10 Best Anniversary Trips For Couples

best anniversary trips

The best anniversary trips together are the secret to warming up the feelings of couples. Let’s save the 10 most romantic places for the best anniversary trips in the world to spend a wonderful vacation together when the travel situation stabilizes.

Traveling not only brings us memorable experiences but also is a useful “remedy” to relieve stress, fatigue, and pressure during busy days. Here are the 10 most romantic destinations for the best anniversary trips Mazehirt shares that couples should not miss.

1. BALI – The best anniversary trips for a couple

As a beautiful small island in Indonesia, Bali possesses romantic natural scenery with primeval forests, clear blue beaches, majestic volcanoes, and surrounding small islands. Coming here, couples seem to be lost in a wild, primitive but equally peaceful land, feeling like there are only two of you left in this world.

best anniversary trips


Easter Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place was once built by the Polynesians, a rich and developed culture more than 600 years ago, famous for its 887 giant sun-shaped stone statues created by the Rapa Nui people. Possessing mysterious relics, Easter Island is also known as the most isolated island in the world. Couples holding hands come here to admire the vast sky. Especially when the sunset falls, the sea and sky intersect, creating romantic colors is the reason why this is voted best anniversary trips that every couple loves it.


If you wish to go with your other half to the end of the world, then Ushuaia is the ideal choice for you. Ushuaia is located in the South of Argentina, known as the Siberia of the South. Have you ever imagined what the end of the world looks like? It is the beautiful scenery like a fairyland that Ushuaia possesses. Not only enjoying the romantic space, couples can also participate in outdoor activities during the trip.


Thailand’s most populous city – Bangkok – is no longer a strange destination to us. Not only convenient transportation, and a reasonable budget, Bangkok is also one of the best anniversary trips that you should visit with your lover once in your life. The quaint city that is always buzzing at night constantly fascinates visitors with all sorts of flavors at the street food court. You can admire the skyscrapers, explore the temples, and experience the tuk-tuk. You and your partner are sure to have a wonderful trip.


Dubbed the city that never sleeps, New York is always prosperous and bustling. Not only going to peaceful places can feel romantic, but a place with a modern and bustling appearance like New York is also poetic. You can go with your partner holding hands and walking in the park, wandering by horse-drawn carriage, or rowing a boat.


It would be a huge omission without the French capital, Paris. Referring to Paris, people immediately remember the Eiffel Tower and nicknamed the most romantic city in the world. The reason why it is favored with that name is because Paris is home to famous architectural monuments, is a land of art, and a place to witness romance. Legend has it that, when couples exchange kisses at a temple in Paris, their feelings will become stronger. In the charm of the city of love Paris, do not forget the romantic “Jet’aime” (I love you).

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Las Vegas – one of the best anniversary trip ideas is known as the entertainment capital of the world, famous for its casinos, slot machines, and all-night parties. However, few people know that Las Vegas also has a very romantic beauty that makes other people flutter. For example, Springs Preserve Park – a desert botanical garden where outdoor art performances take place. Or immerse yourself in the magnificent but equally romantic scenery of the Gran Canyon – one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.


You must be wondering why the highest mountain in Africa – Kilimanjaro – why is “at the top” of the most romantic destinations. Bringing majestic beauty, standing tall between heaven and earth as if challenging all things, Kilimanjaro towering over the white snow has been imprinted on the page of the great American writer Ernest Hemingway with the work Snow on the Top of Kilimanjaro. Each layer of white snow covering the top of the volcano paints a beautiful and romantic picture of nature. If both of you are nature lovers, Mount Kilimanjaro is the perfect rendezvous for the two of you.


If you have the opportunity, let’s leave footprints together in the love mecca Venice – the most romantic city and one of the best anniversary trips for couples in Italy. Here, every minute, every angle is full of romantic and ancient breath. Colorful houses close together, fancy architecture reflecting on the lake. You can sit on the boat to admire the romantic, poetic, and very peaceful beauty, and drop your soul into the melodious melody.


Honolulu means “closed bay” and “shelter”, so it’s a perfect destination for couples to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Located between Hawaii – Honolulu has a picture-perfect beauty. At the blue beach, you can welcome the dawn of a new day with your partner and happily watch the sunset gradually fall. No noise, no rush, and peaceful moments together are precious gifts for couples.

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Summer is here and this is the opportunity for couples to schedule fun trips and romantic moments. The best 10 year anniversary trips will surely make you and your lover beautiful pictures with great views on the best anniversary trips.