Dog 4th Of July- Fun Activities With Your Pet

dog 4th of july

Dogs have always been animals close to humans, dog 4th of July is an appropriate occasion to take your pet out to have fun with interesting activities.

Some activities to play with dog 4th of July

Play hide and seek. 

Ask the dog to “sit” and “stay still.” Put the reward in front of the pet and hide it. Call your pet’s name while you’re hiding. They will search until they find you. This game trains puppies to come close when they hear a call and how to find a hiding owner as well as train their sense of smell.

If the dog does not obey the “stay” command before you reach the hiding place, you can use the command “wait.” Play hide and seek is an ideal activity on dog 4th of July.

Find objects. 

Hold the ball or toy in front of the dog and ask to “sit” or “wait”. Throw the ball a short distance and encourage your pet to run to pick up the toy and bring it back to you. Train your dog’s skills by chanting “take it away” and “bring it back here” and praising them after each successful performance. Finish the game while the pet is still interested to assert your control.

The object throwing game is used to train pets to return objects on command, an important skill to help ensure their safety. After the dog holds the picked-up toy, you can give a reward with a high value. Give the “release” command as soon as they release the toy and reward the pet.

Do not throw sticks while throwing objects. Puppies can accidentally hit the stick, resulting in serious injury.

High jump and bar jump

Teaching your puppy to dance will give them good fitness and also keep their minds active. At first, you should just walk over the jump and see if that works. If not, you can always place the puppy on one side of the jump and move to the other side before calling them to you. As soon as your pup jumps over the jump, praise them excitedly and let them know they got it right. As they get bigger, you can aim for them to jump higher with more difficulty.

Bar jumps are basically the same as high jumps but the bar starts at the end of the jump making it a lot easier for them to jump over. The idea is to increase the jump after each session. This is also one of the ways to help your puppy become more responsive and responsive.

Play with your pet on the 4th of July

Top 4 cute dogs for dog lovers on July 4

Samoyed Dog – Snow sled dog

Samoyed is a breed of hunting dog originating from Siberia, this is a dog with a pure snow-white coat but a personality with many wolf-like characteristics that are outstanding features of this breed. The name “Samoyed” means the breed is able to find its own food.

Snow white Alaskan dog

The Alaskan Malamute has a very long white coat that is able to keep the body warm in cold conditions. The big fluffy tail is always curled up on the back, very cute. The eyes of the Alaskan Malamute are black or brown. Although this dog is large in size, it is very gentle and friendly to everyone.

Alaska dogs are quite close friends with their owners. Like some other pet dogs, they always want to be cuddled and loved. Besides, the giant Alaskan dog also likes to participate in fun activities, play, races… So please take care of them a lot.

Golden Retriever Dog

Golden Retriever is famous for its intelligence, agility, and loyalty, so it has quickly conquered the hearts of the most difficult girls. The Golden Retriever is a hunting dog, so it has an extremely good sense of smell. In addition, they have many outstanding features that other hunting dogs do not have.

Golden Retriever is known by another name, Golden Flat-Coat. These friends often help people in the position of working dogs or the right hand of hunters. That’s why Golden Retriever achieves excellent results every time he does a mission.

More than that, they find friendliness, openness, and tolerance. Therefore, they are chosen to be pets and become close family friends.


Poodles are known for their intelligence and easy training. They are active, happy, and loyal dogs, affectionately attached to family members.

All Poodles have long, elegant necks and straight backs. The tail looks like an anchor, but it’s not short, so it can “wave” when the owner comes back.

The Poodle has a coat that is an expensive highlight as one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. Its fur is a bit long and curly so it looks very cute. The Poodle is said to be a good dog breed for allergy sufferers because the Poodle’s fur doesn’t shed often. Guys, please note to give pets to your lover.

Best gift about dog 4th of July

Treat Every Problem As A Dog Would Best Mug

Treat Every Problem As A Dog Would Best Mug

Choose a Dog 4th of July gift for your friend.

Good Evening We Are From Ukraine Funny Ukrainian Patron Dog T-Shirt

Good Evening We Are From Ukraine Funny Ukrainian Patron Dog T-Shirt

Wearing a trendy t-shirt to take your cute dog out to play is not a bad idea.

dog 4th of july

Dogs Books Coffee Life Is Perfect T-Shirt

A cute dog, a fascinating book, a delicious cup of coffee are the perfect choice for the 4th of July


Mazeshirt has suggested fun activities with your dog and dog 4th of July cute gifts. We wish you have a nice day going out with your adorable dog.

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