information shared above by Mazeshirt will help you get more excited and easily plan your beach travel experience. Water games and activities will definitely bring a fun atmosphere and many memorable moments for you