How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

take care of your mental health

Mental health is a state of mind and emotions that affect how we think, feel, and act. The right way to take care of your Mental health helps us cope with stress, make wise decisions, and maintain healthy relationships.

1. Read Positive Things

Updating the news every day is very important because we need to keep up with the latest changes in society. However, with the development of social networks, especially Facebook, we encounter more and more difficulties in choosing information sources. Watching negative news for a long time will cause many negative effects on your psychology, making your life more gloomy and stressful. Advice from experts is that you should follow official information pages, websites, or figures that positively inspire the community about lifestyle, tips for how to take care of your Mental health, or knowledge about a particular field area you are interested in.

2. Learn To Say “No”

Saying no is not easy, but if you take on too much work, you will easily become stressed and exhausted because the responsibilities are weighing on your shoulders and you don’t have enough time for working. Learning how to say “no” at the right time helps you become more decisive, identify and prioritize the things that are important to you, and find effective ways to manage your time.

3. Meditate For 5 Minutes Every Day

Just 5 minutes of sitting meditation every day will also bring many long-term health benefits and the best way to take care of your Mental health such as strengthening the immune system, promoting blood circulation, reducing stress and anxiety, helping you calm down, and improving concentration.

Basically, set a timer for 5 minutes and you sit comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe evenly. When you notice yourself getting distracted, let those thoughts slowly pass and gradually bring your attention to your breathing. This is a way to take care of your mental health and relax the mind especially suitable for busy people.

4. Play With Pets

Life will become more interesting when there is a pet always hanging around you or waiting for you to come home every day. When you are tired or stressed, temporarily put aside work and spend time playing with your pet to feel comfortable and relaxed. Play with pets also is the best answer to the question of how do you take care of your mental health.

If you don’t have the means to keep a pet, you can also view pictures and videos of children on social networks. Sometimes, the adorableness of your pet is a magical medicine and an interesting method to take care of your mental health.

5. Do Things Kind

A few simple actions such as leading the elderly across the street, giving seats to young children and pregnant women, and helping strangers carry heavy items… not only make your life more meaningful but are also a way to spread love and positivity to everyone.

6. Drawing And Coloring

Drawing and coloring are not simply entertainment activities but also bring many benefits to our mental health. When you focus on coloring or creating your drawings, your mind will be completely focused on the work, causing negative thoughts to disappear gradually. The feeling of pride and happiness when looking at the finished work will dispel your current worries.

take care of your mental health

7. Ask For A Sabbatical And Take Time For Yourself

Continuously working at high intensity makes you easily fall into a state of stress, fatigue, and exhaustion, which in the long run will affect your quality of life and work performance. Arrange a time to take time off and reward yourself with a short trip or a staycation if financial conditions do not allow it.  During this time, turn off your phone so you can completely relax and enjoy your moments.

8. Practice sports – Relax and take care of your mental health

The body will release the hormone endorphin, reduce stress, and “awaken” the mind after exercise. This is the reason why exercise is often mentioned and considered a powerful medicine to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. You can practice small exercises right in your daily activities: take the stairs instead of the elevator or go for a walk in the park every evening. Not only that, house cleaning is also an extremely effective form of exercise that helps you increase your motor index.

Exposed to sunlight, the body will produce vitamin D, while increasing the hormone serotonin in the brain helps increase feelings of happiness. Plus, taking time close to nature and Outdoor activities has also been proven to effectively reduce stress.

take care of your mental health

9. Sleep on time

A study has shown that lack of sleep negatively affects your mood. Therefore, you should go to bed at a regular time every day and exercise good habits for better sleep, like turning off screens at least 1 hour before going to bed, limiting drinks containing caffeine after 2 pm…

10. Clean And Decorate The House

Research shows that living in a messy space both makes you feel stressed and frustrated, while also reducing your brain’s ability to concentrate and be creative. Just spend a little time every day to clean your house, and you will notice that your quality of life and mood improve when living in a cool, clean, and beautiful space.

11. Present for yourself

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The above methods how to take care of mental health that Mazeshirt shares with you Today, you can choose your favorite method and start applying it to take care of your mental health. Practicing will gradually become a habit, making you feel healthier and happier and easily adapting to many situations in life.