Everything a first-time pet owner needs

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Before first-time dog owner welcome a small dog or kitten home, pet owner need to prepare all the necessary items to create a comfortable environment for their pet. Pets, especially young pets, need careful and sophisticated care, and you need to own these items to get off to a good start. Let’s follow Mazeshirt‘s article below to know it.

Pet food

Pets need proper nutrition to grow healthy. To avoid unpleasant stomachaches that affect your pet’s health, you must ensure that the food for your dog or cat is suitable for each stage of their development.

If you are careful, you can consult your veterinarian before choosing the right food for your “little friend”. The doctor will have accurate advice for your dog or cat’s condition and age.

In addition, if pet owner wants to train their dog or cat, in addition to regular food, you should also prepare treats. Treats stimulate your pet’s response and interest, so they can listen to your commands or instructions. The treats you buy should be soft, easy to chew, low in fat, and low in calories.

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Bowls for water and food

You should feed your pet in a specialized bowl to create good habits for them. Although you can just put food in the bowl every time it’s mealtime, if you’re a busy person, having food and water always available will help your dog/cat not go hungry.

Some dogs/cats eat too fast, which in the long run is not good for the pet’s digestion. In this case, you should use a specialized slow-feeding bowl to help adjust the appropriate amount of food at each meal for your dog/cat.

Collar and leash

A collar for many cats is just a decoration, but for puppies, it’s a whole problem. When taking your dog for a walk, you will need a collar and leash to keep your dog from straying. Regularly taking your dog out for walks with a collar and leash not only helps your dog get used to using a leash; It can also help dogs be “socialized” and learn how to behave properly.

The collar should be equipped with a tag and your contact information in case your pet gets lost. Leashes are made from many different materials, but in general, they still play an important role in guiding and preventing inappropriate behavior of pets.


The cage is an important part of the pet training process. Gradually getting into the habit of sleeping in a cage will help your pet feel safe in your own home, and also help you limit accidents such as dogs/cats chewing on shoes, carpets, etc. every time you don’t have a home. Putting your pet in a cage at night is a good training habit that pet owner should maintain.

Mattresses for pets

Although your pet can sleep in a cage, a mattress will provide a space for your dog/cat to rest. However, when your pet is teething, you should pay careful attention to the pet mattress, lest your “boss” chew it all off.

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Toothbrush and toothpaste

Don’t think we’re the only ones who need dental care, pets also need it to help their teeth and bite strength become stronger. A pet owner should choose toothpaste without preservatives, chemicals, or dyes to ensure the safety of their pet.

Shower gel, shampoo, and bristle brush

Shower gel helps clean your pet’s skin, avoiding the risk of dry skin or skin diseases such as itching, blisters, etc. Shampoo not only helps the dog/cat’s fur become softer and smoother but also Can reduce/stop the appearance and growth of bugs and ticks on pets.

The brush helps make the fur smooth, and suitable for use when bathing your pet. Not only that, using rubber brushes can also improve blood circulation in pets.

Nail cutting tools

Nail clippers turn pet owner into professional pet groomers. Nail clippers help you avoid cutting your pet’s skin, especially when they refuse to lie still and obey.

Toys for pets

Any pet owner wants their pets to have at least a few toys. These toys not only help entertain pets but also help them lose weight (through exercise). Keeping your dog/cat busy with their toys also gives you more free time instead of playing with them.

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House cleaning tools & products

The pet owner needs to anticipate that their houses will be filled with unwanted fur and urine stains (even if they have trained their pets to go to the toilet in the right place). All you need is a vacuum cleaner that can clean up fur and some powder/solution to remove urine odors left on the floor and carpet.

Toilet training pad (for dogs)

To avoid having to spend too much time cleaning, a pet toilet training mat is an extremely suitable choice.

The liner is usually made of plastic and has a two-layer structure, the lower layer is used to contain dog urine, and the upper layer has a mesh structure so that urine can easily go to the bottom, without staining the floor, or dirtying your dog/cat’s feet.

Plastic material is easy to clean and dry, just warm soapy water can remove dirty water and unpleasant odors.

Litter (for cats only)

Cat litter is a great invention that helps keep the house clean. Trained cats will have the habit of defecating right in the sand tray, making it easy for you to clean up waste.

Many types of high-quality cat litter are not only dust-free and non-clumping, but also have a pleasant fragrance and are of organic origin, not dangerous if cats accidentally swallow them.

To prepare to raise a pet, the beginning is always an extremely difficult step. However, the enormous joy that pets bring to you is immeasurable. Having a pet helps you reduce stress, and at the same time, it also becomes a loyal friend, always by your side. Therefore, these initial careful preparations are never redundant, especially for a small friend like your dog/cat, right?


In daily activities with pets, in addition to necessities such as food and medicine, there are many other useful items that pet owner may not know about. They will make your life with your pet easier in certain situations you will experience.