10 Best Cute DIY Kids Halloween Costumes Easy To Make

kids halloween costumes

You can choose not only cute but also simple kids Halloween costumes with familiar characters such as No-Face, Witch, Clown…

In just a little while, the Halloween season will come and bring a bustling atmosphere of costumes on the streets. Parents are also eager to choose costumes for their children to participate in Halloween with friends. Let’s take a look at Mazeshirt‘s 10 easy-to-make and adorable kids Halloween costumes this Halloween.

kids halloween costumes

1 Kids Halloween costume for boys

Costume transforms into a prince

The prince, who is a character in the story is always very handsome and heroic,  voted one of the characters that many boys love to masquerade. This is also the character that is chosen to dress up the most during Halloween day. The prince’s outfit will come with a king’s crown, shawl, and scepter. At present, this best Halloween costume idea is very popular and usually a complete set. For that reason, you can easily make creative baby Halloween costumes boy without spending much time.

Superhero-inspired Halloween costumes

Since superhero movies came out, characters like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, … have attracted a lot of children. If your child is fascinated with a certain image in Marvel, you can buy superhero clothes, and then create them with your child with a mask, and accessories, … Surely, the children will be very eager to dress up for the upcoming Halloween.

Robot Transformation Costume

Robot costumes are quite interesting, aren’t they? If the boys love the every day assembled toys, this is a good idea for the Halloween season. You can use hard cardboard, colored paper, crayon, glue, … and based on the model image to create a suitable outfit. Note, you should glue the puzzle pieces together so that they do not fall when moving.

Mischievous clown costume

The clown is a character made up of many different colors. At first glance, the character is quite scary and monstrous, but when used to shape boys, on the contrary, it looks very cute and disruptive. To transform into a witty clown, parents need to prepare a wig or a hat with many bright colors.

About the makeup. Paint white around the eye contour and highlight pink on the cheeks. The most special feature is the indispensable red nose tip to increase the cuteness but not lose the clown’s aura.

Traditional horror costumes Treat or Trick

The treat or trick game on Halloween is a beloved tradition around the world. On this day, people often dress up as monstrous characters with features of this holiday such as skeletons, witches, ghosts, etc.

So parents can prepare to choose and dress up children according to this custom idea. In addition to the preparation of costumes and makeup, it is recommended to buy the children a lovely bag to go from house to house asking for candy.

2 Kids Halloween costumes girls

Dress up as a princess

Most girls like to transform into gentle and beautiful princesses. This is also the easiest character to camouflage and one of the most important characters for baby Halloween costumes girl. All it takes is a sparkly flounce dress and a pair of crystal shoes to create a lovely little princess. To make the kids more gorgeous and special, you can combine more accessories with crowns and gowns.

Witch Halloween costume

kids halloween costumes

In mystical stories, the witch is always the villain that scares and haunts every child. However, here’s another source of Halloween costume inspiration for your kids.

To create an impressive witch costume, you will need an old dark dress, a pointy pad, a broom small, a pointed hat, and a pair of mysterious black shoes. Also, you can draw a few more dark circles, blackheads, and dark lips to create the most outstanding little witch when participating in Halloween with friends.

Kids Halloween costumes from horror movies

Famous horror movies like Annabelle Doll, Spooky Clown,… look scary to babies. However, this is an inspiration for parents to transform their children into interesting images. Not only focusing on costumes, you also combine hairdressing and up to properly describe the monstrous character traits. If the children “play” plus the ingenuity from you, this Halloween season will become memorable memories.

Kids Halloween costumes according to cartoon characters

Famous characters from cartoon series such as Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Barbie Doll, Pony, … absolutely be the best ideal Halloween costume. Observe the characters of the cartoons that children love and watch every day. From there, you will easily find the right makeup for your child. Cartoon costumes will be a bit difficult for you to make yourself.

Outfits with pumpkin patterns and shapes

Not only can you decorate the Halloween pumpkins, but you can also prepare your baby’s costume according to this symbol. The styles of pumpkin clothes today are quite diverse from textures to shapes. If you still can’t think of what to wear for your baby, this is the ideal choice for kids Halloween costumes to play Halloween.

3. Best T-shirt ideas for kids Halloween costumes

Amazing Halloween Pumpkin Spider Hawaiian Shirt

A floating shirt filled with the symbols of this festival will definitely be the most attractive kids Halloween costumes.


Amazing Halloween Pumpkin Spider Hawaiian Shirt
Halloween Starry Night Ghost Book Reading Camping Van Gogh T Shirt

Halloween Starry Night Ghost Book Reading Camping Van Gogh T-Shirt

Halloween of course has no shortage of stories told in the middle of the night about Halloween.


Comfort Colors Retro Black Cat On Pumpkin Halloween T-Shirt

Characteristic symbol of black cats and pumpkins on Halloween. Own this for yourself and your kids this impressive kids costumes now.


Comfort Colors Retro Black Cat On Pumpkin Halloween T Shirt 4


Hopefully, the 10 impressive kids Halloween costumes that Mazeshirt suggests will help you make choices that suit your children’s interests. We hope parents and children will have a nice masquerade with some suggestions for kids Halloween costumes on a happy Halloween season!