Cool beach outfit ideas for men and women

beach outfit

 “What should I wear to the beach?” It will no longer be a difficult question when Mazeshirt shares the secrets of coordinating cool and stylish beach outfit ideas this summer. Let’s explore the article below to create the coolest outfits for yourself!

beach outfit

1. Best beach outfit for men

Summer is the most beautiful time of the year for guys to show off their muscular bodies under cool water. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to wear that is both stylish and cool but still comfortable to show off your attractive appearance on the beach. 

1.1. Long-sleeved shirt

A long-sleeved shirt sounds hot, but it’s not. Instead of wearing it the usual way, he can wear a tank top or t-shirt outside. This combination of beach shirts not only helps him reduce the impact of direct sunlight on his skin but also increases his dynamic and extremely handsome personality.

1.2. Shorts

Shorts are definitely the indispensable top choice in every guy’s beachwear set. With a variety of different materials and designs, you can comfortably walk on the beach while creating attractive photos or comfortably immerse yourself in the cool ocean waves. This item can be combined with all types of shirts from T-shirts, tank tops, and long-sleeved shirts to short-sleeved shirts.

1.3. Short-sleeved shirt

If you love comfort and are not too restrictive, you can choose short-sleeved shirts instead of long-sleeved shirts. With this type of outfit, men should choose beach shirts with colorful floral patterns or vertical stripes to match current fashion trends. Airy materials such as cotton or linen will be extremely suitable for enjoying summer days at the beach.

1.4.  Customs Hawaiian shirt – Best beach outfit for women and men

American Bulldog Dog Tropical Trendy Hawaiian Shirt

Beach vacation outfits – beach outfit ideas for dog lovers.


American Bulldog Dog Tropical Trendy Hawaiian Shirt

1.5. Swimming trunks

Men’s swimming trunks are definitely one of the indispensable beach outfits for guys. Choosing swimming trunks is very important because they help you increase confidence and comfort during swimming activities. You should choose pants that are not too tight and have bright colors or outstanding patterns to suit the marine environment. In addition, the material of the swimming trunks is also an equally important factor, with elastic fabrics, good durability, and quick drying that will help you avoid feeling wet when getting out of the water.

2. Beach outfit for women to wear to look beautiful and stylish? 

Summer is the most ideal time of the year, girls can freely relax under the bright golden sunshine, and blue beaches and create for themselves the best photo albums. Beachwear can be considered a powerful weapon to help her shine on the vast beach. Let’s explore these beautiful items below: 

2.1. Beach maxi dress

Maxi dresses are a great choice for girls when traveling to the beach. The dress is designed to hug the waist, and chest and hang loose from the hips, usually reaching the ankles. In addition, there are many types of maxi dresses that flow freely from the shoulders to the legs, are suitable for many body shapes, and can hide body flaws. Although the design seems a bit spacious, it helps girls look extremely luxurious, depending on the design and pattern of the maxi dress, it is suitable for a variety of ages.

2.2. Women’s shorts

It is a dynamic, youthful item that is indispensable when going to the beach. women’s shorts bring both coolness and extreme comfort, suitable for all fun activities at the beach. Besides, combining beach clothes with women’s shorts is also extremely simple, they can be combined with different shirt styles from T-shirts and bikinis to off-the-shoulder shirts,…

2.3. Long skirt

Normally at sea, the wind will be very strong, so a long skirt will be a better choice than a short skirt because it can not only shield the legs from the sun but also block the wind to help girls feel secure. freely roam. With long skirts, girls can choose materials such as chiffon, linen or thin fabric creating a flowing, graceful feeling.

beach clothes

2.4. 2-strap shirt – personality, cute

Women’s 2-piece shirt, also known as 2-strap tank top, depending on each design, the shirt will have different lengths. To suit customer needs, designers today come up with a variety of designs and materials. If you know how to mix and match beach clothes with this type of shirt, your outfit will be much more beautiful. They can be easily combined with skirts, shorts, pants, etc., and can be worn straight or worn. Inside with a shirt on the outside.

2.5. 2-strap dress

Bringing personality and cuteness with a touch of glamor with a comfortable yet flattering fit, 2 two-strap dress will help girls confidently let themselves live virtual lives with the blue sea. She loves a comfortable yet gentle and feminine style, so this is an extremely suitable choice. You should choose bright colors or small patterns to create a lovely outfit. Pairing it with a yellow backpack and a pretty tote bag will double your cuteness.

2.6. Bikini at the beach

A bikini is always a top choice for girls when going to the beach in a sexy style. There are many options as well as many different designs including 2-piece bikinis or 1-piece bikinis made from many materials such as cotton, silk, or handmade from wool. Girls can wear a long shirt or thin scarf outside to add style and partially cover them, giving them more confidence to pose.


In today’s hot and muggy weather, long trips, especially going to the beach, are an ideal destination not to be missed. To make the trip more complete, choosing beautiful beach clothes and posing with the golden sand is definitely a great thing.