Cool Hawaiian shirts & noting when taking children to the beach in the summer

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In the summer, people often take their families to the beach. However, young children with weak immune systems are more susceptible to illness when the weather changes. If you take your child to the beach in the summer, parents need to be well-prepared and choose gorgeous cool Hawaiian shirts to help their child adapt well and have a fun vacation.

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7 Notes when having a beach vacation with kids in the summer

1. Limit beach time for children under 12 months old

The skin of children under 12 months old is extremely sensitive. When exposed to the sun, their skin cannot withstand infrared and ultraviolet rays, making it prone to sunburn and heatstroke. Dermatologists advise parents to limit exposure to direct sunlight and avoid taking children under 12 months old to the beach.

When going to the beach, it is also necessary to “cover-up” carefully and wear a hat with a brim to protect the child’s health. Especially, for children from 6 months of age and older who have good resistance, parents can let their children have more contact with water, take them swimming lessons, and let them get used to the water environment so that they will feel more comfortable and at ease when going to the beach.

2. Take children to the beach when the temperature is not too high

Parents should not take their children swimming outdoors when the sun is strong, especially between 12 noon and 1-2 pm. The appropriate time to take children to the beach or for a walk is in the early morning (8-10 am) or in the cool afternoon (3-5 pm).

If the outdoor temperature is 35 degrees Celsius or higher, do not take children swimming. Instead, take them to a cool, shady place and avoid direct sunlight.

3. Let children swim at the beach for only 1-1.5 hours

According to dermatologists, children should only swim in the sea for 1 to 1.5 hours. If children are under 12 months old, they should swim for less than 30 minutes. Do not swim for more than 2 hours, as this can make children more susceptible to colds, flu, heatstroke, etc.

4. Prepare all necessary items for children before traveling

cool hawaiian shirts

With a beach trip for the whole family and accompanied by young children, arranging belongings is extremely important. So what do you need to prepare when traveling to the beach for your baby? Please get rid of unnecessary items and bring some of the following essential items for your baby:

  • Necessary documents: For children under 13 years old, parents should bring their child’s birth certificate, especially when traveling by plane.
  • Backpack/bag to separately store baby’s items: Compact-sized backpack with many compartments to help classify baby’s items conveniently during the trip.
  • Seasonal clothing: In addition to bikinis and swimming clothes, parents should prepare short clothes, short-sleeved dresses for children (for girls), and soft, airy cotton clothes. In addition, you should bring 1-2 sets of long sleeves and a thin jacket for your baby to wear at night.
  • Shampoo and sunscreen specifically for babies: Babies’ skin is very sensitive, so parents should bring specialized shampoos and sunscreens for babies!
  • 1 – 2 familiar toys: Young children often cry when moving to new places. Preparing your baby with his favorite toys will help him feel familiar at home.
  • Some types of dry snacks: Some side foods such as weaning cakes and dry snacks for your baby to eat more. Preparing beach food for your baby will help keep your baby from getting hungry when traveling between trips.
  • Stroller/sling, diapers, wet towels, milk bottles: In addition to clothes and personal items, babies under 2 years old need to bring diapers, milk bottles, a small foldable stroller, and a sling. 
  • Medicines: Some medications that you should bring on your trip include anti-allergy medications, digestive medications, pain relievers, anti-flu medications, fever reducers, and some special medications you often use. Use daily (if applicable). Check out what you need to prepare when going to the beach. In addition to personal belongings and beach clothes, keep a list of medications you need to bring.

5. Choose a safe beach area and always keep an eye on your child

Carefully research the beach destination, and choose safe, clean beaches with wide visibility when taking children swimming, this will provide a safe, clean environment for children to play comfortably, and parents can easily keep an eye on their children and avoid dangerous situations such as children getting lost, kidnapped, or drowning while swimming.

To ensure the safety of children, you can put a tag around their neck with their name and parents’ phone number so that people can easily contact them if the child gets lost.

Parents should never let their children swim alone or swim out on their own without supervision. Always keep an eye on and stay close to your child. It is best to let your child swim close to shore and wear a life jacket or float.

6. Apply sunscreen to children before going to the beach

When exposed to a lot of sun, the body will lose water, so you should give your child more water than usual. Choose and apply sunscreen products specifically for children to their skin, with an SPF of 40-50. If going to the beach on a less sunny day, parents can apply sunscreen with an SPF of 20-30.

There are also many different types of sunscreen such as cream, gel, and spray, you can choose the type that suits your preferences and purpose of use. When going to the beach or swimming pool, you should use waterproof products that are resistant to sweat and water.

7. Clean children thoroughly

  • Bathe your child with warm water after each beach trip. If sand gets in the child’s eyes, parents should rinse the child’s eyes with saline solution.
  • Pay attention to cleaning the navel, ears,

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By following these tips, you can help ensure that your child has a safe and enjoyable time at the beach. Mazeshirt hopes that this information and some cool Hawaiian shirt ideas help you to have a nice beach vacation with your kids.