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gift for dad

Father’s Day is one of the ideal occasions for you to express your affection, care, love, and gratitude to your father by sending a gift for Dad – who has always silently sacrificed, taught, and given you his love. best feeling. We grow up not only with the love and care of our mother but also with the protection and teaching of our father. Do you know what a gift for dad is, what is the true meaning of Father’s Day? Let’s follow the article right below Mazeshirt to choose a special gift for Dad.

gift for dad

The origin and meaning of Father’s Day are little known

Father’s Day has been popular since the early 20th century. The most premature known Father’s Day celebration took place in Fairmont, West Virginia, USA, on July 7, 1908.

This is an event organized by Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton with the desire to honor the life of her father who died a few months ago in the Monongah Mining Disaster on December 6, 1907. Mrs. Clayton, influenced by celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time that year, possibly chose the Sunday closest to her recently deceased father’s birthday.

However, that event was overshadowed by other events in the city. The state of West Virginia does not officially recognize this holiday and it is not celebrated again. All credit for helping to make Father’s Day come into existence is later credited to Sonora Dodd of Spokane, who organized Father’s Day independently two years later. Her event is also influenced by Mother’s Day.

One day in 1909, while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon, Sonora thought of a day to honor fathers. Sonora is the oldest of 6 sisters, her mother died during childbirth, so her father, William Jackson Smart, raised the children alone.

Sonora loved and respected her father because she understood his hardships. In her eyes, the father symbolizes sacrifice, selflessness, and tolerance. So she wanted to have a special day to honor her father. Sonora chose June 19 as “Father’s Day” because it was her father’s birthday.

In 1966, then US President Lyndon Johnson officially chose the third Sunday in June every year as Father’s Day across the country. Father’s Day has been celebrated every year since US President Richard Nixon signed the law recognizing Father’s Day as a permanent Orthodox holiday in 1972.

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a day for children to express their gratitude and filial piety to their fathers. In recent years, Father’s Day has become more popular in Vietnam.

Father’s Day has no fixed date and is usually celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, in 2022, Father’s Day will fall on June 19.

How is Father’s Day celebrated in different countries?

Around the world, Father’s Day often has many different celebrations depending on the country. Popular activities are celebrated on Father’s Day as parades, flower, gift for Dad, singing, or having a cozy dinner with Dad and participating in fun family activities.

  • In Vietnam, the full moon of the 7th lunar month is the Buddhist festival of reverence and filial piety, a day of remembrance and filial piety. This is an opportunity for children to express their gratitude and repay their parents for their upbringing with deeds and gifts meant to pray for blessings and peace for their parents. In addition to Vu Lan’s filial piety ceremony, Father’s Day has become familiar and close to everyone in recent years. Usually these days, people will prepare a meaningful gift for Dad on Father’s Day and send the best words. The joy of a father for his children is that his children are growing up.
  • In Italy, there are many children studying poetry and participating in plays, preparing small gifts for their fathers with their own hands. These activities are usually held in schools.
  • In Germany, there are many exciting activities held on Father’s Day, typically groups of men organize a hiking trip, with traditional local dishes pulled around the region to donate. respectable fathers. In addition, many families will organize separate vacations according to each family, making the relationship between husband and wife and children even closer.
  • In Japan, Father’s Day gift ideas that children in the family often buy T-shirts, ties, and belts..to express their love for their father, these activities are usually held at schools and commercial centers.
  • In Thailand, Father’s Day is often celebrated when the children are given Canna flowers by their father and grandfather, this is considered a male flower, mainly to express the children’s affection and love… Thai people often wear yellow to respect the king on Father’s Day.

Suggest the best gift for dad that will make home happy

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In the family, the father is often attached to the image of strict strictness, setting an example for his children, leading to the fact that father and son often have little opportunity to show affection. Therefore, this is an opportunity for children to express their thoughts and feelings for their father more through a gift for dad, thereby helping the father and son to be more connected.

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