Choose Mother’s Day flowers and special gifts for her

mothers day flowers

Mother’s Day – is still a fairly new term for some of you, so before helping you find meaningful fresh Mother’s Day flowers for your mother. Let’s wade through history, learn about the origin of this holiday, and find out the best Mother’s Day flowers.

mother's day flowers

Meaning of mother’s Day

Mother’s Day – a day originating from North America and Europe has been introduced to our country for many years.

Contemporary Mother’s Day was initiated by Anna Marie Jarvis in Grafton city, West Virginia state, USA, to honor good mothers, especially in the context of a family home. Mother’s Day is often celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. Several other countries have similar holidays celebrated and held on other days of the year.

Choose Mother’s Day flowers

On this special day, flowers are a traditional gift to express gratitude to your mother because each flower has its own language and meaning.

That’s why Mazeshirt will help you choose Mother’s Day flowers with the best messages you want to send to your beloved mother.

1. Carnations

Carnations carry fragile wings, but are full of life, like the sacrifice of a mother all for her beloved children, so that when the child grows up, she will also smile and close her eyes contentedly.

So, on Mother’s Day, if you haven’t thought of a meaningful gift yet, borrow beautiful carnations to express your gratitude, as well as send the most sincere words to the person who sacrificed both beauty and youth. to raise us up.

2. Roses – wishes for your mother to have a royal and rich life

The rose tree is like a family, the flower is protected by leaves and thorns, like a mother’s heart always protects and protects her child through life’s temptations, let her always shine the brightest. Happy mothers day roses for mom.

3. Sunflowers and daisies

A bouquet of bright and cheerful sunflowers. It also sends a message of admiration and respect. Giving your mother a bouquet of sunflowers also shows thanks for the sacrifices and silent support that she has given you, or as an implication: “You are the sun of my life”.

Chrysanthemum flowers also have a meaning of beauty and joy, happiness with diverse colors. Some new types of chrysanthemums have been bred and received the love of many people such as Calimero daisies, and button daisies – are a suitable choice if you want to have only one type of flower.

4. Orchids

Orchids inherently symbolize what is noble and best for Mother’s Day flowers. Giving my mother orchids is an expression of deep gratitude for the mother’s upbringing and great sacrifices for her children.

5. Lily – Mother’s Day flowers

The lily is one of the most favorite Mother’s Day flowers that receives a lot of favor from the girl, especially women who are mothers. Perhaps because of the noble, luxurious, and very sandy beauty that lilies bring. With just a vase of lilies, the space in the room has become bright and by adding the passionate fragrance that lilies bring, mom will feel so relaxed.

Lilies, depending on the color, have separate meanings, but in general, they are also a wish for happiness. Therefore, giving your mother a bouquet of lilies is to pray that she will always be happy and peaceful beside her children

 6. Lotus flower

Flowers symbolize noble but simple qualities, for sacred and noble things, and – just looking at it – wanted to give to my mother, to her, to the women we love and respect right away. 

happy mothers day flowers
happy mothers day flowers

In addition to giving Mother’s Day flowers, you have a lot of choices as a gift this holiday

Instead of choosing ready-made items, you can make a gift on October 20 for your mother, a unique and meaningful lover such as hand numbers, and handmade hats…

Handmade notebooks

If the woman you love is someone who regularly takes notes, keeps records of work, or simply loves writing, a handmade notebook is a very meaningful Mother’s Day gift. Based on the preferences of the recipient, you can choose the size, paper material, and cover color, …

bucket hat

A lovely fashion accessory like a bucket hat also makes a great gift. You should choose the right style, color, and material with the recipient. In addition, you can make handmade bucket hats for your mother

A set of beautiful kitchen tools

As a thank, for the delicious dishes that your mom cooked for the whole family, a set of kitchen tools that are not important in value is enough to express your heart.

A solid pair of sneakers

For moms who have a habit of exercising every morning, it’s great to be given a pair of quality sneakers. Or sometimes your mother has a long, busy business trip and has to walk a lot, surely you don’t want your mother to feel tired with uncomfortable sports shoes. For elderly people who often face joint pain, a pair of shoes that fit your feet with soft material will certainly bring a lot of conveniences and protect your mother’s health.

Poster of flower

Flowers Best Poster

Instead of bouquet flowers, a poster of flowers for decoration is also a good choice.


Flowers Best Poster
Sunflower Cat, Flower Cat, Black Cat Funny Poster

Sunflower Cat, Flower Cat, Black Cat Funny Poster

If your mother is a cat lover, the poster is sure to please your mother.


Picasso Bouquet of Peace Flowers, Minimalist Line Poster

19th March, let’s give some mothers day flowers to your mom.


Picasso Bouquet of Peace Flowers, Minimalist Line Poster


Not only mother’s day, but You can also give your Mother flowers any day, whether it’s your birthday, your parent’s wedding anniversary, or an ordinary day, suddenly You want to express your love to His mother. Any mother is happy to receive flowers. Mazeshirt wishes your mother good luck and happiness.

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