Fun Halloween Activities with Family and Friends

fun Halloween Activities

Halloween is celebrated on the last day of October every year without the following unique customs and fun Halloween activities by Mazeshirt article.

The best fun Halloween activities to enjoy the whole spooky season

1. Carnival

This is the most popular custom on Halloween, especially among children. Common costumes are costumes like witches, devils, famous cartoon characters, or other supernatural creatures. People can dress up according to their preferences to attend parties and outdoor Halloween activities. Other times, like going to a neighbor’s house to ask for candy, setting up an outdoor campfire, The masquerade festival is also popular in Asian countries and is enthusiastically responded to by young people, not only children but also adults.

2. Home Decoration

The scary decorated houses are the highlight of the holiday. In the West, the house will be decorated to be as dark and dreamy as possible according to the Halloween festival. With monstrous mannequins, skulls, black cats, and devil-faced doors placed in front of the house. The custom of decorating houses comes from the ancient Celtic custom of lighting fires around the house to exorcise demons. Now instead of lighting fires, pumpkins shaped like skulls and devil faces will replace that.

3. Join parties

The organization organizes many parties and fun Halloween activities, People will see the princess chatting with the witch, and the corpses laughing happily. This is also an opportunity for everyone to express their personality.

The party is also a place where delicious food is decorated extremely horribly. Some traditional dishes that are often displayed during the Halloween holiday are pumpkin soup, candied apples, soul cakes, etc. To be more creative, you and your relatives and friends can make dishes together at a self-organized party at home such as Witch’s finger cookies, lemon cake spooky, “graveyard pudding”,…

During these fun Halloween activities, people will often tell each other about memories of previous Halloween seasons as well as things that will happen in the current Halloween season. Fun Halloween games and minigames will be the main theme of this party: Bowling ghost game, blindfold makeup game, and ghost hunting,… This is also a meeting, bringing everyone together.

fun Halloween Activities

4. Explore with friends

Exploration – fun Halloween activities aim to satisfy the passion and recklessness of young people. This activity has two forms: spontaneous and arranged. Spontaneous activities will bring a genuine feeling of fear, while structured activities are safer.

On this day, you will visit rumored haunted houses, witch cities or take tours… large and famous cemeteries. Frequently mentioned locations include Cemeteries in the city. St. Louise, CorwinHouse haunted house, Richardson corn maze,…

In Singapore, people can participate in Night Safaris – tours that are “arranged” with ghosts or scary scenes. Along the way, ghosts can jump out at any time. Scenes of skulls, graveyards, and ghosts will give everyone who participates an extremely scary experience.

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5. Watch Horror Movies

For people who don’t like the feeling of being crowded or couples who want private space, watching movies is a suitable choice. Most movie theaters today will show ghost movies and horror movies from many countries and diverse genres. This is the evening for you to relax and enjoy scary movies. Your Halloween night will be extremely unforgettable!

If you can’t go to the cinema, prepare food and drinks so you can enjoy horror movies at home. Some movies are Mazeshirt suggestions, like:

  • IT
  • Escape room
  • The Conjuring
  • Train to Busan
  • Happy Death Day!

6. Cooking – Fun Halloween activities with family

Alien Halloween Bread

The combination of two main ingredients, all-purpose flour and bamboo charcoal powder, has contributed to creating a unique cake with a light brown round shape and attractive big black triangular eyes that you should not miss: Alien Halloween bread.

Alien Halloween bread has an extremely strange shape, the bread is soft and spongy, the bread is chewy, and blends with the fatty taste of the bread. Fresh milk and butter create an irresistible aroma.

Mummy bread

To create more highlights on Halloween, cakes with funny and lovely shapes with a white crust wrapped around them that look like mummies are a reasonable choice.

The mummy bread is stick-shaped, with skin-colored ropes made of dough wrapped around it, leaving out the eyes, which look extremely adorable and fun.

7. Wolvesville

If you are looking for a Halloween game that requires thinking and observation, it would be a mistake not to choose Werewolf. This is a game that helps participants demonstrate their reasoning skills and “extreme” acting skills to win.

8. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare – Truth or Dare is a game that is extremely close and familiar to everyone. However, with the Halloween version of Truth or Dare, the game will have limited themes and help participants have many memorable experiences when listening to and sharing true spiritual stories, seeing and doing them. Difficult and difficult challenges.

9. Cosplay Mummy

Transforming into a mummy during Halloween is no longer strange in Western countries. So, to get closer to that image and create laughter for everyone, this Halloween he brought “Mummy Cosplay” into the office.

fun Halloween Activities


Halloween has been warmly welcomed by young people for several years. It is one of the festivals with many diverse and colorful masquerade fun Halloween activities.