Saint Patricks Day – Traditional Irish Holiday

st patricks day holiday

Saint Patricks Day is a day for Irish people to honor their country’s longstanding cultural beauty. When coming here to this special festival, tourists must not only be dazzled by the blue color but also be immersed in exciting and vibrant activities.

Saint Patricks Day in IRELAND

March has the most important holiday for the Irish community in the country and around the world. It’s Saint Patricks Day March 17 – Ireland’s National Day and is also the day of the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of this country. Throughout the week, a lot of cultural activities take place not only in Ireland but all over the world, where there is a large Irish community, especially in the Northeastern region of the Americas. Let’s find out interesting things about this unique festival of the land of Clover!

st patrick's day 2023
happy st patrick’s day in irish

The legend about happy saint Patrick’s day in Irish

There are many stories related to Saint Patrick. One of them is Saint Patrick who has the ability to bring the dead back to life. In addition, there is a legend that people often tell each other that when Saint Patrick preached on the top of a hill, he placed a Christian curse, all venomous snakes were driven from the land of Ireland and died at sea. Some people believe that the snake is a symbol of the cults that were removed from Ireland by Saint Patrick.

It is also said that Saint Patrick used shamrock clover – a mollusk plant, to explain to the people the doctrine of the “Trinity” (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) in God. Catholicism in the 5th century. He used this herb in his sermons to describe how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit could exist as separate individuals, similar in character and character the ability of a similar entity

Picture of three lenses in the festival

To this day, every year on Saint Patricks Day, the Irish community still often wears green clothes with the shape of a three-leaf clover to commemorate this legend. This three-leaf clover has also become a symbol of the faith, hope, and growth of Ireland.

st patrick's day holiday
st patrick’s day holiday

From this legend, on the day of the festival, everything on the streets and street corners seems to be dyed blue. From people to objects, food… all of them put on a blue outfit. Some people even decorate their faces, clothes, and objects with clover, some choose for themselves a mischievous elf hat, or in some places, people even dye a river blue. Memorials and even the ski area turn blue to celebrate the occasion.

Green colors appear all over the streets

For the Irish, blue also represents national love or religious beliefs, from old women wearing blue shawls and blue badges to girls wearing blue manes to little boys and girls wearing a cute outfit, which is also in blue color. Originally, the Irish wore green because they believed it made them invisible to leipreachán trolls, and anyone caught by leipreachán would be pinched.

The world celebrates the festival 

Today, the Irish community in many parts of the world such as the UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, Russia, and Japan… all celebrate this st patrick’s day holiday. Every year, on March 17, millions of people flock to Fifth Avenue in New York, the Schuman area in Belgium, or Trafalgar Square in London to witness the parade. In Chicago, the whole Chicago River has dyed an impressive emerald green. In Japan, Saint Patrick’s Day dyed the whole neighborhood of Harajuku, Tokyo green with a parade and loud band.

What activities and activities and activities are held on Saint Patricks Day?

Wearing blue and green suits

Irish people always consider greed Blue color to be a symbol of national love and religious consciousness. Therefore, people often wear blue badges, blue manes, and lovely outfits in the same blue color. Not stopping there, the Irish also believe that wearing blue clothes and The color of leaves helps them become invisible to leprechauns, anyone caught by a leprechaun will be pinched.

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Walking down the street decorated with green and wearing the same color clothes on saint patricks day.


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Lets Get Ready To Stumble St.Patricks Day Funny Garden Flag

Let’s Get Ready To Stumble St.Patrick’s Day Funny Garden Flag

A small green flag jubilantly decorates saint patricks day’s atmosphere.


Patrick Star It’s St.Patrick’s Day Decorative Garden Flag

Happy st patrick’s day with this funny character.


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People see joining the parade as a way to celebrate Saint Patricks Day. At the same time, the largest Saint Patricks Day parades are held outside of Ireland as the Irish society of humanity celebrates, which is magnificent.

Draw a clover on your face

Every year on March 17, Irish society in many parts of the world paints clover on their faces, clothes, and utensils to wish for new things to come to them.

Decorate houses and streets with blue

On this day, you can see everything that decorates the house, the street is blue. From food such as cakes, beer or hair, rivers, memorials, and even ski areas become green to celebrate the occasion.

St Patrick’s day party organizing

Ground beef and cabbage are classic St Patrick’s Day dishes. They often drink beer and clink glasses nowadays.


Above is useful information that Mazeshirt share with you about what is Saint Patricks Day. Saint Patricks Day is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. So when it comes to this holiday, everyone enjoys the atmosphere and space filled with green and laughter.

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