Funny Thanksgiving shirts and the 12 table decoration concepts

funny thanksgiving shirts

Choosing decorations for a party is always something that makes many people wonder when decorating the Thanksgiving table. Therefore, Mazeshirt would like to send you some ideas to help make the Thanksgiving table richer and more impressive. Otherwise, don’t forget to choose funny Thanksgiving shirts to join the turkey party.

1. Warm party table with neutral colors

Wooden trays, stone dishes, and glass or earthy orange dining utensils will create a familiar, simple but sophisticated feeling. This decoration also matches the spirit of the meal Thanksgiving party – which emphasizes simplicity, warmth, and togetherness.

funny thanksgiving shirts

2. Use pumpkin to create a highlight

Turn leftover pumpkins from the Halloween party, you already have an exciting Thanksgiving dinner table. The method is very simple, carve out the inside of the pumpkin and place it in a glass or plastic box to retain water for flower arrangements. The finished product is an attractive banquet table with the highlight being the “pumpkin flower plate” placed in the middle of the table.

 3. Decorate the Thanksgiving table with vegetables

If you don’t want to waste time decorating the Thanksgiving table, why not try transforming vegetables to make the table extremely beautiful? Choose vegetables with rich colors such as eggplant, carrots, and artichokes…

Vegetables can be processed to both decorate and eat or just used to decorate the party. When the party is over, we can continue to use it to prepare many other dishes.

funny thanksgiving shirts

4. Thanksgiving table with vivid colors

Get a little crazy, try painting half of the pumpkin’s different shades of blue and leaving the rest classic orange. What you see will be a traditional dining table mixed with modernity. You can decorate with pine cones or a scarf in the same color tone as the pumpkins you painted earlier.

5. Autumn party table with bright red maple leaves

When talking about autumn, it is certainly impossible not to mention the bright red maple leaves. You can choose maple leaf branches to decorate the pine cones and arrange them on the party table. The Thanksgiving table will quickly be filled with the cool air of autumn.

6. Gallery table full of fresh flowers

If you choose to decorate the party table with a large bouquet of fresh flowers, it will cost a lot of money, but if the bouquet is mixed with many types of leaves and small pumpkins, the cost will be much more economical.

You can add a small pot of cacti to create a highlight. The tablecloth can be omitted so that the natural wood color of the dining table can promote its beauty. This way the colors of flowers and leaves will look more natural and wild.

7. Use natural and simple items

You don’t have to waste time looking for complicated decoration ideas. Use logs of various sizes from large tree branches or pumpkins painted light green. Arranging more candles helps make the party space cozy.

8. Different from dried flower bouquets

Placing dried flower bouquets on the table instead of placing fresh flowers in a traditional vase will help make the party table space seem tidier. We can add a large bowl filled with pumpkins in the middle, combined with twinkling lights to create soft and warm light.

9. Luxurious and elegant Thanksgiving dinner table

The secret to having a luxurious and elegant Thanksgiving table is to use simple details combined with plants. You can decorate the table with bay leaf garlands, pumpkins of different sizes, copper candlesticks, and neutral linen tablecloths.

10. Thanksgiving party with scented candles

This might be a great idea if you’re hosting a Thanksgiving party at the office with your coworkers. With minimalist party table decoration, you can easily decorate by choosing a bouquet to place in the center, combining a few green branches, and adding colorful candles. An extremely unique Thanksgiving dinner table has taken shape.

11. Party table with wreaths as the centerpiece

Lucy Searle – Editor-in-Chief of Homes & Gardens – Famous Design Magazine in the UK once wrote: “Wreaths aren’t just for your front door, nor are they even confined to the walls – use them to decorate your Thanksgiving table ideas feel extra special too”. Roughly translated, Wreaths are not just for hanging on front doors, nor do they need to be limited to walls. Use them to decorate your Thanksgiving table even more special.” Since then, wreaths have appeared more often in Thanksgiving decoration concepts and are the perfect idea for you to refer to.

12. Accentuate the napkins

Not only is it overall an impressive Thanksgiving decoration concept, but sometimes just having unity between items on the table such as napkins is enough to create an attractive banquet table. Instead of white or red towels at the usual banquet table, choose towels with more vibrant, Thanksgiving-like colors such as autumn orange, deep wood brown, neutral green… Each piece is carefully shaped. into the iconic turkey or familiar pumpkin. Surely your guests will admire your meticulousness and creativity for this Thanksgiving table.

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Because the dining table is always the focus of any party, try decorating your Thanksgiving table according to the impressive suggestions above. Mazeshirt hopes that you will have a wonderful and spectacular party with nice and funny Thanksgiving shirts.