International Dog Day: Origin, Meaning, and Activities Ideas

International Dog Day

August 26 is International Dog Day, founded by American Colleen Paige in 2004. The purpose is to call on people to adopt and love dogs.

International Dog Day was recognized worldwide in 2004 with the purpose of calling people to give love to dogs and encouraging people to adopt abandoned dogs. Let’s learn more about International Dog Day with Mazehshirt on August 26 through the following article!

International Dog Day

Origin of International Dog Day

International Dog Day was founded by animal & pet and family protection experts Colleen Paige enter August 26, 2004, and is recognized worldwide.

So why August 26? Because this is the day the Colleen family adopted their first dog “Sheltie” from the local animal shelter when Colleen was 10 years old.

International Dog Day August 26 is considered a day of commemoration for dog breeds and also the day to honor the dogs who have bravely sacrificed to protect people.

Meaning of International Dog Day

Every year, millions of dogs are abandoned, homeless, or abused by their owners.

Therefore, Colleen Paige takes August 26 every year as International Dog Day, with the purpose of raising public awareness about adopting dogs from the shelter and calling on everyone to give love to this adorable four-legged animal.

International Dog Day

International Dog Day 26/8 helps people realize that dogs are important friends and companions for humans, so love and care for them.

Activities for my lovely dog ​​on Dog’s Day

Don’t hesitate to buy your dog a few items to help him stay warm, happy and wag his tail with you. Take a look at a few suggestions below and choose the one that works best for your dog.

Buy delicious food

On International Dog Day, August 26, show your love for your beloved dog by buying good food for them. Each dog will have different eating preferences, so you should reward them with food that they love like Fresh milk for dogs, dog treats, dog biscuits, and dog cake,…

Take your dog for a walk

You can spend your free time in the evenings or weekends taking your dog for a walk in the park. Dogs love to run, jump and explore, so take your dog to a place with a large space for them to freely play!

Take me to the amusement park

Nowadays there are many play areas for four-legged friends With this, your dog will be able to play with many other puppies, with many different game zones.

Here you can interact with many dog ​​lovers, talk together and share how to take care of pets.


If your dog loves water, swimming is a must-do activity. Swimming keeps dogs happy and is a safe exercise for bones. Swimming reduces stress on joints compared to walking, reducing the risk of pain or injury in dogs.

If the day is too cold, buy them the necessary winter clothes to keep warm when going out, similarly let them go in the shade on too hot days, the body of old dogs is more sensitive to the weather, so This is necessary.

Let the dog sniff for the toy

Using their nose to sniff is a dog’s instinct, even when they are old, sniffing for things is also their favorite thing. Letting them find toys you’ve hidden or playing games like finding flying saucers is a way to make them feel less alone and also time for you to play with them. Most dogs tend to like being near their owners to play.

A day at the spa

Humans are not the only creatures that suffer when the weather changes. So, why not take advantage of this season to schedule a spa visit for both you and your dog?

Small gifts for a lovely dog

Buy new cloth

On Happy International Dog Day, you can show your love for your puppy by buying new gadgets for them. A new mattress pad, a name tag, a necklace, new toys, dog clothes…will be a reward that every dog ​​will be excited about.

A new bed

Every dog ​​needs its own bed. A dog bed is a good choice, not only because your dog will have a decent place to sleep, but it’s also an important investment in giving him his own territory and a safe place to be. Therefore, buying a bed It’s a serious job and requires a bit of a true dog lover’s knowledge.

For those who are buying a dog bed for the first time, you should consult the instructions on the website or magazine specializing in dog care before spending money to buy. And if you’re an owner looking to get a new bed for your dog, go straight to the store and pick up a new litter that will make both them and you proud.

Massage roller for dogs

Designed similarly to human facial massage rollers, the dog massage roller helps babies relax, like a hand caressing their body, making them more docile and comfortable.

Toys for dogs to help clean teeth

For indoor dogs, the toy that best suits their personality is the simulated bones. Their habit is to suck and gnaw on long objects. In addition, this toy also helps them to clean their teeth

Best gift for the dog lover

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Above is the information about International Dog Day 26/8 and interesting activities for you to give your puppy that Mazeshirt wants to send to you. Hope this article has brought you useful information that you need.