11 Packing Tips for women to travel alone

packing tips for travel

Traveling alone is the best way to discover yourself and have valuable experiences that can help you become more confident and stronger. Safety is always a top priority when you travel alone, and especially as a woman, there are many things to keep in mind. With 11 packing tips below, Mazeshirt will help you have a nice journey.

packing tips

11 packing tips for travel

1. Get used to traveling alone

Being able to find a companion doesn’t mean you will miss out on interesting journeys. Get used to it and follow packing tips that gradually you will comfortably enjoy traveling alone.

2. Research carefully where you live will come

Making a clear travel plan is essential. Additionally, learn everything you can about your destination on the internet. First of packing tips, you must understand the culture, customs, local people, and ways of communication in the place you are going to.

3. Note about clothing

If you go to a country where people dress conservatively according to their religion and customs, try not to become too “cool” with shorts, tank tops, crop tops… That will only make you more vulnerable. isolated and difficult to get close to people.

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Packing tips for travel


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4. Keep valuable items safe kidney

No one knows what to expect in life, especially when you are in a completely strange land, but being careful is still the best policy. Crowded tourist areas cannot avoid the attention of pickpockets and thieves. It’s best not to bring too many valuable items when going out, such as watches, jewelry, expensive cameras, etc. And, when going out, you should not bring too much cash and passports just in case. pickpocketed.

5. Planning – Packing tips for moving

When planning your schedule, you should put all your sightseeing and exploring activities into the day. Night is the time for light fun activities, eating, or relaxing because you need to recover for the next day. can continue your journey. If you go out too late, there is a high risk that you will need to sleep in the next day and will end up wasting the whole morning.

packing tips for travel
packing tips for travel 1

6. Avoid going to deserted areas at night

A lonely night is always dangerous, especially for women traveling alone. It won’t matter if you go to bustling nightlife spots crowded with tourists. But you should limit entering remote areas not intended for tourists at night.

7. Learn some local language

It will never be redundant if you know a little of the local language. Start learning simple help phrases in the local language of the place you’re going to use in force majeure situations, such as “Help me!”.
In addition to asking for help, being able to communicate in the local language is a huge advantage. It not only helps you when in danger but also easily wins the hearts of the people there. Learn some simple sentences to say hello, thank you, ask for directions, order food…

8. Get acquainted with other staff yoke

Getting to know the hotel staff where you’re staying when traveling alone is extremely helpful. The staff are local people so no one knows this area better than them. Not only will they assist you with hotel issues, but they can also give you advice on where to go, where to avoid, what to pay attention to, and countless other useful tips.

When you are alone in a strange land, the hotel now becomes your residence, so the hotel staff are like your own family. If you have any problems, at least you still have someone to ask for help. Most hotel staff are very friendly and approachable, they are ready to assist you at all times.

9. Let your family know your travel plans

Whether you’re going on a short vacation or going on a long road trip, make sure at least a few relatives know the ins and outs of your travel plans. Where will you go, how long will you stay there, what hotel will you stay at… When you arrive, no matter how much freedom you enjoy, don’t forget to update your family a bit.

10. Take advantage of the network society

We must admit that social networks today are very convenient. You can let people know what you are doing and where you are, not to mention, when traveling, there are many new and beautiful sights to show off. So, take advantage of social networks, especially the Story feature to “live virtually” to let your family and friends know about your journey.

11. Be careful when buying continues

During the trip, you will meet new friends or local people and while chatting, be careful not to discuss topics such as religion and beliefs too deeply. This may be considered impolite in some countries.

It’s best to learn about the history and culture of the place you’re going to have friendly but still proper conversations with local people.

12. Don’t share too much personal information with others meet

If you meet a new friend, don’t rush to share all the information with them. Even though you two feel like you’ve known each other for a long time, you should still be a little wary. If possible, limit letting people know that you are “alone” in a strange place.

Information that should not be shared: where you stay, hotel room number, too detailed personal information such as home address, phone number, place of work, etc.


Experience many different cultures, and meet many people to expand your horizons and knowledge. This world is so vast and full of wonderful and interesting things. Don’t let the fear of being alone stop you from exploring and experiencing new things.