Custom Hawaiian shirts and 12 rules to follow when going to the beach

Custom Hawaiian shirts

Enjoying a vacation on the blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine is an enjoyable experience on hot summer days. To have a nice trip, you should equip yourself with some Custom Hawaiian shirts and the necessary knowledge to protect yourself against some unexpected dangers.

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1. Warm up before going into the sea

The terrestrial environment and the underwater environment are different, so you need time to adapt. Before going into the sea, you need to warm up your limbs, do some exercise, or jog for a while to avoid cramps before immersing yourself in the water. However, you should not exercise too much and need to go into the water slowly, do not rush into the water.

2. Do not expose yourself to the sun for too long

Harsh sunlight is not good for your health. Therefore, you should not sunbathe for too long before entering the water because you can easily catch a sudden cold.

3. Do not go into the water on an empty or full stomach

When going swimming, you should not be too hungry or too full when entering the water. It’s best to eat a little in your stomach and bring cakes, fruits, and canned foods because after swimming you will consume a lot of energy.

4. Do not swim too far from shore

When you swim too far from shore, you will face big waves and unpredictable risks. So sometimes you have to pay attention to what’s behind you. The first time in the water should not exceed 15 minutes. Do not swim farther than 15m from shore or in areas deeper than 5m.

5. You should not swim on a day with big waves

You should not choose to travel to the beach or swim in waters that often have reverse currents because this current is very dangerous for swimmers. You should listen to the weather and consult information about the beach in advance. You should especially not bathe on days with big waves, or stormy days when the temperature is below 18 degrees Celsius. When you see the beach is unusually quiet, the water recedes and many flocks of birds appear, you should immediately Go ashore and find a high place or hill.

6. Do not swim away from the safe area

Usually, at each beach, there will be signs posted warning of deep and dangerous water areas. You should follow the beach’s rules and not go far from the safe area, otherwise, you won’t be able to swim to shore, encounter fierce fish, or be swept away by strong waves.

7. Avoid jetties and pillars

In coastal cities, there are often scattered wharves or anchor posts. When bathing, you must avoid these places because this is where many mollusks hide and attack. In case of being stung by a jellyfish, you should go ashore close to the lemon and then bathe with fresh water.

8. Avoid whirlpools

On beaches near reclamation urban areas, there are many holes, sunken beaches, and sudden whirlpools. To escape this flow, you must not panic. Always remember that rip currents will not suck people to the bottom, but will only carry things away from the shore. Don’t try to swim against the current but try to swim perpendicular to the current. For those who don’t know how to swim or are exhausted, let yourself float down the stream, waiting for someone to rescue you.

9. In case you need to go ashore immediately

The body is itchy, feels cold, unusually tired, has pain in the forehead or back of the neck, has cramps, visual disturbances, signs of abdominal bloating, and elbow and knee pain, you must immediately find a solution. ashore.

10. Always go with one or two other people

To ensure safety, you should be careful when bathing and not go too far from shore. Always go with 1-2 other people, the more people, the safer, and can support each other in case of an incident.

11. Save yourself

Calmly close your eyes, close your mouth, and hold your breath so that your lungs do not choke on water and become a lifebuoy to push yourself up gradually. Use your hands or feet as oars and fan the water to push your head out of the water. This way, you can survive underwater for a long time waiting for someone to rescue you or take advantage of the current to swim to a shallower place.

12. In some cases, swimming is not allowed

Some people with bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, cardiovascular disease, nephritis, chronic otitis media with perforated eardrums, people with easily irritated nerves, and people who are constantly afraid of colds should not swim.

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Interesting experiences when going to the beach

1. Camp on the beach

Anyone who loves traveling, especially sea travel, also loves camping on the beach and waking up early to watch the first rays of sunlight of the day. When traveling to the beach, especially to pristine sea areas, you can organize beach camping or seafood parties right on the beach, which is very interesting.

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2. Go for a walk on the beach

Walking on the beach is one of the fun things you shouldn’t miss on your beach trip this year. Walking on the beach, enjoying the cool breeze, and listening to the whispering waves, it feels very strange.

3. Scuba diving

What’s on the seabed? Beautiful? You want to know, right? Try scuba diving! You will see schools of fish swimming around you. In particular, in some sea areas, you can also see coral and feel a shimmering world under the water.

4. Go on a boat and go fishing and squid fishing

If you’ve never experienced the thrill and joy of a fish taking the bait, try this trip to the beach! You can follow local people’s boats, float on the sea, catch fish and squid, and process them yourself, enjoying the results right on the spot. This will be an experience you will never forget.


With the above notes about some known knowledge you need to know and special Custom Hawaiian shirts according to Mazeshirt, I wish you a safe and fun trip to the beach!