Best List To Prepare Supplies For Back To School In 2023

supplies for back to school

The new school year is coming travel is over and we have to say goodbye to summer. So take some time to prepare supplies for back to school with the list below of Mazeshirt.

The start of a new school year brings with it a mix of new activities and emotions, especially for transition children. As a parent, help your kids have the best back-to-school season by taking some time out during the last few weeks of the holiday to smartly rearrange their home. From planning to preparing nutritious meals for your baby to creating a creative learning space… Here is the list of supplies for back to school that you should do to get ready for the first day of the new school year.


1. Organize study and work areas

To help children have a comfortable spirit and motivation to study, it is advisable to set up a creative study and work area. Please prepare all the learning tools that your child needs such as pens, notebooks, notepads, etc. to minimize difficulties in the learning process of your baby. A spacious and smart study table is what your baby wants, this will be a great learning space and the most supplies for back to school for every child.

2. Decorate a creative bedroom.

If your child is in the process of transitioning from kindergarten to elementary school or from elementary to high school, it is essential to design a creative and imaginative bedroom space for them. This is also a fun way to mark the transition milestone for your child, motivating him to try for a new school year. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a new impact. Be simple by placing a world map or posters about animals, the environment … around the baby’s space is enough.

3. Take careful note of the important calendar dates

Between holidays, birthdays, or extracurricular activities…it can take some time or inspiration to remember and keep your schedule free of chaos. Despite the habit of using electronic calendars or wall calendars, it is easy to forget things. Take the time to buy supplies for back to school and take notes before the start of the new school year so that everything goes smoothly and better.

4. Create a snack area for kids

When the kids come home from school often hungry and tired, a snack station will act as a relief station for healthy food. Fill several baskets at a reachable height with nuts, milk, dried fruit, or cookies. Add an extra basket of food in the fridge with vegetables, fruit, yogurt, or cheese. Some snacks or fruit should be had in the back to school shopping list that every parents buy for children.

5. Prepare necessary supplies for back to school

Surely you will remember the times when you went to the door and forgot to bring something, you had to rush upstairs and look for them. The solution is to put a shelf or small cabinet in the hallway right by the door, which will store essentials such as pens, notebooks, sunscreen, hairbrush, keys… Think about how to organize them smartly. Go through your family’s daily routine and create a list of supplies for back to school and prepare it.

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6. Prepare for the storage of papers and documents

You will always believe that organizing papers and documents is not an easy task. They make us cranky and chaotic, especially when it comes to the new school year. To help tame that chaos, use storage boxes to organize your belongings as basic school supplies. This will help you a lot before you turn your hands and stack them on top of each other.

7. Prepare clothes for the new school year.

Review your baby’s wardrobe and sort out what’s still in good condition and make a list of what you need before deciding to buy anything more. Keep unused or unsuitable items down in boxes or bins under the closet to make room for new items. Pick out a few outfits for the first week of school and hang them neatly in the closet.

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8. Set learning goals for the new school year

Having a clear and specific plan helps students focus more when studying at home, balance leisure and study time reasonably, and motivates them to try harder in their studies. To be able to set goals and effectively implement them, you should consider your strengths and limitations, then make plans and form positive habits early in the new school year. Developing a study plan and striving in the new school year helps students identify clear goals early, thereby being more motivated and active in learning. Thereby training independence and creativity in learning and life.


Above is a list of 8 supplies for back to school that should be included in the plan to prepare for an exciting new school year. Be more creative and take some time to help your kids prepare well for the back-to-school season!