Best Masquerade Halloween Makeup to catch the trend In 2023

Masquerade Halloween

The Halloween season is the time when everyone is eager to start brainstorming ideas for a unique masquerade Halloween costume. If you still don’t know which character to dress up as this year, let Mazeshirt suggest creative and trending masquerade Halloween costumes!


masquerade halloween

Walking zombies are the top choice during the Halloween season. To masquerade Halloween as a Zombie, you just need to use white chalk to brush your face, paint your eyes dark, and use food coloring or syrup to make fake blood applied to your neck, face, etc., and you’re done. The horror effect will be more impressive if you wear more ragged costumes and dress up with scars … on your hands, feet, and neck.

Nurse or Doctor

Dressing up as a nurse, or a doctor will make you the center of attention on Halloween night without having to prepare too much or spend money. With Halloween masquerade masks, you will need to prepare a nurse or doctor suit and make up your face with white powder, red lipstick, and a little red product to create fake blood for more horror.


Mentioning the red devil and ignoring the angel is a mistake. Contrary to the image of a red devil, when you mention an angel, you will immediately think of innocence, purity, and holiness. This is an ideal suggestion for you and your “sisters” to dress up for the upcoming Halloween.

With a set of outstanding white tones indispensable wings and an angel necklace, you will definitely become a girl. The centerpiece of the school’s masquerade day. And if you have a close friend who is a “red devil”, you can take pictures with these two special characters.


Dressing up as a Vampire is also a very good suggestion for Halloween on October 31. This makeup method does not require you to have adept makeup skills. You just need to dress up so that your face looks pale, your eyes stand out with bright red lipstick, and prepare to add fake fangs.

masquerade halloween

You can refer to another hot topic for Halloween night which is dressing up as characters in horror movies. For example, nun Valak, ghost doll Chucky, Joker, ghost clown IT, Annabelle doll, ghost bride…

The Joker – Best character for the night of Masquerade Halloween

Joker is a character that is dressed up a lot every Halloween. In some versions, the Joker is known only as a horror clown, but at other times the character is described as a cold killer.

The way to make an impressive Joker makeup is to focus on the white powder on the face. Add to that is green hair and a wide mouth with many horizontal and vertical paint stains tinged with bright red. This character’s costume is usually a men’s suit elegant purple and red mainstream.

Harley Quinn

Referring to Joker, it is impossible to ignore the character Harley Quinn. This rebellious girl is considered the Joker’s shadow and always wears a savage smile that is equally attractive and sexy every time she walks.

Harley Quinn is famous for her tight t-shirt, shorts, mesh socks, and blue and red jacket. Besides, she has characteristic red-blue hair, fair skin, red lips, and a few small tattoos on her body.


The dark fairy Maleficent was once a craze at the box office in many countries. She is the villain in the story “Sleeping Beauty”, possessing a ghostly appearance with countless mysterious magic.

Maleficent wears a long black cloak or sometimes large black wings and jet-black horns on the top of his head. Deep eye sockets, long sunken face, red lips like lipstick, and white skin are the outstanding features of the dark fairy Maleficent.

Harry Potter

Many young people have always admired the image of witches as being both mysterious and magical. With the Harry Potter uniform, the witch hat, and the magic wand, you have quickly “transformed” into your favorite witch character.

Horror Ghost Bride

Many girls love the image of the ghost bride character Halloween season. The way to dress up the ghost bride is both simple and impressively depicting the horror. You just need to wear a crumpled black wedding dress and some accessories like garland, old jewelry, and a long wig.

If you want to be more “quality”, choose Halloween makeup with a really white face, dark gray eyes, and black or purple lipstick. Also, you can use food coloring Pour it over the skirt to add a touch of horror.

Important notes when dressing up for a masquerade Halloween party

Costumes to dress up for Halloween are very diverse, however, to limit the risks arising from costume problems, you also need to note the following:

  • Avoid using sharp accessories. If you use dentures or devil horns, you need to wear them to avoid causing danger to yourself and others.
  • When choosing to buy color for face paintings, you should prioritize finding out the origin and material of the product. Especially with objects attached to the eyes and teeth.
  • Limit the use of powders and colorants to spray on hair, especially children’s hair because it will be easy to damage baby’s hair.
  • Learn the origin and composition of paint brushes, and masquerade paint before using them on the face.

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Halloween is a highly anticipated festival in October with an impressive horror costume. If you are wondering what to dress up as on the night of October 31, hopefully, this article has suggested simple masquerade Halloween costumes that are still very scary. Don’t forget to follow Mazeshirt for more interesting and useful information!