History of the Christmas festival and fascinating stories 


Christmas festival is coming, Do you know interesting facts about this holiday? Let Mazeshirt tell you a Christmas story.

The origin of the Christmas festival

Christmas, also known as nativity, Noel, or Xmas (from the French Noël, an abbreviation of the root Emmanuel, meaning “God with us”) is a day of celebration. Jesus of Nazareth was born to most Christians. They believe that Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the Jewish province of Judea, which was then ruled by the Roman Empire between 6 B.C.E. and 6.

Some countries celebrate this day on December 25, and some countries again on the evening of December 24. According to Roman Catholics, the official feast is December 25, also known as “the main feast of the day”, and the night of the 24th month. 12 is called the “vigil”. However, the night of December 24 usually attracts more news to attend. Eastern Orthodox still use the Julian calendar to determine this date, so the Christmas festival is celebrated on January 7 according to the Gregorian calendar.

Meaning of “Merry Christmas”

The word “Merry” itself has planted in our hearts a joy, a warm feeling of happiness because it is associated with Christmas. Although the Christmas festival began in the 4th century AD, it was not until 1699 that the expression “Merry Christmas” was used.

The person with great credit in the origin of the phrase was a naval officer who first used the word in a cordial letter in 1699. The phrase appeared a second time in 1843 in a work of Charles Dickens “Christmas carols”.

During Christmas, not only Christians, but almost everyone from all walks of life or religions also send each other “Merry Christmas” wishes. In the phrase Merry Christmas, “Merry” means joy, and “Christmas” means the lambs of God (Old English usage). Many people use the word “Happy” instead of “Merry” to wish each other Christmas. The phrase “Happy Christmas” became popular around the world in the 19th century, when it was used by Queen Elizabeth II herself.

Christma symbols and meanings

Christmas cards

It dates back to 1843 when Henry Cole. At the Christmas festival that year, Horsley released the world’s first card and it has since printed 1000 copies. Christmas cards quickly exploded and became fashionable in the UK during the 10 years since the British Government passed a law in 1846 allowing anyone to send letters to anywhere at a cheap price. Not long after, this trend was introduced to Germany, and it was not until 30 years later that Americans accepted it.

Christmas tree – Features of the Christmas festival

The Christmas tree originated in Germany in the 16th century. This is a tree that lives in harsh climates but still retains its strong, solid, and eternal green appearance. Gradually the image of this tree appeared more and more often and it was considered the center of the Christmas festival, where people held hands and danced around the ornate pine tree both inside and outside with flowers. roses, apples, and colored paper. In the 19th century, the Christmas tree began to be widely used in England. In the 1820s, the Christmas tree was brought to the United States by the Germans in Pennsylvania.

Nowadays, near the Christmas festival, people often buy a Christmas tree and decorate it with stars, pearls, and glittering tinsel. , flowers… The pine tree is considered a symbol of hope and new vitality in the festival to welcome the new year.

Gifts in socks – best secret Santa gifts

Legend has it that, there were 3 girls of marriageable age in the other family, but no boys looked at them because their family was too poor. Bishop Myra was so merciful that he threw the gold coins down the chimney of the three girls’ house. Gold coins fell from the roof onto the same pairs of stockings that the girls hung by the fireplace. Needless to say, you can tell how happy they are. They had the opportunity to fulfill their wish.

That miracle story was spread everywhere, everyone wanted to be lucky, so they all imitated the 3 girls hanging stockings by the fireplace in the hope of receiving gifts.

Children hope to receive the most gifts at the Christmas festival. Everyone in the family also took this opportunity to give gifts to the children with the hope that they would be obedient and study well. Since then, there is a custom of children hanging socks next to the fireplace to receive gifts as dreams from Santa Claus.

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Santa Claus – The most popular character on the noel festival

The origin of the word “Santa Claus” or Saint Nicholas dates back to the 4th century in Turkey. From an early age, he was a very pious person and devoted his life to Christianity.

Saint Nicholas is especially celebrated for his love of children and his generosity. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, the island of Sicily, Greece, and Russia and of course, a saint as well. In the 16th century, in the Netherlands children used to place their wooden shoes by the fireplace in the hope that they would be well-fed by St. Nicholas.

The Dutch pronounce the word St. Nicholas as Sint Nicholaas, later falsified as Sinterklaas and eventually read by Anglicans as Santa Claus.

In 1882, Clemon C. Mor wrote his famous song “A visit from St. Nick” (Saint Nick’s visit) and later published as “The night before Christmas”. Mor is considered to have modernized the image of Santa Claus with the image of a fat, funny old man in a red suit.


Christmas is a bustling community cultural occasion, loving couples give each other gifts, children eagerly await the arrival of Santa, and family and friends invite each other to festivals and parties. Mazeshirt wishes you a happy day at the Christmas festival.

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