Tips for sale hunting on Blackfriday 2023

blackfriday 2023

Black Friday is the biggest shopping festival of the year taking place on November 24, 2023. Learn the secret to hunting sales on blackfriday 2023.

Next to Christmas, Black Friday 2023 is also a big event, considered the opening day for the American Christmas shopping season since 1952, not only limited to Western countries but also many other countries around the world. Let’s learn the secrets to “hunting for sales” in this “shopping festival”—Black Friday 2023.

blackfriday 2023

Origin and meaning of Black Friday 

Origin of Black Friday

Black Friday is also known by many people as “Black Friday”. Usually, this day will take place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving every year – a major holiday in Western countries, mainly in the US and Canada.

Black Friday was an event in 1939 in America. Then, President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to change Thanksgiving from the last Thursday of the month becomes the 4th Thursday in November, to extend Christmas shopping time.

Meaning of Black Friday

During this day, many stores will simultaneously sharply reduce prices on products of mine, there are even stores that still have items starting at midnight.

Everyone will also go to shopping stores hoping to have a chance to choose necessary items at cheap prices, from electronics, and household appliances to clothes, and accessories… Discounts can be up to 40% or more too.

Besides, some other sources believe that the name Black Friday originated in the American city of Philadelphia in the 1950s. Because at this time, Shopping has skyrocketed in central cities.

When is Blackfriday 2023?

This year, Blackfriday 2023 takes place on November 24, 2023. This is the biggest sales festival of the year, attracting many people’s attention. On this day, e-commerce platforms will have many big sale programs and discounts on many attractive items.

blackfriday 2023

What should I buy on Black Friday?

Electronics – technology

On Black Friday, many electronics brands have huge discounts. This is your opportunity to buy many necessary electronics for yourself and your family. You can buy TVs, Laptops, computer speakers,… at extremely preferential prices.

Garment fashion

Famous and high-end fashion brands will simultaneously offer discounts on Black Friday with many attractive designs. This is your opportunity to own the branded shirts and pants that you have long dreamed of.


Cosmetics are also a “big sale” item these days, from makeup to skincare products, there are many attractive deals. Take advantage of this time to buy cosmetics to save a significant amount!


On the occasion of Black Friday, brand perfume There will be many attractive promotions, even “big sales”. This is an opportunity for you to experience the expensive perfume products that you have always wanted.

Healthcare product

Black Friday is the ideal opportunity for you to buy healthcare products at bargain prices. You can buy functional foods, massage machines, nebulizers,… at reasonable prices from famous brands.

Secrets to hunting sales on blackfriday 2023

Black Friday is a great event for women to shop freely Don’t be too constrained by price. However, to successfully “hunt for sales”, you also need to have a secret.

Make a list of necessary items before buying: When shopping, you will most likely be overwhelmed by the cheap prices of the items. Please plan before you buy control time and spending better and don’t buy unnecessary items.

“Sale hunting” of a certain store: You should Concentrate on shopping at a single store or brand, instead of shopping in too many places. Special, Record the golden hours To buy items at the best prices.

Prioritize shopping infamous brands: For clothing products or Houseware…, you should prioritize shopping for famous and reputable brands Buy quality products.

“Hunting sales” from the first days: Typically, when shopping at this stage, you will be able to choose more comfortably and buy good products, instead of having to rush to compete on peak days.

The brand has a blackfriday 2023 program

  • Kappa

Kappa is one of the sports fashion brands from Italy with diverse quality and designs. Kappa will carry out promotionsDiscounts from 20% to 90%.

  • Nike

Nike is a famous sports fashion brand around the world. On Black Friday this year, you can buy Nike products at much more favorable prices than usual because the products will be up to 50% off.

  • Adidas

Similar to Nike, Adidas is also one of the brand’s top sports fashion with quality, world-class products. This Black Friday, Adidas products are fine Discount up to 50%.

With this big day of sale, Mazeshirt has sales of up to 30% for all products with good quality and special design.

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Note a few things when shopping on 2023 Black Friday:

  • Plan ahead: Before going shopping, clearly identify the items you need to buy. This will help you save time and avoid being influenced by promotions.
  • Set a budget: Set a budget for yourself before going shopping. This will help you avoid over-shopping.
  • Compare prices: Compare prices between stores before making a purchase. This will help you ensure that you are getting the best price.
  • Be careful when shopping online. When shopping online, beware of scam websites. Please only shop from reputable websites


Black Friday 2023 is a big shopping day in many countries around the world. It’s a great opportunity to shop for bargains, especially on electronics, fashion, and home appliances. Hopefully, the above information will help you have a safe and fun shopping experience on Black Friday.