Happy Friendship Day: The Origin and The Greastest Gifts

happy friendship day

Friendship is a wonderful and precious feeling in life for each of us. And to honor friendships, Happy Friendship Day was born. So when is Happy Friendship Day celebrated and what does it really mean? Find out together now in this article of Mazeshirt.

1. When is International Friendship Day?

happy friendship day

Happy Friendship Day is one holiday of the year, also known as International Friendship Day. This day is celebrated by the United Nations, taking place on July 30 every year. The first International Friendship Day was celebrated in Paraguay in 1958.

2. What is the meaning of Happy Friendship Day?

Friendship Day is celebrated with the meaning of promoting diplomacy between countries in the spirit of friendship and equality. It also helps bring people from all over the world together.

Busy lives make us forget to make time for our friends. So this is the right opportunity to help you sit together and talk, and at the same time relieve the pressure of life.

This day reminds us to respect and appreciate the relationships around us. Spend more time with your loved ones, and at the same time know how to care, share and love everyone.

3. When is International Friendship Day 2023?

Happy Friendship Day this year will take place on Saturday, July 30 of the solar calendar. Happy best friend day takes place on the right weekend so we will have a lot of time with our friends.

4. What to do on International Friendship Day?

happy friendship day

To make your relationship stronger, don’t forget to do something for each other on this happy national best friends day.

Especially for those who are secretly watching their friend, maybe you will turn your friendship into love thanks to this occasion. Try doing the following together:

Prepare a small surprise party

With a few pretty little tools to decorate a delicious sweet cream cake, you have a meaningful party for your friends right away.

Gathering together to eat a cake, and sitting together to review old memories, is the most meaningful activity on happy friendship day.

Give meaningful gifts

If your friend is a girl, you should choose beautiful small gifts such as lipstick, teddy bears, … These are very popular gifts from women, she will surely be very happy and surprised. And if you are male friends, you should choose gifts based on their preferences such as music players, watches, …

Making handmade gifts

Handmade items are very meaningful and special gifts to warm up the friendship of both. Although it is not a luxury gift, it contains many thoughts and feelings.

That friend will surely be touched and surprised. Therefore, you can make a handmade gift such as a cake, bracelet, … or photo frame to keep memories on this happy friendship day.

Couple items

There’s nothing better than having friends go where you want to go, eat what you like, and wear the same outfit together to show your close friendship.

This is one of the simplest ways to show your “strongest” friendship, and it also helps you both stand out in every place you go. In addition, the use of matching clothes is also a signal that this best friend is two halves who like to do everything together.

Fall Nature Mug, Fall Coffee Gift Mug

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Perfume is a magical gift, with pleasant scents perfume not only helps the user to have a better mood but also “jewelry” to make them more confident and perfect. In addition, a perfume bottle also shows the personality and style of each person. Through perfume, a person can become gentle, and charming but conversely, can also become an active and strong person.

Therefore, the gift of perfume partly shows that you have understood the interests and habits of your close friend, as well as learned the scent or perfume they often use. In fact, perfume is not a gift that you can choose casually, so from here you can see the meticulousness and mind of the giver.

Go to the movies, go shopping together

There’s nothing better than the two of you spending time together. Go to the movies, go shopping. The two of them watch their favorite movies together and buy beautiful couple outfits. This is also a way for the two of you to bond emotionally and become closer to each other.

 A friendship day gift for a female best friend is travel.

Traveling with your best friend is one of the gifts to mark memorable memories for your best friend. Both go together, enjoy, and experience. Then, if they are apart, this trip will be a testament to the beautiful friendship between the two people.

Leather wallets

This is definitely a must-have item for any girl. Not only to hold billions of different items but also to be used as a decorative accessory to help her best friend express her own personality. Find out carefully whether your best friend is currently missing bags, purses, or backpacks… with what size to increase the value of the gift.


It must be said that lipstick is the “unbreakable” item of every girl. There will be nothing more wonderful than being given lipstick of the right color you like on this special day by your best friend. Show your best friend how thoughtful, meticulous and sincere you are through this small but necessary gift.


For a relationship to become close is not easy. When you call each other close friends, it means that your friend is extremely important to you. They will also be like your family members. So a happy friendship day is also a day that you need to remember.