What is Saint Patricks Day: Origin & Meaning

st patricks day

Saint Patricks Day is a national festival in Ireland. On this day, everyone stops all work and enjoys the jubilant atmosphere of the festival together. Hospitals, banks, schools… all closed to welcome. Saint Patrick’s Day was officially declared a national holiday around the 17th century and gradually became a cultural holiday for Irish people.

The story of once upon a time

Saint Patrick, whose real name is Patricius Magonus Sucatus, was born in 389, into an English family of Roman origin. At the age of 16, while still living in Wales, he was enslaved by pirates and sold to a landowner in Ireland. About six years later, he escaped and began his Christian career by studying for 12 years. year. St. Patrick became a priest in 417, and in 432 was ordained a bishop by the Pope and sent to Ireland to evangelize and convert the people.

At the same time, the Irish religion was governed by shamans, and the rituals were considered pagan. So, during his years of traveling all over Ireland preaching, building churches, and believing in Christ, he was arrested many times but later escaped to continue his work. He died on March 17, 461 at Downpatrick, aged 72. His service was honored by the people of Ireland and recognized by the Church. He was canonized and the country of Ireland has chosen the date of his death as a national holiday – Saint Patricks Day.

saint patricks day

Three-leaf clover – the symbol of hope and wish

It is said that when preaching, Saint Patrick often used clover to explain the meaning of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). That’s why when we come to Ireland we can see the image of clover everywhere. In addition, for the Irish people, this clover also means good luck. On St Patrick’s Day, people paint clover on their faces, clothes, and objects. Green also became the symbolic color for the Emerald island. The phrase “wearing of the green” became very popular in the Irish language, expressing the Irish spirit. “Irish green” and clover have become a typical cultural feature, bold… Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day around the world.

St Patrick’s Day Festival and Parade

In essence, St. Patrick’s Day- Is a cultural holiday celebrated on the day of the death of Saint Patrick (the patron saint of Ireland). This day symbolizes the acceptance of Christianity in Ireland. It is believed that Saint Patrick is not only the patron saint of Ireland but also the ancestor of Irish literature.

On the sacred national day and also the largest cultural festival of this beautiful country of Ireland, the people of Ireland stop all work and enjoy the jubilant atmosphere of the festival together. Offices, schools… are all closed on the occasion of the festival so that no one will miss this important national holiday. Saint Patrick’s Day was officially recognized as a national holiday around the seventeenth century and gradually became a representative holiday of Irish communities around the world.

st patrick's day 2023

On holidays, everything on the streets and street corners, from the architecture to the food and drink, is dressed in traditional Irish green. Some people even decorate their faces, clothes, and items with clover, some choose for themselves elaborate costumes, but the prerequisite must be green. In some places, people even dye a river green, and monuments and even ski areas turn blue to celebrate this solemn occasion. The highlight of the festival is a grand parade with the participation of a large number of people, dressed up as different characters in colorful costumes, then together they eat traditional food, and drink beer and enjoy the music.

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How do Canadians celebrate Saint Patricks Day?

Saint Patricks Day is celebrated in Canada due to the time marking the beginning of spring and Irish immigration in Canada.

On St. Patrick’s Day, we can easily see Canadians preparing to celebrate in the streets filled with green decorations and the symbol of the clover. Major events taking place to celebrate this festival include the Toronto Saint Patricks Day Parade. One of the major parades in North America appeared from 1988 to the present day. This parade has a scale that includes 30 floats, 2000 marchers, 32 Irish associations, 100 organizations, 14 bands, and many other impressive numbers.

In Montreal, people celebrate Saint Patricks Day with an equally grand parade, which dates back to 1824. St. Patrick’s Day is the day when the demand for alcoholic beverages is highest in Canada. Bars and restaurants are always crowded these days. Even the police force has to work with intensity to penalize drunk drivers

There are many sources of opinion that consider making Saint Patricks Day an official holiday in Canada. Part of the reason is that on this day, the percentage of students who are absent to go out is higher than on other holidays. Especially if it is possible to incorporate Saint Patrick’s Day into the long holiday of March, perhaps it will limit the drinking and focus more on family values.


The Feast of Saint Patricius is a major national holiday in the Republic of Ireland that celebrates the spread of Christianity in Ireland and many other places. Let’s choose the most attractive green outfit with Mazeshirt to participate in this holiday.

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