Funny Thanksgiving shirts and 9 indispensable dishes

funny thanksgiving shirts

On Thanksgiving day, families gather together wearing funny Thanksgiving shirts and eating traditional dishes such as grilled turkey, baked string beans, and stuffing,… Let’s join Mazeshirt to know it.

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What day is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a major holiday commonly celebrated every year on Thursday, the fourth week of November in major countries such as the United States, Canada, and some islands in the Caribbean and Liberia. On this day, people wear some funny Thanksgiving shirts and join the delicious part with the main dish is Turkey.

Origin of Thanksgiving Day

Around the 16th – 17th centuries, a number of Catholics and Puritans in England were forced by the emperor at that time to convert to his religion. These people did not accept and were imprisoned. After being detained for a while, they were told again and questioned again, but they still refused to convert, so they were forced to leave England.
After that, they moved to the Netherlands to live. After a while, they quickly realized that they could not integrate into the culture of this country and feared that their descendants would lose their roots, so they continued to migrate to America on a ship called the Mayflower.

The people on this ship (about 102 people), later known as the Pilgrims, arrived in the winter of Plymouth Colony in New England. Hungry and cold, half of them could not survive the harsh winter.
In the spring, they were lucky enough to meet kind Indians who gave them some food. These same Indians taught them how to survive in this land such as how to grow crops, hunt,…

When the Pilgrims were able to take care of themselves, they held a party to thank God for allowing them to live until today. They invited the Indians and ate and drank happily together. From then on, every year the descendants of the Pilgrims always held a thanksgiving ceremony to give thanks for the good things that had come to life.

Best dishes on thanksgiving day

The Thanksgiving meal is considered the most hearty meal of the year for Western people. So what do you eat for Thanksgiving? What dishes are indispensable on Thanksgiving day? Let’s find out the answer through Koolteee’s article below!

Ý nghĩa của ngày Lễ Tạ Ơn

1 Roast turkey

Roasted turkey (oven-roasted turkey) is an indispensable dish on Thanksgiving day. The turkey is prepared by preparing it cleanly and then grilled with vegetables, tubers, etc. The outside is spread with an additional layer. wine or honey, making the dish extremely delicious and attractive. This dish has become a symbol associated with Thanksgiving.

2 Baked cowpeas

In addition to grilled turkey, baked cowpeas are also a very popular dish on Thanksgiving. The cowpeas are washed and then grilled with onions, mushroom milk sauce,…, creating a dish. extremely attractive. This dish has the nutty taste of cowpeas, the aroma of mushroom milk sauce, the mild spiciness of onions, and is very appetizing. Although baked cowpeas are just a side dish, their flavor is no less competitive. any Thanksgiving main dish.

3 Grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables are used to eat with the main dishes on the Thanksgiving table. Grilled vegetables are rich, fragrant, and have many eye-catching colors, helping the party balance nutrition and effectively prevent boredom.

4 Stuffing

Stuffing is a mixture of bread, celery, onions, sage, and carrots cut into pieces and then grilled. Sometimes chopped bacon, chestnuts, sausages, grapes, or apples are also used as stuffing. This is an extremely delicious and attractive dish, often used to stuff turkey or eat with some other main dishes on Thanksgiving day.

5 Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are not only popular in the United States but are also very popular in Asian countries because of their greasy and delicious taste. This dish is prepared by boiling potatoes or sweet potatoes with garlic, then Add butter and fresh milk and mash. Additionally, you can also sprinkle a little bacon on top of the dish to increase the flavor.

6 Pumpkin cake (pumpkin cake)

Thanksgiving usually takes place in late fall and early winter, so pumpkin pie appearing on Thanksgiving will make people feel that autumn is still somewhere in the midst of the approaching cold of winter. .This is an extremely familiar dessert on Thanksgiving day. Pumpkin cake is loved by everyone because of the delicious and pleasant flavor of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger.

7 La tourtiere – La tourtiere

This is a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving dish. La tourtiere is made from beef, potatoes, baking powder, unsalted butter,… This dish has a quite sophisticated and elaborate preparation. When you try a bite of the cake, you will feel the unique flavor with a crispy, fragrant crust, inside a chewy meat filling with rich potatoes that stimulate your taste buds.

8 Cranberry sauce

The harmonious blend of blueberries, lemon zest, and sugar seems to have created a sweet, attractive flavor on Thanksgiving day. This mixture is boiled until it thickens, often served with a turkey dish. Cranberry sauce makes turkey more perfect than ever.

9 Cornbread

Bread is an extremely popular dish in American meals, so on Thanksgiving day, this familiar dish is indispensable on the banquet table. Unlike regular bread, cornbread is made from scratch. from cornstarch. It is this difference that creates an extremely unique cake with an attractive aroma and gentle, indulgent sweetness.

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Nowadays, Thanksgiving day is the occasion for family members to reunite and get closer together after nearly a year of hard work and study. Under candlelight at the Thanksgiving dinner table, members often wear some funny Thanksgiving shirts, hold hands, close their eyes, silently thank God for his blessings, and pray for a good future with lots of luck.