Special Point about Halloween festivals in European

Halloween festivals

Halloween festivals are a fusion of different cultures. It most likely originated as a harvest festival, and honoring the dead later became part of the celebration. Let’s follow Mazeshirt to learn more.

Halloween- Celtic festival of Samhain is the second largest holiday in the world after Christmas and is a good opportunity to travel around the world, visit scary places, learn about different cultures and traditions of different countries, have fun, and enjoy local delicacies.

Halloween in Europe combines traditional folk tales with modern-day culture, featuring many events and parades, plus the Irish tradition of Jack O’Lantern. With these interesting activities, European Halloween is worth looking forward to. This article will take you to see how Halloween takes place in other countries:

Halloween festivals in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Halloween is almost non-existent, but it is slowly gaining popularity. In Amsterdam, spooky days are celebrated by locals, students, expats, and tourists. During Samhain Halloween, the streets of Amsterdam become “creepier” than ever. Some clubs organize wacky Halloween parties, people dress up in costumes, and candle-lit pumpkins are left outside. On the street, there was the sound of children knocking on doors asking for candy. It can be seen that although Halloween is not popular here when it happens, it is very formal.

halloween festival

Halloween festivals in France

France is slowly embracing Halloween, but most regions of the country still do not celebrate Halloween, except Paris. Halloween in the capital is mainly celebrated by foreigners, tourists, and a few Parisians, who dress up in scary costumes and party. However, the more widely celebrated festival of La Toussaint, known in English as All Saints’ Day, is a widely celebrated national holiday in France, observed on November 1. This is when the French gather with their families to reflect on the memories of the deceased. Because they are so close together, Halloween has been overshadowed by La Toussaint.

Halloween festivals in Germany

Halloween in Germany is an extremely popular holiday. Instead of saying “trick or treat” to ask for candy, German children say “Süßes Oder Saures” (“sweet or sour”). For the most part, Halloween in Germany is celebrated with the same fanfare as Halloween in America because, in western Berlin, a suburb known to be an area of ​​wealthy American residents and a mecca for thousands of foreigners and Locals celebrate Halloween. Germany went even bigger when it rented Frankenstein Castle, a hilltop castle overlooking the city of Darmstadt, Germany for the annual Halloween festival. Since then, the castle has been the largest and most visited Halloween venue in Europe on this occasion.

Halloween festivals in Switzerland

Halloween is popular in Switzerland, with shops selling spooky costumes and decorations. Children across Switzerland dress up as witches, ghosts, or monsters. Ghostly faces were carved into pumpkins, candles were placed in them to ward off dark spirits. However, like France, Halloween in Switzerland also has to “compete” with Fasnacht, a colorful and fun festival. The Swiss in some areas begin celebrating Fasnacht on November 11.

Halloween festivals in Greece

Tourists and expats from the United States and other countries who have moved to Greece have brought some of their Halloween traditions with them. As a result, there are Halloween parties all over Greece. However, most Halloween participants are foreigners, tourists, and Greeks who are curious about Halloween traditions. But as a general rule, Greeks don’t celebrate Halloween. The Greeks have a festival called Apokries which originates from an ancient Greek celebration dedicated to Dionysius, the Greek god of wine and revelry. Apokries, the holiday season before Lent, is often called Greek Halloween. Like Halloween, Apokries will also wear typical costumes and celebrate with parties.

Halloween Festivals in Portugal

Halloween is not usually celebrated in Portugal. However, with the influence of American culture, Portuguese children and teenagers, mainly in large cities, began to celebrate Halloween traditions. For example, in Porto and Lisbon, children dress up in costumes and many go to themed parties at night on October 31. And on the next day, they participate in Pão-Por-Deus (Bread for God) on the morning of November 1. This is when unconquered children go from one neighbor’s door to the next, saying: “Pão-por-deus” to be given bread, jewelry, or candy.

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Halloween Festivals in Romania

Because the Romans are not very open-minded about costumes with ghosts and monsters, on this day, people will limit wearing and decorating in a horror direction.

But that doesn’t take away the devilish atmosphere, In the land of Transylvania in Romania – the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Dracula, there are many Halloween activities. For example, take a tour through the country’s medieval castles, including the castle where Vlad once lived.

A particular highlight is the Halloween party at Bran Castle (famous for the legend of Dracula), where you can enjoy a traditional Transylvanian dinner party with a famous Romanian DJ and participate in a costume contest dress

Halloween festivals in England

Trick or Treating is a very popular term in the UK, With a country full of strange legends and ghost stories, this couldn’t be a more suitable location to hold a spooky festival. Whitby and London are where Dracula came to haunt Victorian buildings and stories about The Ripper – a serial killer.

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Halloween festival is celebrated all over the world, especially in Western European countries. This Halloween festival is also one of the occasions for people to have the most fun and entertainment of the year and remember loved ones who have passed away.