Discover food and best gifts for Easter Sunday 2023

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Easter Sunday is a special and meaningful day for Christians. On this day, people often eat some dishes or give each other special gifts. Let Mazeshirt suggest you.

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Eat some special food on Easter Sunday

Chocolate eggs

Eggs are a symbol of happiness. Derived from chocolate is the tradition and is shaped like an egg to create something new. In 1905, the Cadbury Dairy Milk candy company launched a line of egg-shaped chocolate that attracted many consumers’ attention. Today, chocolate eggs are also added toys by candy companies to attract children. On Easter Sunday, this is an indispensable product and gift.

Hot cross buns

This is a traditional British Easter cake. This type of cake is often decorated with a cross and the main ingredients are dried fruits. Since ancient times, people have spread word of mouth about the meaning that this dish symbolizes good luck. Specifically, if the host makes this cake on resurrection Sunday and hangs it in the kitchen, it will have good luck during the hanging time.

Fruit cake – Simnel

In terms of origin, this cake dates back to the 17th century, prepared by boiling and then baking. This is an indispensable Easter cake with ingredients such as white flour, sugar, butter, eggs, fruit, and candy. In particular, the cake is divided into layers of almond dough (in the middle or on top), so that a total of 11 balls are made of dough.

Grilled lamb

Symbolizing well-being, lamb is the main dish on Easter Sunday. Not only for this day, but this nutritious food is also favored by many people to be processed in daily meals or other holidays. In addition to the main grilled lamb, the Serbian Easter meal also includes sausages, cured meats, and cheeses served with red wine.

Easter bread

Depending on each country, the Easter cake will have a variety of variations in both ingredients and presentation. In Russia, a cake called kulich is made from dried fruit and sugar yeast. In Portugal, the Easter cake is called Folar da Páscoa, a cake that is both sweet and savory, filled with sausage. For Italians, on this holiday they often use a cake called Colomba di Pasqua with the shape of a dove, symbolizing good luck. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan Easter cake called Bien me sabe consists of layers of smooth, sweet cream.

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Pancakes – Brezel

Initially, this type of cookie was a snack, appearing on Ash Wednesday, and it gradually became an Easter cake. The cake is made from flour, salt, and water but has a unique shape in each spiral.

Cooked ham

In some parts of Northern Europe, cooked casseroles are commonly available meat, so, on Easter Sunday, it also becomes an indispensable dish. It is theorized that this meat dish originated in Germany at the beginning of the sixth century and is still today in many Western countries the choice for Easter Sunday lunch.

Have you chosen a special gift for special people?

Lipstick – Easter gift for wife

If you ask me what to give my daughter for Easter Sunday, the answer is red lipstick. This is all women’s favorite lipstick color, can be used daily, and more than that it fits the Christmas theme.

Perfume – Meaningful Easter gifts for girlfriends

No girl can refuse perfume, because it represents her personality and charm. If you don’t know what scent to give on this special occasion, then choose a gentle, sweet one that will surely win the heart of your loved one. In addition, if she is a person with personality and sexy, then try some passionate, bold, sexier scents!

Notebook – Simple Easter gifts

The notebook is also on the list of the most chosen Easter gifts, because this notebook does not have much material value, but it helps us to record important things, and preserve memories in the future. past and future.

Couple cup – a gift for lovers

Many guys choose a couple as a gift for Easter, the cup will represent their attachment and desire to be together, so even if it is small in material terms, this gift is still full of intense love. from two people. What could be more wonderful than being together and using the double items?

Matty Healy Coffee Mug, The 1975 Inspired Art Mug

The best couple gift for a happy easter Sunday.


Matty Healy Coffee Mug The 1975 Inspired Art Mug 3
Its Me Hi Midnights Coffee Mug Taylor Swiftie Mug

It’s Me Hi, Midnights Coffee Mug, Taylor Swiftie Mug

This a lovely greeting for couples who are fans of Taylor swift.


Tie – Easter Sunday gift for dad and brother

If you have a business dad or boyfriend, a tie or tie clip is the perfect Easter Sunday gift idea. Depending on your financial ability to choose to buy high-end or affordable products, the heart of the giver is the important highlight.

Sports gear – gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts

No matter if you are a boy or a girl, at any age, as long as they are passionate about sports and bodybuilding, you should give them the right sports equipment during this year-end holiday. It can be a pair of shoes, a set of clothes, or simply sports equipment, …

Warm clothes – A warm gift like no other

If you are going to give that person a warm coat for this winter, then prepare in advance, it is best to secretly find out about your preferences and size to buy accordingly. Choose a striking red or blue color if you want the shirt to bring an easter atmosphere.

Peace Love Offroad Sweater, Peace Love T-Shirt

A little warmth ready for the happy resurrection Sunday.


Peace Love Offroad Sweatshirt 1


Easter Sunday is the most important Christian holiday of the year. They give each other their best wishes and gifts. A warm meal with family and exchanging hearts with small gifts are the most joyful and happy things.

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