Creative & cheap Halloween decorations at home and office

cheap halloween decorations

What day is Halloween? Make Halloween accessories and handmade cheap Halloween decorations with paper, pumpkins,… how to decorate Halloween at home, classroom, cafe, or restaurant.

1. What day is Halloween, and what day does it take place?

According to its origin, Halloween will take place the day before All Saints Day, which is October 31 every year. This day marks the end of summer, the harvest, and the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the cold, cold winter, a time of year that was often observed as the new year, the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.

The Celts believed that on New Year’s Eve, the boundary between the world of the living and the dead becomes blurred, causing harm to people and crops. So on this day, people will light fires and wear devil costumes to ward off ghosts.

Thus, Halloween is an annual holiday held each year on October 31, and the answer to the question of which day is Halloween 2023 this year takes place on Thursday, October 31. ten.

Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities such as having fun tricking friends and relatives, decorating Halloween houses with images of devils, devil masks, zombie clothes, and other favorite characters with devil and horror trends, and joining the carnival together with sweet foods like candy, popcorn, etc.

2. Beautiful and cheap Halloween decorations

The origin of the Halloween festival is to ward off evil spirits that destroy life with the sacred fire festival… Over time, these mystical rituals developed into more fun and lighter games like a masquerade. Fun ghosts with many decorations.

How to make cheap Halloween decorations not only by wearing costumes but also decorating Halloween houses, decorating Halloween gates, doors, classrooms, restaurants, bars, cafes, booths, offices, Halloween stages… to collect another smoke.

The Halloween festival was received quite enthusiastically from families to classrooms, offices, and booths at shopping centers,… helping to bring about a vibrant holiday time, Especially Halloween night is fun for everyone, stimulating shopping. Let’s explore some beautiful Christmas decorations at home or in other public spaces with interesting ideas.

Cheap Halloween decorations at home

During the traditional Halloween festival, home decoration is of great interest, especially in Western countries, with every space having images of decorations related to this holiday. Let’s update some beautiful and cheap Halloween inflatables at home to organize interesting parties and small stages for children, helping children and everyone have memorable experiences and moments.

  • Use Halloween lanterns: Halloween lanterns are one of the typical symbols of this holiday. You can use paper lanterns, bamboo lanterns, or electric lanterns to decorate your home.
  • Decorate with pumpkin: Pumpkin is a typical fruit of autumn. You can cut pumpkins into devil faces or other shapes to decorate your home.
  • Hang Halloween string: Halloween string is a simple way to create a highlight for your home space. You can hang “Happy Halloween” or other wishes on the string.
  • Decorate with flowers and leaves: You can use dried or fresh flowers to decorate your home. Flowers and leaves will help your home space become fresher and more vibrant.
  • Decorate with costumes: You can display costumes in your home to create a Halloween atmosphere. Costumes can be dolls, mannequins, or other items related to Halloween.
cheap halloween decorations

Cheap Halloween decorations for the office

Try learning how to decorate your office for Christmas to join everyone in the atmosphere of an unusual festival imbued with Western culture right at work with the ideas below:

Pumpkins are a symbol of Halloween and the carving tradition dates back to the Celts. Therefore, decorating Halloween pumpkins at home is also an indispensable decoration for the office. Simply choose some pumpkin faces and place them in your office to create a festive space.

Decorating the office for Halloween with spooky strings is also an easy way to do and ensure the true characteristics of the festival.

In addition, you can use additional decorative lights, cut or hang Halloween letters with balloons, stick bat-shaped decals, etc. to help the office have an interesting, festive atmosphere.

cheap halloween decorations

Cheap Halloween decorations for the classroom

School is a place to access many cultures and explore unique festivals around the world. Therefore, decorating Halloween classrooms at school is also a good thing to do to help create an interesting space to play and learn about unique cultures. Depending on the budget and scale of the organization, you can choose different ideas for affordable Halloween decorations parties, and Halloween ceremonies in the classroom.

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Cheap Halloween decorations for cafes, restaurants, stalls

Cheap Halloween decorations for eateries, restaurants, cafes, milk tea shops, and stalls at shopping centers… not only help change a bit of the familiar appearance but can impress and attract others and are also a way to communicate images and brands to customers.

Therefore, during Halloween, choosing decorations for this day that are suitable for the type of business is also necessary and you should invest in decorating the door to each dining table or the ceiling to a corner. festival for customers to “check-in”.

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Cheap Halloween decoration is one of the indispensable activities during this festival. You can decorate your home, office, shop, or even yourself to create a spooky, creepy, but also very fun atmosphere. With the above suggestions from Mazeshirt, we hope to help you choose a satisfactory and cheap Halloween decoration idea.