Happy Labor Day 2023 On September 4

labor day weekend 2023

Every year on the first Monday of September, people in the United States celebrate Labor Day, which is different from the international Labor Day on May 1 in many other countries. It is not known if this was the intention of the US legislators to designate Labor Day as a national holiday on the first Monday of the week.

This year’s us Labor Day 2023 falls on September 4. On this occasion, Mazeshirt would like to use this article to recall the historical and contemporary significance of Labor Day, September 4, 2023, in the United States.

labor day weekend 2023

I – The historical significance of Labor Day in the United States

In the second half of the 18th century, the capitalist industry initially developed by applying a number of scientific and technological inventions to economic activities. The labor regime of working long hours, bad working conditions, low wages, etc. has been gradually improved in the direction of “self-interest” between capital contributors (capital) and the seller of labor.

As a result, workers’ lives are improved and enhanced day by day. This good direction is due to the peaceful struggles for the legitimate rights and legitimate interests of the workers and the compromise of the employers on the basis of coexistence and mutual benefit, which is different from the struggle to destroy the capitalist class of the international communist movement at that time until later. This good result is the result of the solidarity of workers who know how to gather into trade unions to fight for their legitimate rights.

Indeed, the history of Labor Day in the United States began at the initiative of a man named Peter McGuire, an Irishman who immigrated to the United States as a carpenter and became an American citizen. He joined the Carpenter Workers Association (Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners) and is seen as a charismatic and capable leader. At a meeting of the Central Labor Union held on May 18, 1882, Mr. Peter McGuire boldly suggested that “We must have a workers’ day, and on that day we will hold a street parade to give the public an opportunity to honor American industry.”

Responding to the above proposal of McGuire was the response of more than ten thousand workers working in New York. A parade from Broadway to Union Square took place. Although there were threats from the employers at the time that they would be fired if any workers attended the parade. But in reality, the parade brought unexpected results. An official day off for workers has been established. That is the first step the government must recognize the labor rights of workers.

Labor Day is officially recognized as a national holiday in honor of American workers. However, to get to this day, it took 12 years after the historic workers’ protest, after going through tough roads with many difficulties and obstacles.

labor day 2023

II – The meaning of the era of Labor Day

Thus, the United States has chosen its own Labor Day. Because it is a day dedicated to American workers, different from the annual International Labor Day on May 1, which is meant to honor workers around the world but has been rejected by other countries. Communists during the Cold War took advantage of inciting the “class struggle” to cause political and social instability.

III – Some labor day 2023 activities in the world

Labor Day 2023 is in September every year, and Americans can take a day off, people everywhere in the US organize congratulatory activities such as parades, and rallies, … to show respect for the working class labor day weekend 2023. In some states, after the parade, people also organize picnic parties, singing, dancing… At night, some places even set off firecrackers.

  • In Japan: Japan is a country with a lot of public holidays. Therefore, in this “land of the rising sun”, Labor Day 2023 celebrations are gradually replaced by “Golden Week 1/5”. Starting on April 29, Japan entered the “Golden Week”. On this occasion, Japanese people will have at least 1 week off and up to 11 days as long as possible. During the “Golden Week”, many amusement parks will offer many advertising programs to attract customers. Along with that, the hotel room rate will be doubled on weekdays.
  • In India: International Labor Day was officially recognized by the Hindustan Labor Party in Chennai on May 1, 1923. This day is considered a public holiday in Assam, Bihar, Goa, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Manipur, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, and West Bengal. Labor Day 2023 in India is celebrated under the name Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas, known as Kamgar Din in Hindi, Kamgar Din in Marathi, and Uzhaipalar Dhinam in Tamil.
  • In France: Every year, on May 1, the French eagerly decorate their houses and give friends a bouquet of Linh Lan – the symbolic flower of Labor Day. The reason the lily-of-the-valley flower was chosen is that on May 1, 1891, a large worker’s protest occurred in the Fourmies region, northern France. To quell the rebellion, national soldiers opened fire and shot dead 10 people, including a girl named Marie Blindeau, wearing pure white clothes. To commemorate this event, the French took Linh Lan flower as a symbol, the soul of May 1.

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Unlike other countries around the International Labor Day is May 1st, in the United States the first Monday in September is Labor Day 2023, this is also the time when football teams and sports have a long day off. after the season. Americans also get a day off to celebrate this holiday. Labor Day 2023 dates back more than 100 years and aims to honor the contributions of workers to this country.