10 Facts You May Not Know About Astarion (Baldur’s Gate 3)

Astarion Baldurs Gate 3
Explore the enigma of Astarion with our exclusive look into 10 fascinating facts you may not know about Baldur’s Gate 3’s intriguing character.

Within the realm of Baldur’s Gate 3, the Pale Elf known as Astarion has the potential to be regarded as a fan favorite. From his gorgeous appearance to his tragic past, it is not surprising that he has a legion of gamers who are completely committed to him and support him financially. Despite this, there is still a great deal that is unclear about this cunning individual and his conclusions, as his history appears to be hidden away with the rest of his memories.
The players are still discovering small parts of his history that are dispersed across Baldur’s Gate 3, and they are avidly discussing the mysteries that they discover while also seeking to comprehend the meaning of these secrets. It is possible to combine the knowledge that we learn about him from the game with the canon information that is found in the mythology of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, which will disclose some interesting aspects about this well-known figure.

Astarion voice actor, Neil Newbon, who plays the roguish vampire, won Best Performance at the Game Awards on Thursday. Now, let get start with top 10 facts about this a silver-haired vampire.

10. His Last Name Is Ancunin

During Act 3, this tidbit of information was discovered by interpreting the name that was written on Astarion’s gravestone. Because he never brings this up in any of his talks, the only place where one can find this particular piece of information is on the gravestone.

Due to the fact that players exclusively address him by his first name, it could be a bit unusual to hear his last name. When he was transformed into a spawn, he lost a certain degree of humanity, but this event restores that humanity to him.

9. His Limits As A Spawn

There were certain restrictions on him as a vampire spawn before he contracted the tadpole infection. Maybe the players already know he couldn’t stand the light of day. D&D 5e specifies additional requirements for vampires, such as:

  • It is strictly forbidden to enter someone’s house unless they specifically invite you.
  • You can’t cross water that’s moving at any speed.
  • The heart is exceptionally vulnerable to a wooden stake.

8. Astarion Died at the Age of 39

His gravestone confirms what players already knew: he was born in 1229 DR and ‘died’ in 1268 DR. Thus, Astarion’s age at the time of his transformation was 39. Considering he says multiple times that he’s been a vampire for almost 200 years, the player will meet him at roughly 239 years of age.

7. He’s Still Just A Child

Elf life expectancy is 750 years according to the Dungeons & Dragons canon. They are considered to have attained emotional maturity, which is a prerequisite for adulthood, at about the age of 100. It might be inferred that Astarion was still considered a minor as he was only 39 years old when he was changed. Breaking my heart.

Another interesting thing about elf ageing is that there are two different names for it. One is their given name, which they retain for the first century before deciding on a name that suits them better as an adult. It is quite probable that Astarion was his kid name, given his young age at the time of his transformation.

6. His Name Means ‘Little Star’

Astarion is a mood
Astarion is a mood

‘Astarion’ could mean a few different things. The Greek word aster means “star” and the diminutive suffix ion makes this name a popular choice among gamers. The fact that this is his given name as a child raises the possibility that this is its actual meaning.

Given his youth and innocence when he was tormented and transformed into a spawn, this would heighten the terrible and tragicomic nature of his story.

5. A Whole Year Passed With Him Confined To A Tomb

Players can access additional camp dialogue after meeting two of Astarion’s siblings in Act 3. Astarion discloses that he attempted to evade Cazador during his initial ten years as a spawn, leading to his imprisonment in a solitary tomb for an entire year.

In that confined space, he went months without food or water, rubbed his chapped hands on the walls, and did not move a muscle.

4. Ascended Astarion Is Not Capable Of Love

Ascended is Astarion’s ‘poor’ ending, however some players like it. As per D&D 5e, the emotional attachments of True Vampires are ‘twisted by undeath.’ “Love becomes a ravenous obsession, while friendship morphs into bitter jealousy,” it says. So, a vampire looking for love could develop an unhealthy obsession with a young, beautiful woman because, instead of feeling, vampires seek out tangible representations of their desires.

The shift in Astarion’s demeanor upon his ascension lends credence to this. Despite his continued desire for the player’s company, they are now viewed through a more objectified lens. He calls them his “treasure” and “pet” multiple times. While this new powerplay may bring joy to certain players, it is important to note that Astarion is not trying to show any true compassion or caring.

3. Only the player matters to him deeply

When asked about their relationship status, Astarion will respond with a dialogue if the player has charmed him enough to convince him not to ascend. He admits his deepest, darkest secret: the player is his one and only true love. That they are the only ones who have ever shown him true love in the two hundred years he has been a spawn shouldn’t come as a surprise.
Whether he had good relationships with his family in the past or just doesn’t care about them anymore is a mystery. It breaks my heart that he went through that lengthy period without ever having a real friend.

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2. His Parents May Still Be Alive

Elf life expectancy can reach 750 years, as previously stated. Astarion may still have living parents or relatives if he is around 239 years old when the game takes place. “My real home – The one I haven’t seen in centuries.” He says this via the magic mirror in Act 1, the only place we hear about his family, but he never mentions them again.

Concerning his family, he remains silent. It may have been his intention all along, or maybe he just lost touch with his roots, just like his physical appearance.

1. Craftsmanship Is His Thing

This endearing detail is shown in multiple accounts of his attire, where specific comments have been stitched onto his garments. “Lamentable is the autumn picker content with plums.” is the poem that appears on his shirt. If you’re reading this, you succeeded in either beding or beheading me, as his underwear indicates. You were fortunate in some way. He may have written these before or after he was turned; nobody knows for sure.

Regrettably, Patch 2 does alter these descriptions. Regardless, players continue to hold the belief that Astarion occasionally enjoys needlework.

As we uncover these lesser-known facets of Astarion from Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s clear that every character is a mosaic of mysteries and stories. Delving into Astarion’s depths reveals not just a character, but a narrative rich with complexity and intrigue, enhancing the immersive experience Baldur’s Gate 3 offers.