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On Valentine’s Day, people often send loving gestures to their other half through fresh rose branches, pink cards containing all the love filled with nostalgia, or those bars of Chocolate filled with sweet love… and some other special gifts with deep love meanings.

The Legend of the Origin of Valentine’s Day

1. History tells that, sometime in the 1,400s, a priest named Valentine was beheaded by the emperor Claudius II because he helped Christian couples marry.

For reasons of convenience, the emperor Claudius II banned marriage. Valentine found this completely unfair and absurd. He celebrated his marriage in secret. Not only that, but he also secretly helped many couples celebrate their wedding in a romantic way. Therefore, Valentine is the saint of lovers. Because of this, gradually more and more couples look to Valentine’s saints for help in love affairs.

Valentine’s today is a symbol of beautiful, happy, and eternal love.

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2. Another popular legend about the origin of Valentine’s Day is the story of a priest named Valentine. In 250, Emperor Decius issued an edict punishing all who did not worship the Emperor.

This edict is aimed at Christians because they worship only God. As a result, many Christians were imprisoned and executed. Among those arrested was the priest Valentine, who was captured in 268.

Mr. Valentine was a wise and virtuous man, so he was trusted and loved by the Romans. Therefore, Emperor Claudius tried to interrogate him to find out and recruit him to deter others but failed.

Enraged, the Emperor ordered Mr. Valentine to be imprisoned. Locked in a prison, Father Valentine was able to tame the prison warden, Asterius, by healing the jailer’s daughter. Appreciated by Father Valentine’s heart, Asterius and his entire family of 46 baptized Christians. Fearing that this would threaten the kingdom, the Roman Emperor ordered the beheading of priest Valentine on February 14, 270 on Flaminius Street.

Father Valentine’s death has moved and is admired among the people and among Christians. Since then, the name Valentine has become a symbol of great love.

3. Another legend holds that, in the 2nd century AD, a physician was beheaded for daring to believe in Jesus. While incarcerated in prison, awaiting execution, the doctor cured the jailer’s blind daughter. The girl finds the light and between them arose love.

On February 14, the doctor was taken to be executed. Before he died, he sent her a love letter signed “My Valentine”. This story later became a legend and around the world people consider this day to be a festival of lovers. Until now, couples still have the tradition of signing with the old phrase “From your Valentine” instead of their name on Valentine’s cards.

In addition, there are many other legends related to the history of Saint Valentine’s Day. Although they are different, these legends are imbued with lyrical and romantic nature to honor the love of the couple.

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Why take February 14 as Valentine’s Day?

It is believed that the origin of Valentine’s Day on February 14 is to commemorate the death of the Saint appearing in the second legend. And so this traditional Valentine’s Day has been maintained since 270. A.D._ in memory of the death of priest Valentine.

It is also said that in the past, people chose this day along with the time of the fertility ceremony to sacrifice to the livestock god, also known as the Lupercalia Feast.

Why exchange cards on Valentine’s Day?

From a story of the saint of love Valentine himself is passed down: After Valentine was sent to prison, he sent a letter. In it, today valentine day sends a stream of abundant love to his young wife. The letter read: “I love you”. At the end of the letter were the words “From your Valentine”.

Perhaps that’s why people think that this is the first greeting that has never been on Valentine’s Day before.

Valentine’s Day has become a worldwide holiday

It was not until the 18th century that Valentine’s Day appeared in England. In fact, before that, every February 14, lovers exchanged jewelry, cards, and fresh flowers and brought with them the noble love they wanted to give each other.

There were a large number of printed greeting cards. Then, in 1913, Valentine’s Day cards of the Hallmark Cards brand in Kansas City were born.

Now, every year on Valentine’s Day February 14, up to 1 billion love cards are sold worldwide.

It can be said that February 14 is Valentine’s Day everywhere in the world, a day for humanity to honor the love of couples, and the affection between lovers and friends of the opposite sex.

Valentine’s Day started in Europe but today is celebrated in many other places, from Asia to the Americas and Africa. Right from the last days of the year, the market for Valentine’s Day around the world has begun to kick off. The Valentine’s Day catering industry quickly prospered. People marketed innumerable roses, postcards, and confectionery, of all kinds…

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