Unique Custom Halloween Activities

custom halloween

Halloween is celebrated on the last day of October every year and cannot lack the following unique custom Halloween activities on Mazeshirt‘s article.

1. Custom Halloween – The “Trick Or Treat”

This is the main activity of most children and teenagers in the US on Halloween night. “Trick” which means: trick, naughty game: “Treat” means welcoming, kind treatment, and treatment.

custom halloween

Children and teenagers, young people dressed up with clothes and masks of ghosts, then carried lanterns from house to house in the neighborhood, knocked on the door, and said: “trick or treat”.

This sentence means: “If you want us to play well, then treat us to something”.

Normally, neighbors always want to avoid “tricks” that are playing tricks, so they often treat them with candy and fruit (according to the custom, with coins inside).

2. Custom Halloween costumes

This is one of the most popular custom Halloween costumes on Halloween, especially among children. Common costumes are costumes of witches, ghosts, famous cartoon characters, or other supernatural creatures…

Joker’s charming look

This character gives a strong impression and cool costumes with his white face, green-dyed hair, and bright red lips. All to portray the image of the famous and eccentric chemist. Moreover, Joke and Harley Quinn are also some of the most popular costume couples.


Blood-sucking bats and terrifying legends of people living in the dark have awakened in us our fear of vampires.

The white face, emotionless eyes, and dark circles under the eyes, along with a ghostly aura, are images often used to describe vampires. And those images make them even more terrifying. Therefore, dressing up as a vampire can be a great idea to scare your friends and partygoers.

The beautiful princess is cursed

Being a princess is every girl’s dream. Although every girl is already a princess of their parents, why not try to create a beautiful and lovely princess in this carnival?

Or if you are more innovative, you have more personality but still like to be a princess, Why not try to create the image of a princess that is haunted, creepy, but still beautiful?

Horror ghost face

The bony faces and large teeth of the skulls gave birth to this idea. This is a pretty classic shape through the Halloween seasons, but it has always proven that its image is very old, but never less scary, and never out of fashion.

3. Lantern decoration

Lantern decoration is a very popular Halloween custom.

The custom Halloween of decorating lanterns originated in Ireland. People here carve evil faces on potatoes and turnips to ward off spirits in the night.

When Halloween was introduced to the United States, people used pumpkins to carve demon faces to decorate the night of the festival. And today, pumpkin lanterns have become a feature of Halloween celebrations around the world.

The reason the pumpkin has become a symbol of Halloween has to do with one of the meanings of the day, which is associated with an Irish legend about a teenager named Jack. Jack died, but the soul did not go to Heaven because when he lived, he was a greedy, miserly person, often hiding money, stingy, never giving anyone anything. However, he also could not go to Hell because when he was alive he used to play with the devil, so the devil did not catch him.

Seeing Jack miserable, the devil took some embers from Hell, put a pumpkin inside, and gave it to Jack to keep warm on the way. In order to let the air in to feed the fire, Jack had to puncture the pumpkin and the light from the fire shone from within to illuminate his wandering path.

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Decorate lanterns but don’t forget to decorate the house with a creepy poster.


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4. Custom Halloween – Bonfires

This is also a way to encourage fairies to come out of their graves and walk with the living.

custom halloween

A lot of people believe that’s why people like to dress up in Halloween costumes, it makes each person live in a different person, no longer themselves. Costumes and masks will confuse evil spirits, or help drive them out.

5. The snap Apple

When the Celtic people were conquered by the Romans, many Roman customs were also introduced to Celtic land, including the festival of worshiping the goddess of the harvest Ponoma. This god often “hides” in the fruit basket.

The apple is a sacred fruit used to worship the gods, so many games related to this fruit appear during the Samhain festival.

There are many forms of playing related to apples on Halloween night, the most popular is the competition to get as many apples in a bowl of water, or as the apple peeling contest, the longer the apple skin, the longer the life…

The custom of taking apples on All Saints’ Night is not a game but is actually a ritual of luck. The more apples someone gets, the more luck they will have in the coming year. Any girl who grabs the apple will surely get married that year.

In another very popular game, people hang molasses or thick, thick, very sticky syrup with a rope. Players will have to eat them without using their hands, while the rest keep the rope in place, This is a game that will definitely get your face dirty, but in return, it is extremely fun.


Halloween is not only a fun holiday for children but is also known as a masquerade festival which is one of the most popular custom Halloween with many variations from cute to horror, from lovely images to scary but scary faces and interesting custom Halloween.