Festival shirts and The biggest music festivals in the world

festival shirts

Music festivals around the world are often held with the perfect combination of sound & light. Coming here and immersing yourself in the explosive atmosphere and excitement of the crowd is an experience not to be missed! Don’t forget to wear some beautiful Festival shirts to join festivals.

festival shirts

1. Tomorrowland (Belgium) – the world’s leading EDM music festival

First organized in 2005 by the entertainment and media company IDT (Netherlands), the Tomorrowland music festival has developed at a rapid pace that is difficult for any other festival to match. With an extremely grand scale and bringing many different musical colors, the “super music festival” Tomorrowland was honored to be voted “No. 1 music festival in the world” by DJ Magazine.

2. Donauinselfest

Donauinselfest Festival is also one of the largest music festivals in the world held every June at Donauinsel in Vienna (Austria). It is estimated that each year, up to 3 million visitors come to attend the Donauinselfest festival. Here, in the middle of a large campus, dozens of talented artists will perform the most unique musical performances.

Another “plus point” of the Donauinselfest festival is the team of volunteers (up to 1,500 people) and the presence of police, making this considered one of the safest major events.

3. Coachella 

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is a music festival that takes place every April in California (USA). Since its first organization in 1999, Coachella has now become one of the largest music festivals in the world, attracting the attention of a large audience.

Every year, the event brings together hundreds of large and small artists to perform for fans with a variety of music genres such as EDM, hip-hop, rock, electronic, indie, pop…

Not only that, Coachella is also chosen by many celebrities and A-list stars as a place to hang out in the summer, including the Jenner model sisters (Kim Kardashian’s younger sister), the Beckham family’s eldest son Brooklyn…

 festival shirts

4. Electric Daisy Carnival 

When mentioning the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) music festival, we will immediately remember the main symbol is the colorful giant owl. EDC is a series of famous festivals organized by the “boss of electronic music events” – Insomniac.

EDC’s starting point was just a party in a warehouse in Los Angeles (USA) in 1992, but now this festival has expanded beyond the US and “fascinated” music fans from other countries, including England. , Brazil and Mexico.

5. Ultra Music Festival  

Ultra Music Festival (UMF) is the electronic music festival with the largest coverage in the world. Since the first time held in Miami (1999) until now, the UMF stage has spread globally. From America (Chile, Brazil, Colombia…) to Asia (Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand…) and even Africa (South Africa).

No matter where it is, the UMF festival receives enthusiastic support from music lovers. Each year the festival has a theme with different messages and creative communication through the main stage installation. That’s why Ultra Music Festival is always one of the music festivals highly appreciated for its sound, visual, and light experiences.

6. Rock in Rio

The Rock in Rio music festival was first held in 1985 in the city of Janeiro (Brazil). From 2010 onwards, the festival has been held annually and is present in many other cities around the world such as Lisbon (Portugal), and Madrid (Spain)…

Every year, the Rock in Rio Music Festival attracts more than 700,000 music lovers to enjoy exciting performances by the world’s top bands and singers.

7. Mawazine Festival (Morocco)

Organized to promote the beautiful image of Morocco, the Mawazine festival brings together many famous singers and musicians in the world and is the music event with the highest attendance rate in the world ( 2.5 million people in 2013).

The host of the festival is businessman Mounir Majidi – private secretary of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI and he is also the founder/CEO of the cultural organization Morocco Culture, a famous media unit in the country.

Some famous stars who have performed at the Mawazine festival include Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Iggy Azalea, Wiz Khalifa, Iggy Azalea and Demi Lovato…

8. Glastonbury Music Festival (UK)

For music fans, Glastonbury is often mentioned as the world’s largest outdoor music event, taking place every year in the town of Glastonbury in Southern England. The festival was first held in 1970 and quickly resonated with international audiences.

Each year this famous music event attracts up to 175,000 visitors because of its diverse and vibrant music performances lasting for 5 consecutive days.

9. Bonnaroo 

Bonnaroo Music Festival is one of the largest music festivals in the world, attracting a large number of young people to experience and immerse themselves in music. Every year, hundreds of thousands of music lovers flock to the 283-hectare farm in Manchester, Tennessee to participate in the most unique and strange music festival in America.

Not only famous for its relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, Bonnaroo also has the participation of many famous comedians and writers as well as many creative works of art and many attractive restaurants.

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Mazeshirt introduced the largest music festivals in the world with the participation of many of the world’s most talented artists and bands. If you are a true music fan, you certainly will not want to miss the opportunity to participate in the above festivals. On a relaxing holiday, make plans and book tickets to become one of the spectators participating with the best festival shirts in this festival!