Best outdoor camping games idea for summer

camping games

Outdoor camping games are one of the most entertaining activities that both children and adults can join in.

Outdoor camping games that make sure you will love

1. Fishing

If your campsite is next to a riverbank, or a campsite next to a large lake – why not bring a fishing rod, fishing day and night is a complete idea for outdoor camping games.

outdoor camping games

2. Swimming – Diving

Outdoor camping games at streams, rivers, lakes, and the sea is very interesting activities. Cool streams, vast rivers, clear sea water – Just immerse yourself in the water, there are dozens of reasons to have fun.

However, to ensure safety, you should warm up before swimming to avoid cramps and should have protective accessories such as life jackets to ensure safety, even if you already know how to swim.

3. SUP – Kayak – Surfing

To play this sport either you have to pay a little, take the trouble to transport them to the campsite or you have to choose a place to rent the related equipment to play these outdoor camping games.

A small note is that if you can bring swimming goggles or snorkeling goggles, it will be great to see with your own eyes the bottom of the sea, lakes, rivers, and streams.

4. Play sports

Although it sounds normal, it can be very interesting if you are traveling with a group of friends, a large group of people, or a group of children who need to be managed but cannot make them sit still.

Some outdoor camping games for adults can be considered such as football, badminton, and skateboarding, …

5. Folk games

Besides playing sports, folk games are also an interesting suggestion when you go camping with the kids. Especially in this age of technology – when kids are glued to their phones or TVs all day long, a weekend camping trip is so much better than a weekend at home. They have never played folk games like we used to, so please guide them.

6. Team-building

Used for groups, following companies, schools, or large groups of people. It’s a journey to conquer challenges, overcome obstacles, solve puzzles or play consecutive games, … This is the most favorite activity when camping with many people. The challenges are varied depending on the organization, the more muddled the organizers are, the more dirty the activities are.

These outdoor camping games need someone to organize and prepare the necessary tools. It will take a bit of preparation, but if successful, it will be an indescribably fun experience.

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7. Playing card-games

Popular card-game genres such as 52-card poker, werewolf,… These outdoor camping games are suitable for groups of the same age, a group of 7-10 people, and the condition is that they all want to play.

8. Observation – Learn about nature

Ignoring the movement games, when you camp in a wild, unexplored place, observing and learning about nature will become interesting. There are trees you’ve never seen, fruits you’ve never eaten, rocks with strange shapes, and the sky are exceptionally blue. difference and even the ant becomes strangely attractive…. That is the attraction of nature, if you love nature you can spend time on outdoor camping games.

Sometimes you don’t need to go anywhere, just sit in one place, close your eyes, you can also listen to nature, that is the sound of the wind, the sound of the leaves gently shaking, the leaves under the people gently flying, the murmuring stream, Birds were singing somewhere and they seemed to be jumping from branch to branch.

9. Relaxing reading

If you’re camping alone, reading is an activity worth considering. Reading a book in the middle of the forest is also very different, without lights, without air conditioning, and so peaceful and quiet. 

10. Cooking

This is of course indispensable, cooking anything can, from sophisticated and complex meals to simple meals of instant noodles, even when camping, dry food or raw noodles are also available. its own interesting things.

However, instead of instant noodles, it’s a hearty barbecue, making beefsteak, mixed vegetables, … or anything in your ability, just have something to do together, like is done together, eat together!

camping games

11. Campfire – Play guitar – the best outdoor camping games

Best camping games – Campfire activities are of course a must-have on the list of outdoor camping games when camping. Groups of friends who go camping but have romantic music and music trees are guaranteed to never be sad. If you have free time, bring the piano to sing, if someone is not happy, they will sing in a group.

Around the campfire is also a place where stories are told, if it is a confession, everyone will understand each other better, if someone is a joke, the whole family will be happy.

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12. Take pictures

Those of you who are passionate about photography, those who have a camera and are eager to find a new concert to show your talent, this is your chance. I don’t know if the accompanying models will do well as a model or not, but the natural background will not disappoint you. For those of you who like landscape photography, macro photography, flowers, and leaves, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

13. Telling ghost stories

An attractive column that everyone is afraid of, but as long as someone tells it, it will be heard from beginning to end. My mouth told me to stop, don’t tell me any more, but my ears perked up and I didn’t miss a word. – Yes, that can only be when going camping, a great space for the masters of ghost stories.


Wish you have a great trip with some outdoor camping games that Mazeshirt has shared above. Thanks for your time.

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