Top 9 Simple And Fun Halloween Activities For Children

fun halloween activities

To help children feel the joy of Halloween, many preschools and elementary schools organize Halloween parties for children with many fun Halloween activities such as costumes, drawing contests, quizzes,…

Despite its mysterious meaning, the festival is still very popular in countries around the world. In particular, schools always take time to plan fun activities for children during Halloween. If you still haven’t thought of any plans for the upcoming costume season, join Mazeshirt in checking out 9 unique and fun Halloween activities for children in today’s article!

Why should we organize fun Halloween activities for children?

The attractive part of the program is the exciting activities at the Halloween party. During this festival, children will freely dress up as their favorite characters such as superheroes, badman, spiderman, princesses, princes, pumpkins… Halloween is an opportunity for children to express their personality. and their creativity in collective fun Halloween activities.

The greatest Ideas for fun Halloween activities for children

To have impressive fun Halloween party ideas, you need to build the main theme for the program. At that time, you will easily “come up with” many interconnected ideas. Some suggested topics below can help you find the right topic, such as:

  • Best festival for easy pumpkin decorating ideas
  • Dark Kingdom
  • Little witch land
  • Witch’s party
  • Happy monster

Halloween stage decoration

Decorating the Halloween stage is the most important step to make the party sparkling and impressive. Use the items you just prepared above and decorate accordingly based on the theme.

You start arranging from the entrance gate, hallway, lobby, and classroom. Usually, the most attractive place is the entrance gate. Just put a few “bizarre” pumpkins, giant spiders, and some green leaves to make the outside space more lively.

Encourage teachers and children to work together to come up with many creative ideas when decorating Halloween inside the classroom.

Decorate the house – fun Halloween activities with your child

From simple items such as balloons, tinsel, paper cores, and plastic vases,… parents can take advantage of them to decorate a Halloween corner in the house. If in the classroom, teachers can discuss with the children to prepare a more creative display.

Halloween parties have spooky and scary properties. Therefore, you should choose dark tones as the background color. Then, decorate the surrounding details with orange in accordance with the typical color scheme of the festival.

Not only preparing pumpkins, parents can buy objects shaped like skulls or witch brooms to make the party more lively. If your neighbor is also a Halloween fanatic, you can offer to organize a play area in the neighborhood to help the children play and bond more.

1996 Scream Movie Gift For Fan Poster

Scary poster for house Halloween decoration.


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Black And Gold Queen Of Spades Card Poster

Black And Gold Queen Of Spades Card Poster

Interested and ghostly of spades card poster with Black And Gold Queen


Dress up for Halloween with the kids

During the Halloween season, parents can take their children to choose a Halloween According to their child’s favorite character. If your baby is still struggling to know who to transform into, you can buy a suitable costume based on gender, interests, or famous cartoon characters.

For girls, you can choose to buy Elsa princess dress, the dark fairy Maleficent, the cool girl Harley, the princess Moana,…or the humorous No-Face ghost.

For active boys, parents can choose superhero costumes, spiderman, batman, superheroes,… to help their child become an impressive character when participating in Halloween with friends.

Create “weird” dishes

fun halloween activities

Halloween food Being unique is the “bright” point that attracts babies. Parents can prepare things delicious foods simply including sandwiches, omelets, candy, and cream… Above all, these dishes should be shaped “weird” like applique chocolate make eyes, shape cakes into the shape of worms or pumpkins,… Surely, your children will have beautiful memories on Halloween every year with these fun Halloween activities.

Pumpkin painting or decorating contest

Next comes the competition for pumpkin decoration ideas. Let your baby have fun and receive prizes. You prepare some stationery like tape, colored paper, crayons,… Then divide the children into small teams. You can use pumpkins or paintings for children to decorate. At the end of the competition, the judges will score each team. The winning group will receive rewards such as cake candy, toys, or a collection of funny stickers.

Halloween quiz

In addition, parents or teachers can prepare fun puzzles or intellectual games related to Halloween. Not only does it help children exercise their brains and improve their agility, but it also increases their understanding of Halloween around the world. Don’t forget to capture the fun moments when the children “compete” with each other to answer questions!

Bowling Ghost

Ghost Bowling is a popular game with many children. First, you will prepare the rolls of toilet paper or bowling bottles and decorate them to make them fun. In bottle form, it will be arranged in a triangle shape.

Each child, after being divided into groups, will take turns using a hand-held ball-like round object and throw it continuously at the bowling ghosts. The team that makes the bowling ghost fall to the floor early wins. Interesting, isn’t it?

Trick or Treat 

“Trick or Treat” is one of the traditional and fun Halloween activities that appear on Halloween every year. Usually, children will “transform” into their favorite characters. Then go knocking on every door around to ask for candy or maybe money. If not given, children will use cute actions to tease adults.

You can apply this type of play at home or in the classroom to help your child confidently communicate with people. Note, let your children play in a place where you can observe them for more peace of mind.

fun halloween activities


Above are seven simple suggestions for fun Halloween activities for children. Mazeshirt I hope you guys will have a fun and memorable Halloween party!