Best places to visit in the fall in October 2023

best places to visit in the fall

Choosing the best places to visit in the fall is Japan’s ancient capital Nara or France’s Loire Valley is filled with vibrant colors that are irresistible to any visitor. Let’s see what are the best places to visit in the fall with the below article Mazeshirt.


At the time of autumn, the small ancient capital of Nara – Japan on this list of the best places to visit in the fall becomes a large park filled with colors. The image of big-eyed deer bewilderedly stepping on the carpet of dried yellow leaves of the park spread over 600 hectares is heartbreakingly beautiful. Along the roads leading to temples, palaces, forests … are rows of trees dyed in yellow and red colors that can fascinate any visitor.


Coming Agawa Canyon is one of the best places to visit in the fall, you will enjoy the most beautiful colorful natural picture on the planet. Driving from Sault Ste Marie across the border of Canada and the United States for a distance of nearly 190 km, Canada’s most outstanding landscape appears full of romance. You should plan to come here between late September and early October.

best places to visit in the fall


Considered the “queen of the woods” in England, the Forest of Dean is the largest oak forest and one of the country’s first ancient forests and national forest parks. For the British, this is one of the best vacation spots in October to get rid of the fatigue of city life. Coming here in autumn, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the romantic autumn colors as works of art of nature while walking under the forest canopy.


Belonging to Anhui province, east China, Huangshan Mountain is famous for its beautiful scenery, especially in autumn. The immense red color and the unusual shapes of the granite peaks hidden in the clouds have attracted international and domestic tourists. Recognized as a world natural heritage site in 1990, Huangshan is currently one of the most attractive destinations in China, welcoming more than one million visitors a year. According to Lonely Planet, Huangshan’s autumn colors are most beautiful in the daytime. roof. The picture of nature here has always been the subject of Chinese painting and literature.

5. WHITE Mountain Park, NEW HAMPSHIRE State, USA

About 160 km north of Boston, White Mountain Park looks like a colorful coat when it comes to autumn. Here, you will see the highest Mount Washington in the northeastern United States, admire the romantic autumn landscape in the 115 km2 Lake Winnipesaukee area, south of the White Mountains National Forest Park, and explore the richness. of wildlife in the area. According to many Americans, the White Mountains are a “hundred-year destination” that always brings a sense of serenity, and autumn here is one of the best places to visit in the fall.

6. Loire Valley, FRANCE

Coming to the Loire Valley – in France in the fall, visitors will be able to participate in countless local cultural events and festivals, ecstatic at the beauty of the forest canopy turning crimson and golden under the soft sunlight. light. Autumn is also the best time to explore the famous wine-producing region of the land of the Gaulois rooster.

The vineyards glow with yellows, oranges, and reds from late September to December. You will hardly forget the feeling of holding a glass of wine in your hand and gazing out at the countless castles (most of them built in the Middle Ages) that stand out in the autumn picture in the Loire Valley, a heritage of the world recognized by UNESCO since 2000.

best places to visit in the fall


In October, the vegetation on the hills and rivers without human feet in Pitlochry turns golden or copper-red, splendid colors reflected on the surface of Lake Faskally. The autumn pictures in Pitlochry – Scotland is also dotted with images of squirrel families preparing a stockpile for winter, people picking mushrooms in the forest, or deer weaving among the trees. After enjoying the natural autumn colors, visitors can also participate in the autumn light and sound festival taking place in the forest from October 4 to 27 every year, visit the reindeer park or visit the castle. glittering in the autumn sun in the region.


Many visitors were stunned to see the image of rocky hills as the background for the green leaves to turn yellow-orange or red of the poplar and willow forests brilliant in the autumn sun. The scenery of these best places to visit in the fall can even prompt guests staying at the region’s resorts to extend their stay.


Located in northern Italy, Lombardy is one of the most ideal places for visitors to experience the European autumn. The yellow leaves falling from the trees in the cities and villages of this land always make visitors flutter. Lakes such as Lake Côme used to create a tourism brand for Lombardy because of the picturesque landscape in the autumn. The romantic autumn colors of October also create poetic features for ancient towns, with castles and many monasteries looming under colorful multi-colored trees.

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With the list of best places to visit in the fall that Mazeshirt shares with you, hope that you and your family will have the best October vacations.

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