Best Countries Celebrate Most Fun Halloween Carnival

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Halloween carnival is an opportunity for people to express their creativity through activities such as dressing up, carving pumpkins, or decorating their homes. Not only that, the scary carnival is also a time for people to gather, have fun, and practice their ethnic traditions together.

halloween carnival


For Thailand, especially people in Bangkok Halloween carnival is an opportunity for them to celebrate the festival in a sexy way. Instead of spooky and scary costume parties, people here organize alcohol and music parties at bars or pubs instead of going to relatives’ or friends’ houses. Like Christmas in Thailand, Halloween is also an attractive festival held with many interesting themes. The most exciting place to celebrate Halloween is the area along Bangkok’s famous Khao San Road. In addition, many foreigners living in Chiang Mai also celebrate, participate in parties, and transform into many famous characters.

Halloween carnival In many places around the world, there is no longer any connection with the concept of remembering the dead but is just a day of dressing up to look more like ghosts and vampires and exaggerating fears about death and death. unexplained ghostly phenomena. However, for Thailand, this day is celebrated to commemorate the dead, and instead of seeing this as a dark and scary day, most of the decorations The mind is all about mocking death, as shown through the image of the dancing skeletons of Calaveras and Catrinas. Unlike other days of remembrance of the dead, El Día de los Muertos is an occasion to recall beautiful memories of lost loved ones.


The French have been excited about celebrating Halloween carnival since 1990, but that doesn’t make them “less competitive” in being on the list of countries that organize this festival most magnificently. At the festival, the French will dress up as scary ghosts instead of princesses and princes, and the “Trick or Treat” game will not go to people’s homes but through stores.

The medieval city located in the Limousin region is perhaps the best place in France to attend the Halloween carnival. Although Halloween is not one of the country’s customary holidays, Limoges has adopted this tradition since 1996 and held its first Halloween carnival. Every late October, Limoges hosts many events, including street shows, themed fairs, costume parades, storytelling festivals, and colorful parties. Each year up to 50,000 people participate.


Belgium is organizing country Halloween in a very different way because instead of holding it on October 31 every year, they organize this creepy carnival right from the beginning of October. The Halloween carnival atmosphere pervades Belgium right from the beginning of the month with costumes and ceremonies. Street and music festivals. Here, Halloween will be welcomed by traditional games by the fire with bonfires, and some traditional dishes such as Barmbrack – a fruit cake containing coins, buttons, rings, and fortune-telling items. Other math and beer.

Besides, Belgian people still keep the custom of fortune-telling on this holiday. They believe that if a girl receives a ring mixed with a cake or mashed potatoes, it means she will get married that day. Halloween of next year. In addition, children also have some pretty mischievous games: knocking on neighbors’ doors and running away quickly before the homeowner opens the door. In some houses, they ask the homeowner to give them sweets and cakes before going to another house.

halloween carnival


In Romania, This is also one of the unique October Halloween carnivals that are held quite large. This festival was introduced to Romania in the 80s. On this day, houses are decorated with pumpkins, everyone sits together to play Trick or Treat. Halloween in Romania is very attractive to tourists because of the dark and mysterious atmosphere. Since childhood, Romanians have heard many stories about vampires and scary blood-sucking demons. Therefore, the image of demons is always a characteristic feature of this festival.

The children will dress up in devil-shaped costumes and masks, hold lanterns and go from house to house in the neighborhood, knock on the door, and say “trick or treat”, meaning “If you want us not to play bad, then Please treat us.” Therefore, most of the neighbors often give “treats” with candy and fruit, with coins stuffed inside. Another October Halloween carnival is coming, Are you ready to dress up as scary characters, and participate in unique games to bring an impressive party night?

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Halloween carnival in Austria does not only take place on the last day of October and they also do not celebrate carnivals. Austrians will welcome the souls by placing a glass of water, and bread and lighting candles on the table before sleeping from October 30 to November 8. In addition, this is also an opportunity for them to clean the graves of their ancestors. relatives at the cemetery. A little different from other European countries, the Halloween carnival in Austria lasts all week.

It is believed Halloween is an occasion for the dead to return to their families, a festival for the dead. Therefore, on October 31, each family will place a candle or lantern in the house, bread, and a cup of water to guide their loved ones. In the following days, Austrians will visit their relatives’ graves every night, decorating the graves brightly with lanterns, candles, wreaths, candies… Some families even hold a requiem ceremony for the dead.


Mazeshirt just introduced to you the countries that organize the most spectacular Halloween carnival in the world. Please experience and feel the differences in the way festivals are organized between countries.