December 3 – Great Opportunity To Care Disabled People

Great Opportunity To Care Disabled People

Today, the world population is more than 7 billion people, and more than one billion people or about 15% of the world population are living with some form of mental and physical difference or disability, of which 80% live in developing countries. In fact, disabled people have always been valuable and contributing members of society. All regions and communities aim to pay their respects on December 3 named International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

1. About the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

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The International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3 every year has been proclaimed since 1992 by Resolution 47/3 of the United Nations General Assembly. Aims to help for disabled people and ensure the well-being of disabled persons in all sectors of society, and to raise awareness of the status of persons with disabilities in all aspects of political, social, economic and cultural life.

The international community has organized many activities and celebrations to honor the value of disable people. In 1960, the first official Paralympic Games were hosted. In 1976, the United Nations decided that 1981 should be the International Year of Persons with Disabilities. In 1992, the day dedicated to them, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3 was proclaimed by the United Nations.

2. Ways to organize the International day of disabled people

Providing a disability training session in business

To understand disabled workers more and more, the greatest method to start real change in your workplace is to arrange a training session on disabilities. Anyone can experience a disability, so it’s crucial to make sure every employee is aware of its significance in order to foster an inclusive workplace.

Donating to disability charities, the meaningful activity you should do

Many disabled people need outside support to complete daily activities, which is often difficult to obtain. Fortunately, many charities are helping these vulnerable people find the support they need. You can join hands with many famous charities, and here are some good charities for disables adults:

  • Easterseals: Edgar Allen established Easterseals in 1919 to address the issue of inadequate medical treatment for the crippled, which he had personally encountered after his son was injured in an accident. auto fatality Through employment training and a range of additional support programs, Easterseals now meets the needs of persons with disabilities.
  • Special Olympics: Eunice Kennedy Shriver established the Special Olympics in 1963 as Camp Shriver in response to her friend’s complaint about the dearth of recreational opportunities for her kid with a disability. The group has grown into a global movement that promotes ability above disability and gives special athletes of all ages a role.
  • Friends of Disabled Adults and Children: In order to solve the paucity of repaired home medical equipment for economically disadvantaged people and children with impairments, Ed and Annie Butchart established the Friends of Disabled Adults and Children in 1986. To provide goods and services that improve the quality of life for the disabled, they now collaborate with a network of volunteers and partners.

Besides, you can also call on your family, friends, colleagues to perform this meaningful activity. You can donate money, food, support tools, or small gifts to make them feel better. Take a look at some of the meaningful gifts below from Mazeshirt.

Bluey Friends Gift For Friends T-Shirt

Bluey Friends Gift For Friends T-Shirt

Anyone can be FRIENDS with each others, a meaningful T-shirt for disabled people.

Aura Retro Grainy Gradient Poster

Aura Retro Grainy Gradient Poster

A colorful poster can put you in a high mood.

Fall Gifts Sunflower Fall Blanket

Fall Gifts Sunflower Fall Blanket

Not only keeping the body warm, the scarf also brings a positive and energetic spirit by the sunflower motif.

Encourage inclusion 

This is the best way which caring for developmentally disabled adults. Every person, regardless of ability or background, can participate in all parts of social life thanks to the method and attitude known as inclusion. Be aware of events taking place at your school, church, or neighborhood, and consider how you can ensure that individuals of all abilities are included.

Make sure you respect disabled people with your words and actions. Discuss with your friends and family the negative effects of using language that is disrespectful to individuals with disabilities.

Providing job opportunity to disabled people

Ask your employer about the procedures used in the employment and recruiting of individuals with disabilities. Let them know that employees with impairments can make meaningful contributions. Ensure that you patronize companies that hire persons with disabilities and let them know you were aware of their presence.

Writing a inspired blog about disabled people

Explain how a person you know who has a handicap has inspired you or positively touched your life in a blog post or in a shared experience. You can either do this on your own website, in which case we’d be happy to feature it.

3. Conclusion

Hope the above article will help you better understand the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Moreover, you can use the helpful ways we have suggested to make this holiday more meaningful and have many benefits for disabled people.

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