Prophesy of Paul Atreides Dream in Dune 2

Prophesy of Paul Atreides
In the second installment of the Dune series, Paul Atreides experiences a number of dreams and visions of the future, which provide hints about events that will or will take place in the whole world.

In Dune: Part Two, Paul Atreides’ powers expand and he has many dreams and visions of possible possibilities. Paul’s mother, Lady Jessica, taught him Bene Gesserit skills from a young age, and Dune revealed how spice on Arrakis boosts their possibility. Dune 2 follows Paul as he fully merges into Fremen culture on the desert planet and takes the Water of Life to become Lisan al Gaib, which leads to more spice, expanding on Paul’s Dune 2021 visions.

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune 2 conclusion relies on Paul’s dreams and visions. The film shows several possible possibilities, but most of them involve Paul’s destiny and ultimate rise. Some of these views are unclear, while others are clear about the future. As his power grows, Paul learns to interpret his dreams and visions, gaining insight into Dune 2 and beyond.

1. A Funeral For Paul’s Father Recurs In His Dreams

The funeral for Duke Leto Atreides, Paul’s father, is his first Dune 2 dream. In Dune, Oscar Isaac’s character died after Dr. Yueh betrayed him and attempted to kill Baron Harkonnen. Paul’s dream depicts Duke Leto’s framed image on Arrakis’ mountainside. People bow before his photo and grieve his death.

A Funeral For Paul s Father Recurs In His Dreams
A Funeral For Paul s Father Recurs In His Dreams

The only funeral for Duke Leto in Dune 2 is this dream, suggesting this was his wish for his father’s funeral. Due to his death and the Harkonnen invasion of Arrakis, House Atreides’ leader was never honored. Paul remembers his father even without a burial. Leto’s advice guides Paul throughout the film, notably stating, “Father, I found my way” and removing the Atreides ring after being accepted by the Fremen.

2. Paul Atreides Sees What Will Happen If He Turns South

One of the most significant visions that Paul has in Dune 2 occurs early on, when he sees a future that will take place if he travels to the southern region of Arrakis. It is shown that he is pursuing a woman who cannot be identified through the deserts of Arrakis as they go south together and stroll by a large number of dead bodies. It is a warning to Paul about what will happen to him and the cosmos if he makes the decision to go in a negative direction. Because of this action, a war will break out across the galaxy, which will result in the deaths of billions of people. As a result, he will be held accountable for the genocide that he is currently watching.

Paul Sees What Will Happen If He Turns South
Paul Sees What Will Happen If He Turns South

Throughout the entirety of Dune 2, Paul is plagued by the thought of this potential future. It is not the first time that he has seen a vision of Dune’s Holy War breaking out under his name and authority; but, he was previously unaware of the process by which it occurs. The result of this is that Paul is forced to continuously refute the notion that he is Lisan al Gaib and to do everything in his power to prevent things from moving in the wrong direction. As a result of the fact that he does not want to be responsible for all of this death, he is fighting back in an effort to stop this from happening. When all is said and done, it is of no use.

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3. Paul Envisions Chani’s Demise

There are a variety of dreams and visions that Paul experiences in Dune 2, each of which has a unique impact on him; nevertheless, the one he has of Chani is particularly powerful. During the time that he is asleep, he has a dream in which he sees Chani standing on top of a sand dune, looking out over the rest of Arrakis. This is the moment when a bomb goes off in the distance, prompting Paul to run in the direction of her.

Paul Envisions Chanis Demise
Paul Envisions Chanis Demise

Once he arrives, he discovers Chani suffering from burns all over her face, which appear to be the result of the radiation that was released by the atomic bomb that went off. In the end, Chani passes away while Paul is holding her. Considering that Chani does not perish in Dune 2, there are a number of alternate interpretations that could be applicable to this dream. The first significance lies in the fact that it was a manifestation of Paul’s anxieties that Chani might perish as a consequence of the impending war.

Given that Paul of Dune was getting ready to unleash the atomic bombs in his ambition to become Emperor and then start a war afterward, it would be reasonable for him to be concerned that Chani might be killed in the fights that were about to take place. In addition, there is the possibility that Denis Villeneuve intended to utilize this dream as a means of predicting what would happen to Chani in Dune 3.

4. Paul Atreides A Vision Of Talking To Jamis

This most recent vision that Paul has, which involves Jamis, comes at a crucial juncture in his journey to become Lisan al-Gaib. He is placed in a position where he must decide whether or not to pursue that road, and he must make that decision. As Paul continues to look for answers about what he needs to do, he eventually comes with his former buddy and adversary. There are a lot of different voices that he hears, but Jamis is the one who he sees and tells him that he needs to examine the whole picture, including the past, the present, and the future, and that he needs to drink the Water of Life.

Despite the fact that Jamis has passed away as a result of the conflict with Paul Dune, the fact that he has returned through one of the visions is intriguing. Jamis came across as highly antagonistic and violent toward Paul and his mother, despite the fact that they had just a brief acquaintance with one another in the first film. On the other hand, Paul’s other visions appeared to depict Jamis as a close friend, which resulted in Maud’Dib continuing to have faith in him. In Dune 2, this is further emphasised by the fact that Jamis is the character that Paul encounters when it is time to make a choice that would have a profound impact not only on his life but also on the entire universe.

5. His Fight With Feyd-Rautha

There is a glimpse of Paul’s battle with Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen provided in the Dune 2 vision, that is the shortest of all of Paul’s visions. The only thing that he sees in the movie is someone stabbing another person in the gut with a knife, but he gets a peek of the conflict that is about to take place. To this day, it is not entirely apparent if Paul is the one who is being stabbed or whether he is dealing a blow that will prove to be deadly to an opponent. It is not until the struggle between Paul and Feyd-Rautha is underway that the vision becomes comprehensible, as it instructs Paul on how to achieve victory over his cousin.

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Paul Atreides vs. Feyd-Rautha is a fight For House Harkonnen’s Future (& Princess Irulan’s Hand) The fight is much more than a cousin-vs-cousin battle under a unified family name since Paul still ostensibly represents House Atreides despite the revelation that he is also a Harkonnen descendent.

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