Mother Day shirt & handmade gift for your mother

Mother day t shirt

Every year on Mother’s Day, everyone chooses a special gift like a Mother day shirt or handmade gift to give to the most important woman in the family. Next, Mazeshirt will introduce to you handmade gifts that are simple, easy to make, affordable, and extremely meaningful, and some great Mother day shirt ideas.

Mother day t shirt

Great handmade gift for mom

The most unique handmade candles


  • Soy wax
  • mineral colors
  • pure essential oils.

How to proceed:

Put the soy wax in the pot and boil until the wax dissolves. Be careful not to boil over too high or too low a heat. During the cooking process, you should use chopsticks to stir well to ensure the wax dissolves completely. When the wax is completely melted, turn off the stove and lift it down.

After melting all the wax, we need to add our favorite essential oil. You can choose the appropriate essential oil depending on your preferences or desired uses. Then, slowly add 10-12 drops of essential oil, then stir well. Let the essential oil dissolve evenly with the wax. To make the scented wax more interesting and fun, you can add mineral color to create the color of your preference, then stir well.

The essential oils and wax are dissolved, the next step is to put the candle wick in a cup or tray. To adjust the candle wick to stand upright and lie in the middle of the cup or mold, you need to let one end of the candle wick touch the bottom of the cup or mold and wrap the other end with a chopstick or pencil to shape the position of the candle wick.

After placing the candle wick in the cup or tray, we slowly pour the scented wax into the cup or tray, because the wax is still very hot, you must be careful not to get burned. Finally, put the cup or scented wax mold in a cool place so that the freezing process will be faster. After the scented wax has hardened, you need to cut the heart again to look beautiful.

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Paper rose bouquet


  • Paper,
  • glue
  • wire
  • green paper
    How to proceed:

Cut a rectangle, 3cm long, 2cm wide, then you need to cut 4 corners so that 4 corners are rounded to create a petal shape. Then crumple the paper to make it softer.

Roll and glue to form a petal in the middle.

Next, you continue to cut more petals, the next petal will be a little larger than the previous petal, crumpling the paper and creating the petals, the back petal is pressed against the front petal. Note: Use your hands to adjust the back petals so that the back petals are slightly spread out.

Add petals until you have a complete flower, then thread the wire into the middle of the flower and glue. Cut green paper to make the sepal and then glue it around the flower. Cut out additional leaves to highlight the flower.

Paste the glue on green paper, wrap it around the wire, and add a few leaves, until the sepals are no longer exposed. Finally, you make a lot of flowers like that and put them in a vase.

Sweet tea bag


  • Coffee filter paper
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Crayon
  • Glue
  • Paperboard
  • Drag
  • Tea (you can choose any type of tea depending on your preference)

How to proceed:

You stack two pieces of filter paper together and cut a heart shape.

Using a sewing needle and the color of thread you have chosen, you sew the edge of the heart, starting from the top of the heart.

You sew about 1/2 of the heart, then use a small spoon to scoop the tea and put the peel in, then sew it closed to form a complete heart and remember to leave a piece of thread about 10cm long.

Cut the cardboard into 2 small “tag” shapes clipped at the end of the thread you left over in the step above, you use Colored pens to decorate the “tag”. Then, use glue to glue the two “tag” shapes together and you’re done.

Handmade pillow from felt fabric


  • Brown felt fabric
  • White felt fabric
  • Red and light pink shredded felt fabric,
  • Sewing machine, sewing thread, scissors.

How to proceed:

Cut brown and white felt into rectangles measuring 60cm long and 50cm wide. Cut 3 pieces of scrap felt into 6 5cm squares. Place the heart shapes on a piece of brown felt, place them according to your preferences, and make them lively.

Use a machine to sew heart shapes onto a piece of brown felt. You place the white fabric on top of the heart-shaped side of the brown fabric, then sew 2cm from the edge. Note, when sewing, remember to leave about 5cm of space. Then turn the pillow’s left side in, and the heart-shaped right side out. Next, you stuff the cotton ball into the pillow, not too tight or too loose.

Finally, use a sewing needle to close the gap, remember to sew the thread mark inside to make it beautiful.

Family photo album

First, you choose the theme for the album, for example, the album collects pictures of you and your mother, and the album collects pictures from your mother’s youth until now,…

Select photos in archived files depending on the album’s theme. Then adjust the size of the washed image.

Note that the image size must not take up all the space on the page, leaving space for notes or decorations. To get the desired photo sizes, you can send the photos to the photo printing shop and request the photo sizes you need.

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Mother’s Day is a special occasion for giving a Mother Day shirt or meaningful handmade gifts. Let’s start preparing some surprise gifts for her right now.