Merry Christmas 2022: Best Christmas Gift & Origin & Meaning


Christmas is a holiday that people all over the world love and people often choose Christmas gifts for their loved ones. As a Christian day, every household responds to Christmas very strongly. The most beautiful is at night when the lights are brilliant everywhere, mixed with the cool and pleasant atmosphere. So Christmas is a big holiday, loved and looked forward to by everyone the most in the year.

The Origin of Christmas

Christmas is also known as Christmas, Xmas, or Noel (from the French Noël, an abbreviation of the root Emmanuel, meaning “God with us”). This is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ for most Christians.

However, over time, Christmas has become an international holiday and is better known for its Christmas tree and Santa Claus.

The meaning of the two words “Christmas” and “Xmas”

In fact, the word Christmas is a combination of two words, “Christ” (title of Jesus) and “Mas” (short for mass meaning Mass). Therefore, Christmas means the feast of Christ and is the feast of the birth of Jesus.

In Greek, the word Christ is written as Christos, Xristos, or Spiôtós, so people often use the consonant X to represent the words Xristos and Spiôtós and add the word “Mas” to form Xmas. Therefore, the word Xmas also means the same as Christmas.

Meaning of Christmas Day

In addition to the religious significance, of commemorating the birth of Jesus, the holiday is also a day for families to gather, gather together, and share the joys and sorrows of the year.

Gradually, Christmas is received in many different ways, be it in the form of family reunions, exciting parties with friends, home decoration, and hanging gifts on the Christmas tree.

Christmas also becomes a magical holiday in the memory of children, a day when babies can make their own wishes and look forward to the appearance of “miracles” created by their own children. loved ones in the family.

Many children grow up still waiting for Christmas day and waiting for Santa’s gifts as a beautiful miracle in the midst of a busy life.

Top 10 best secret Santa gifts for children and adults

A book

Choosing a good book to give to your partner on Christmas is the best way to express your thoughts. The content of the book will speak to your sincere heart for the recipient, this is a smart gift idea.

Blanket – A practical gift for the cold Christmas season

Although the blanket is a “bulky” gift, it has the function of keeping warm when the monsoon comes, especially on Christmas day. A brightly colored blanket will make the atmosphere more joyful and warm.

Christmas Gingerbread Man Christmas Gift Blanket

There is nothing better than these Unique Christmas gifts in a lovely blanket on this cold winter day.


Christmas Gingerbread Man Christmas Gift Blanket

Sweet Christmas gifts – Chocolate

The taste of chocolate is likened to love, there is bitter, it is sweet, but the final aftertaste is wonderful. If you can’t find a gift you like, then the chocolate will be a safe choice, choosing the type decorated with Christmas motifs will be even more meaningful.

Tie or tie clip – Christmas gift for dad and brother

If you have a businessman dad or boyfriend, a tie or tie clip is a perfect Christmas gift idea. Depending on your financial ability to choose to buy high-end or affordable products, the heart of the giver is the important highlight.


Giving him/her a leather wallet is a way to show special care during Christmas. This gift will accompany and be present in the recipient’s life, instead of you being with that person, it’s meaningful, isn’t it? If it’s more subtle, put in your wallet a photo of you together!

Romantic dinner – Christmas gift for a surprising crush

If you intend to choose this Christmas to confess to your crush, prepare a romantic dinner at a luxury restaurant, surely he will not be able to refuse. However, during holidays like this, the restaurants are often very crowded, so you should book in advance or choose a few days before the main holiday!

Toys – Christmas gifts for active children

For children who like to participate in motor games, intellectual games, etc., this Christmas, give them a special gift such as a sled, or a model, … for example. This gift will be even more meaningful when it is a wish of the children for a long time.

Night lights – Meaningful Christmas gifts for loved ones

A beautiful small night light will be very suitable as a gift for family members. Every night, the lamp will be by your side and take care of the sleep of the person you love the most. This gift will be even more meaningful when you choose to buy it yourself! Do not forget, to choose a lamp suitable for the bedroom space and design it according to the preferences of the recipient!

Couple cup – Christmas gift for a lover

A lot of guys choose a double cup as a gift for Christmas, the cup will represent their attachment and desire to be together, so even though it is small in terms of material things, this gift is still full of intense love. from two people. There’s nothing better than being together and using double items.

Spill The Tea, Hot Tea Mug

A little hot tea for a warm Christmas day.


Spill The Tea, Hot Tea Mug
LITTLE MISS CUNTY Before Coffee Gift Mug

LITTLE MISS CUNTY Before Coffee Gift Mug

Surely your lover will be very happy to receive this glass with lovely words.


Notebook – Simple Christmas gifts

The notebook is also on the list of the most chosen Christmas gifts, because this notebook does not have much material value, but it helps us to record important things and preserve past memories. and future. Currently, at bookstores, there are many models of these books, with diverse prices and rich designs for you to choose from.


With 10 gift ideas for Christmas, Mazeshirt hopes to help you bring joy and warmth to family, friends, and loved ones this Christmas season.

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