Happy Mothersday 2023:Origin and Meaning

happy mother's day

Happy MothersDay is an occasion held to celebrate the values ​​of a mother in life. This meaningful event is held in many countries around the world. Let Mazeshirt tell you about this holiday.


What is MothersDay in 2023?

MothersDay in 2023 falls on Sunday, May 8. But in 2023, MothersDay falls on May 14

MothersDay is a traditional holiday in many countries around the world. There is no fixed date like International Women’s Day, so many people often do not know what Mother’s Day is. 

Mother’s Day Origin and Meaning

Mother always has a special role for every human being. All over the world, there are millions of people who are mothers and for each parent, a mother is always the person we love, are grateful for and cherish the most.

MothersDay has given each child more opportunities to express their love to their mother. On this day, the noble values of a mother are remembered and honored such as sacrifice for children, caring care, teaching children, forgiveness or undying love, etc.


The history of Mother’s Day is closely linked with the history of the formation of the ancient autocratic state and human development. This holiday has its origins in ancient Greek and Roman times. The festival of gratitude for mothers was held annually in the spring and the Greeks at that time often sacrificed to the goddesses, especially the god Rhea – the mother of many gods in Greek mythology.

Another document says that the origin of MothersDay first appeared in England around 1600. This day is celebrated every year, 40 days before Easter to honor mothers. On Mother’s Day, children often have the custom of giving flowers or fruit cakes to their beloved mothers. However, this custom gradually fell into oblivion in the nineteenth century.

MothersDay is on May 10 in the US, thanks to the patience and struggle of a girl named Anna Jarvis in the state of Philadelphia – USA, Mother’s Day has become an official holiday. After her mother’s death, Anna was always tormented by many things that could not be done for her mother, and by the indifferent attitude of the American people towards her mother. She was determined to fight to get the US Senate to celebrate Mother’s Day nationwide.

After years of struggle, in 1911, Mother’s Day was agreed to be celebrated in most states in America. On May 8, 1914, the President of the United States signed a decree to designate the second Sunday of May every year as Mother’s Day.

Since then, MothersDay has been celebrated in many countries around the world on the 2nd Sunday of May. In Vietnam, Mother’s Day has been introduced into our country since the beginning of the 21st century. Although it has not become an official holiday, many people still consider this a special occasion to give their mothers love and meaningful gifts.

Mother’s Day in different countries

Mother’s Day in Vietnam

Mother’s Day, as the name suggests, is the day we show our gratitude and respect to all mothers around the world. In Vietnam, besides March 8 or October 20, the Vu Lan ceremony of filial piety, and mothers day greetings are also welcomed by everyone. On this day, the children who are raised under the love and care of the mother will give gifts to the mother, the sweetest wishes for their birth.

Britain and Ireland do not celebrate “Mother’s Day” on the same day as the US. Mother’s Day in Ireland is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the Christian month of Lent. This day is also known as “Mother’s Sunday” in the UK. On “Mother’s Day” Irish people show their love and respect with flowers and cards for Mother. They served Mother in the morning in bed and invited her to dinner. Shows and comedies are held in many places.

In the UK and Ireland

The British give gifts to thank their mother for her love and encouragement. Roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums are the most popular gifts on this occasion. In addition, the British also have the custom of making Simnel cake – peach almond cake for the Mother.

In Australia

Mothersday is celebrated like custom in the US on the second Sunday of May. Australians see “Mother’s Day” as an opportunity to express gratitude to Mothers. Children give flowers and cards to show their gratitude to Mother.

Just like in the US, Australians also have a tradition of wearing carnations on “Mother’s Day”. Colored carnations represent their mother is alive, and white carnations commemorate the mother who has passed away. In addition to the biological mother, people also show respect for the mother of her and the women who loved and cared for them.

In Africa

Ỏ South Africa, “Mother’s Day” is held on the second Sunday of May. This is an occasion for them to express their gratitude for the love and care of Mother. South Africans also give flowers and cards to mothers to express their love. On this day, carnations are used to dedicate to Mother. In addition, they have a lot of activities to thank Mom.

In America

America celebrates “Mother’s Day” on the second Sunday of May. “Mother’s Day” is a very large national holiday celebrated every year. This day is considered the major holiday after Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Flags are raised in every home to pay respects to America’s mothers. Americans often invite their Moms to dinner because they don’t want them to cook on this special holiday. Children show love by serving their Mom breakfast in bed.

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