Most beautiful and practical gifts for a happy mother’s day

happy mother's day

Handmade gift for happy mother’s day – A mother is someone who always cares and worries about us, from the moment we are born until we grow up. Therefore, on happy mother’s day, giving handmade gifts is an important thing as well as one of the special days to honor a woman, then surely every boy or girl wants to do something real. Unexpectedly, very touching for my mother alone. Although mom always says she’s always full, she doesn’t need any gifts, but if you give her small and beautiful handmade gifts from handmade items, or simply cook her favorite food, Mom is also very happy. Let’s refer to handmade gifts for a happy mother’s day.

happy mother’s day

Choose handmade gifts for mom on happy mother’s day

Handmade gifts for mom with meaningful handmade cards

Among the handmade gifts, the card is the number one choice. Handmade cards are simple but beautiful but can make a mother feel about her child. If you have a good imagination and are ready to hand flowers, you can create a lot of unique cards yourself, if not, don’t worry because on the internet, or in handmade groups, there are always simple card templates attached. Video tutorials help anyone to create beautiful works.

happy mothers day cards
happy mother’s day cards

Handmade flowers

Instead of giving bouquets of fresh flowers at a rather high price on holidays, think about giving your beloved mother a bouquet of handmade flowers made from paper, or maybe just fragrant dried flower bouquets both beautiful so that the mother can stay for a long time and when looking at it will always remember her young children. Girls can choose materials such as crepe paper, felt fabric, elastic fabric, wire, etc. to make their own flowers, while men who are not skillful with their hands can absolutely order gift bouquets. Handmade with many options to give to mom.

Besides, the bouquet of flowers combined with vegetables, and handmade gifts for mom is also a unique gift. Vegetables, if you know how to combine tubers of different colors, with a little ingenuity, you can create beautiful bouquets for your mother to take pictures of to show off to the whole family, and also cook additional delicious dishes. nutrients from vegetables.

Art painting

Art paintings bring their own beauty because the artist’s soul is embedded in them. If you have a little talent for painting, why not try to draw a picture for your mother as a handmade gift? You can draw a portrait of your mother, draw a chibi, draw your mother’s favorite flowers, etc. There are many beautiful watercolor paintings for you to choose from. It only takes a few pages of paper and the same set of watercolors to create a masterpiece. These paintings are also priceless because it is your heart to give handmade gifts to your mother on happy mother’s day.

Beautiful handmade notebook

Surely many mothers still often experience amnesia, forgetfulness of old age, plus having to remember a lot of things that make their mother’s head always hurt. So please help her by giving her a notebook so she can record things to do, keep track of living expenses, etc. Making a handmade notebook is very difficult, and requires meticulousness. high, so the better choice is to buy the notebooks, and decorate more according to the mother’s liking, so there is an extremely meaningful happy mother’s day handmade gift.

Scarves/Self-knitted beanies

 happy mother’s day handmade gift for mother and for her with many other meanings is a wool scarf. The wool scarf is like our reminder to the recipient of the gift to remember to keep warm and protect their health. There are many ways to knit scarves, those who are meticulous choose the complicated way, with thick knots that require time and patience, while others choose the easy way. You can learn a lot of knitting styles from the internet and get creative to create something special just for mom.

Handmade hug pillow

A gift that is both soft and warm, literally and figuratively, is a lovely handmade hug pillow. To make a pillow, you need a fabric with elasticity and softness such as spandex, and cotton felt. Fabric and cotton-to-stuff pillows are easy to buy, the most difficult is sewing the pillow, this stitch requires you to be careful in each stitch. But when you see the results as well as the happy face of your mother when receiving the gift, you will see that the effort is completely worth it.

Handmade bracelets and necklaces

As a woman, everyone likes jewelry to be gorgeous and eye-catching. And especially, mothers love it more when their children give them jewelry as handmade gifts so that when someone asks about it, they will proudly show off their children’s achievements. Making jewelry, bracelets, or necklaces for mothers is really not difficult, just a little concentration, you just need to buy ingredients at handmade accessories stores and follow the instructions to be able to create them with happy mother’s day handmade lovely jewelry.


If you find yourself a clumsy child and making handmade gifts is impossible, this is the savior choice for you, fabric. To choose the right fabric for the age of the mother, pay attention to the elegant and elegant colors such as cream white, beige, etc., the textures on the fabric are sophisticated enough. Some of the fabrics that middle-aged women often prefer are soft cool silk, chiffon, or spandex for home wear.

Suggest some meaningful gifts for those who don’t have enough time

Mothers Day Gift Coffee Shirt Women Cute Mama T Shirt 1

Mothers Day Gift Coffee Shirt, Women Cute Mama T-Shirt

A lovely couple t-shirt for both mother and daughter


Funny Cat Mother’s Day Gift T-Shirt

The best shirt for happy mothers day to all moms who like cats.


Funny Cat Mothers Day Gift T Shirt
Mothers Day Gift Mama Luke Patrick Selah Mug

Mothers Day Gift, Mama Luke Patrick Selah Mug

A simple but practical gift for mom on happy mothers day funny.



Above are handmade gifts for mothers on happy Mother’s Day, although this gift is small, simple but full of meaning, love, and joy. Whether you are a giver or a receiver, Mazeshirt believes that you will feel very happy and sweet.

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