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Many people spend a lot of time packing gym bag essentials. But you know what the most enjoyable part of going to the gym is? Leaving. What isn’t enjoyable? Spending ages packing a bulky gym bag with all of your necessary post-workout products.

This week, Mazeshirt will show you how to quickly and easily pack your gym bag essentials so you can get in and out on time. Most importantly, make sure that your bag is very useful in storage, but not too big or cumbersome to carry around.

You had a great workout, but your gym bag essentials are stinking up your gym bag. It’s time for a change! Now that you can see what’s inside each of those smelly containers you’ll never have to wonder what “that smell” is again. Here are the 10 essentials you need when packing your workout bag.

1. Sneakers

When you’re trying to work off that cheeseburger from last night, the last thing you want to worry about is forgetting something at home. Avoid that unpleasant situation by packing your sneakers and socks into your bag first every time you head out to the gym. Don’t overdo it with too much clutter, though- there’s nothing worse than lugging a heavy bag halfway up a flight of stairs!

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2. Water Bottle – A Must Have Gym Bag Essentials

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Keep your water close by with a reusable water bottle. Wicking technology draws water up through the sewn-in inner shelf and into the vacuum insulated stainless steel interior, keeping drinks cold for an impressive 24 hours. The exterior sleeve is constructed of durable nylon reinforced with waterproof zippers and welded seams that keep water safely contained.

3. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is one of the most important gym bag essentials proven to extend the time between hair washes by absorbing excess oils and sweat from your strands, while adding volume and texture to your roots. Steer clear of dark colored dry shampoos as they can create a visible white residue when rubbed into the hair shaft. This will only make your roots look dirty, so make sure to read the ingredients label before purchasing a bottle. Also try to stick with products that are oil-free, as they tend to be much less visible than those containing oil.

4. Gym Clothes

Always know what you’re wearing to the gym by making a quick packing checklist. This way, you’ll be less likely to forget anything important, like your shorts. For those who prefer handwriting things down in a notebook or diary, the checklist can also go there. It’s always best to be organized during hurried mornings.

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5. Shower Essentials – Gym Bag Essentials for Women

For the woman on-the-go, slide a small makeup bag inside your gym bag before heading in for your workout. From strengthening shampoos and conditioners to a lightly scented body wash, make sure you have everything you need to feel squeaky clean from head to toe.

6. Deodorant

You sweat. It’s a fact of life, and unless you’re an odorless human, you know that keeping underarms smelling fresh can be difficult sometimes. Thankfully, there are a ton of options out there for deodorants to choose from. Vegan deodorants boast natural ingredients like baking soda, coconut oil and essential oils that fight bacteria and neutralize body odors. Clinical strength deodorants work hard to combat both odor and sweat while also containing ingredients like antibacterial formula. Regardless of your preference, having a readily available deodorant can help keep B.O. under control before, during and after a workout.

7. Snack

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A quick snack can help heal your body after a workout. Protein bars, trail mix, and fresh fruit are good choices to enter the system quickly and provide energy for the rest of your day.

8. Headphones

Headphones play an important role in any fitness-related activity and for good reason. When it comes to sweating at the gym and burning off those calories, nothing is more motivating than the right song playing in your ears. Headphones serve as a sort of mental barrier between you, the rest of the gym, and all other distractions.

9. Compact Microfiber Towel

Bringing your own towel to the gym or fitness class is one of the best ways to keep your body fresh and dry during your workout. However, it’s important to choose a compact microfiber towel that will fit in your bag so you can clean up no matter where you are. Many fitness and wellness companies make stylish towels that come in a wide range of colors; therefore, finding one to suit any style preference is easy.

10. Cleansing Wipes

Never underestimate the power of a good cleansing wipe. Moistened towelettes can save you after the gym, at work, or anywhere else you’re feeling a bit sticky from heat and stress. Burt’s Bees Cleansing Towelettes gently cleanse your skin by removing impurities like dirt, oil and makeup – even stubborn mascara. Just one quick sweep with a towelette and you’re left feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready to go.


That’s the gym bag essentials you need to pack for every workout. Don’t hesitate to tag Mazeshirt and show us what else you’ve got!
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