7 Military Movies To Watch Tonight Of Our Happy Veteran Day

happy veterans day

Referring to war, people will immediately think of the scenes of fire, smoke, and bombs, the battles of the dead… But besides that, the battlefield is also a place that contains touching moments of love bravery of soldiers, comradeship, friendship, and even heroic sacrifices. Watch and feel it in the best US military movie on happy veterans day2022.

Happy veterans day with the top 7 movies about the United States Army

12 Strong (2018)

12 Strong – is one of the best US military movies about the glorious feats of Captain Mitch Nelson. During the historic events of September 11, 2001, Captain Mitch Nelson was assigned to Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban with allied Al Qaeda troops.

Accompanying Mitch is 12 cavalrymen with outstanding abilities. In the face of the ruthless and relentless onslaught of the enemy, Mitch Nelson and the 12 brave cavalrymen he led did not falter. Win or lose, that battle marked an illustrious milestone for America’s heroic warriors. This will definitely be your favorite happy Veterans Day movie.

Shooter (2017)

The main character in the US military film Gunner is named Bob Lee Swagger. Three years ago, Bob was not discharged from the army, he was a sergeant with excellent sniper skills. Thanks to that, even after being discharged from the army, he was still remembered by Colonel Isaac Johnson who asked him to assist in capturing the assassin who was plotting to assassinate the president.

After surveying the three cities the President was going to visit, Swagger found Philadelphia to be the most suitable place for assassins to carry out assassinations and suggested that it was very likely that the assassination would be arranged here. But Swagger doesn’t know that he is caught up in a big conspiracy, and the person behind is none other than Colonel Isaac whom he always believes in.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)

13 hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi is adapted from the book of the same name by author Mitchell Zuckoff published in 2013. The context of this US military war movie is based on the horrific historical events of September 11. At this time, terrorists from radical Islamic organizations attacked the United States, and Washington city fell into chaos.

At the same time, right now, in Libya, a US diplomatic compound is also attacked by terrorists. In order to protect the safety of this area, 6 members of the US security team had to fight hard, despite the danger and even the imminent death.

 Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Hacksaw Ridge takes place in the context of the second world war, based on the story of a real person in history – Desmond T. Doss. Since childhood, Desmond was a Christian, so when World War II broke out, in a situation where he was forced to go to war, he still refused to take up a gun to maintain his faith.

Although he could not destroy any enemy, Desmond was still a true hero of the US military. Because instead of destroying the enemy, he chose to become a military medic to save lives, bringing his comrades out of the sight of death. In particular, in the fight with the Japanese fascist army, Desmond saved 75 American soldiers back from the dead.

American Sniper (2014)

American Sniper is based on the true story of an American sniper, Chris Kyle. Before enlistment, Kyle was just an ordinary person with dreams of becoming a cowboy. Then, the desire to be different became more and more burning that making him determined to join the US army, become the person who shot down the most enemies in the US army, and achieve the title of “invincible success”.

Four missions in Iraq also made Kyle think more about life later. After many missions facing imminent danger, he returns to his normal family. But normal life for someone like Kyle used to fighting for years on the battlefield seemed unfamiliar and not easily adapted.

Fury (2014)

American film Fury is set in the war between the US and the Nazi army. In this US military movie, Sergeant “Wardaddy” receives the important task of commanding a squad of five people to attack an area under German control.

However, among the five soldiers he commanded, there was one soldier who was a rookie who went to the battlefield for the first time on a mission. This made Wardaddy feel uneasy because he was worried that this rookie could affect the whole team. After days of fighting side by side and taking risks, after they understood each other better, cooperated better, but then a new danger began to occur…

Battle Los Angeles (2011)

Although it is an American military movie, Battle Los Angeles is not a war between humans, but a war between humans and aliens. Not long after World War II ended, the city of Los Angeles suffered a terrible attack from creatures from outer space.

At this time, a retired US Marine Sergeant under the acting of Aaron Eckhart leads a group of soldiers who are also trapped in the city to stand together, against the plots of the villains. Creatures from another planet, protect the peace of the city.

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Mazeshirt suggests seven movies for Happy Veterans Day. Respect and gratitude to the heroes who bravely fought for our country.

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