Custom embroidered shirts and take care ways

embroidered shirts

Ancient Art of Embroidery

Embroidery is the art of using thread back and forth across the fabric to create a beautiful art product. This is an art that dates back to very ancient times. In the ruined ruins of ancient Assour and Persia, archaeologists discovered beautiful embroidery samples.

According to the “Old Testament”, ancient Jews made extremely beautiful embroidery. During the Middle Ages (V – XVII centuries), embroidery technology developed to a very high level, and many great artists designed embroidered tapestries depicting religious stories. Noble women spent a lot of time embroidering beautiful, artistic ao dai for festivals. They also embroidered vestments to wear when worshiping at church.

One of the most famous medieval tapestries depicting the battle of Hastings, the tapestry is 70m long, 6m wide, on a linen background embroidered with 8-color wool. They should depict soldiers, steeds, animals with the body of a lion and the head of a bird, phoenixes, dragons, phoenixes, and monsters.

In the 18th century, embroidery had a very high value, even more expensive than the amount of gold of the same weight as the embroidery! In America, during the period 1700 – 1800, young women had to spend time learning embroidery every day. They had to embroider embroidery patterns on jute cloth. Embroidered patterns depict houses, animals, numbers, and letters, and sometimes even embroider a poem or couplet.

At the end of each embroidered picture, the embroiderer’s name, age, and embroidery date must also be embroidered so that they can save memories. Each ethnic group has its embroidery style. The Chinese and Japanese use silk thread and brocade to embroider images of dragons, phoenixes, flowers, and landscapes onto colorful silk or brocade panels.

In warm climate countries like Spain and Italy, their embroidery has bright colors and loose and gentle shapes. France and Switzerland are famous for their extremely sophisticated embroidery embroidered on a pure white background. In Bal Kan’s countries, embroidery here is sophisticated, brightly colored, and often used to decorate clothes, bed sheets, and packaging.

Advantages and disadvantages of embroidered shirts

Besides the printing method, many customers also prefer embroidery. Because of its outstanding advantages, it improves the quality of the embroidered shirt.


  • The embroidery is sharp, clear, and has high aesthetic value
  • Standard quality, more durable than printing, can last up to many years and does not deform during use.
  • Don’t worry about ink smudging, color bleeding, or color fading during washing like printing uniforms.
  • Embroidery can be done on many different fabrics
  • Embroidery makes the shirt look more quality than regular prints


  • It is difficult to embroider details that are too small or logos that combine too many colors.
  • Embroidery thread colors are limited, and not as diverse as the printed image.
  • The cost for an embroidered logo uniform is higher than a printed one because factors such as embroidery thread, labor, and operating machines are all quite expensive.
  • Implementation time is longer
  • Embroidering the logo will create burrs in the front and inside of the fabric surface, especially if the embroidery is large, it will cause a rough feeling when worn.

What methods are there for embroidered shirts?

With today’s advanced technology, most manufacturing units provide computerized embroidery services to save time and effort as well as ensure product uniformity. However, there is still one How to embroider on shirts again. It is handmade embroidery

embroidered shirts

Handmade embroidered shirt

This is a traditional embroidery method, requiring meticulousness from the craftsman. The advantage here is that no matter how complicated the print is, it can be done. Each product has the soul of the craftsman. However, the time to complete a product is too long (from 2 to 7 days). In addition, the disadvantage of handwork is that the similarity of the embroidery patterns is very low.

Computerized embroidery

Nowadays machines have been used to replace tailors but with faster speed, greater accuracy, and synchronization. Compared to hand embroidery, this method is cheaper and saves more time, but it is difficult to complete details that are too complicated.

Ways to preserve embroidered shirts

Although embroidered shirts are quite durable. However, to maximize usage time and maintain beautiful, bright colors, we need to follow the following preservation methods:

  • The first time you wash, you should only use cold water to avoid discoloration of the shirt and embroidery
  • Do not use bleach on the embroidery area because it may discolor the thread
  • If unfortunately, the dirty part is on embroidered shirts, instead of rubbing it, you should add laundry detergent and hold it continuously until the stain is gone.
  • Iron the shirt at medium temperature. Ironing should be done with steam irons
embroidered shirts

Special features of Embroidered logo shirts

Exquisite beauty, elegance, and uniqueness:

The embroidered shirt is created with delicate and meticulous embroidery stitches, bringing a delicate, luxurious, and unique beauty.


Embroidered patterns are embroidered directly on the fabric surface, so they are highly durable and will not peel or fade over time.

Suitable for many fashion styles:

Embroidered shirts can be combined with many different outfits, suitable for many different fashion styles, from classic to modern.

Expresses the wearer’s personality:

Embroidered shirts can express the wearer’s personality through embroidered patterns. For example, floral patterns bring gentle, feminine beauty; Animal motifs bring dynamic, youthful beauty; Landscape motifs bring romantic, poetic beauty; Script patterns bring personality and unique beauty.

Some suggestions for embroidered shirts for friends:

Besides giving embroidered shirts, you can write a sincere wish along with it. In addition, you can give another small gift such as a bracelet, a handbag, or a piece of jewelry to make the gift more meaningful.

Be Mine Embroidered Sweatshirt Valentine’s Day Embroidered Crewneck

”Be Mine”Embroidered sweatshirt for Valentine’s Day.

Custom embroidered shirts


Be Mine Embroidered Sweatshirt Valentine’s Day Embroidered Crewneck
Ladybug Embroidered Sweatshirt (1)

Ladybug Embroidered Sweatshirt

Basic Ladybug Embroidered Sweatshirt for both boys and girls can wear.



With a little ingenuity and dedication, you can give Embroidered shirts to your friends in a meaningful and unique way. Follow Mazehshirt to learn more interesting information.