International Beer Day: Meaning & Great Destinations And Gifts

international beer day

Every year, International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of August (August 8 this year). Nothing compares to a refreshing beer after a long day of hard work and sharing with friends in the fun. If you’re a fan of this refreshing barley-flavored beverage, you’ll want to learn about its origins and the best spots in the world to enjoy, especially in Europe, where beer culture has exploded from the old cellars of the Czech Republic, the old breweries in Belgium to the Bavarian breweries in Germany.

Here are the world’s great destinations for International Beer Day suggested by Mazeshirt.

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How was International Beer Day born?

International Beer Day was just born nearly 10 years ago. Life is still very young. It was started in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California, USA. For the first 5 times, it was held on August 5. However, in 2013 it changed to the first Friday of August

Through the process of formation and development, international beer day has gone beyond the scope of a small area in the US. Becoming popular in 207 cities, in more than 50 countries, and covering 6 continents of the world. It is celebrated in many different forms. But all beer festivals share three main good intentions:

  • Connect with friends, and relatives and enjoy a beer together.
  • To acknowledge the merits of beer makers and beer servers.
  • Unite beer drinkers around the world.

National Beer Day has become a real holiday for those who love the freshness and sweetness of beer. The upcoming year 2023 will be its 16th birthday on August 8. It is certain that the most spectacular and vibrant festivals will be held in all countries around the world.

Beer International – Everyone’s Day

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Suggest place ideas for International Beer Day

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has been brewing beer since the 10th century and has the highest per capita beer consumption in the world. Prague, the largest city and capital of the Czech Republic, is located on the Vltava River and is famous as a beer lover’s paradise. The best beer in Prague known to many “beer aficionados” is located at Zlý časy, but you also have thousands of other beer venues here to choose from, from big names to small breweries, many of which have been brewing for generations.

The U Medvidku hotel with over 2,300 reviews on boasts a popular microbrewery, with tours available on request, a pub serving homemade beer and Czech cuisine, plus an impressive beer hall and beer garden. You’ll even be greeted with a free “homemade” beer upon check-in! Not only that, but the hotel enjoys a prime location – just a short walk from the Czech National Theatre, the Vltava River, and local shops.

Munich, Germany

Brewing is an activity deeply ingrained in German culture. Munich is a dynamic city filled with Bavarian beer restaurants, including the famous Hofbräuhaus founded in 1589.

In recent years, craft brewers have “sprung up” rapidly, competing with traditional breweries that have reflected local and visitor demand, including organic breweries. If you are looking for the perfect stay with a stylish bar and a peaceful courtyard where you can sip a frothy beer and relax, the Bavaria Boutique Hotel is the perfect choice. Bavaria Boutique is conveniently located near Oktoberfest – the world’s largest beer festival, as well as the Augustiner-Bräu brewery – Munich’s oldest independent brewery.

Brussels, Belgium

Belgium has a long history of brewing beer from the 12th century with many unique methods, including Trappist “priest” beer (beer brewed in Trappist monasteries). Brussels is the capital of a booming beer culture and is known for its wide range of beers, mainly ales (as opposed to lager) with an emphasis on malt and fruity yeast flavors.

You can experience the best Brussels beer by taking one of the award-winning tours to learn more about Belgium’s golden ale through beer-tasting tours. If you are a beer lover, the unique Brouwerij Het Anker hotel with 1,293 reviews and a score of 8.6 on is definitely a place not to be missed. This hotel is housed in a 15th-century brewery and a short walk from the enchanting Grote Markt Square, and features a brasserie and a large authentic courtyard.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a beer lover’s dream destination, with a plethora of craft breweries – most notably the iconic Guinness Storehouse with a quintessential Irish twist, and traditional pubs. Beer in Ireland dates back about 5,000 years, but commercial brewing only started in the 18th century. Some Irish beers that might satisfy your taste buds are Scraggy Bay, Mescan Brewery, and O’Hara wheat beer.

The Fleet is an avant-garde hotel tucked away in the lively and recently renovated Temple Bar area. Guests can enjoy a beer at the hotel’s Café Bar 1920 on Grafton Street, or explore nearby attractions like Dublin Castle and the Olympia Theatre.


The vibrant city of Amsterdam is not only famous for its artistic heritage and intricate canal system. With craft beer thriving, Amsterdam also has many great beer-related activities, such as tours of the old Heineken brewery or even the brewery in the Windmill! It is filled with cozy bars by the canals, the perfect place to enjoy a beer while watching the sun go down.

Located on a former Navy site in the heart of Amsterdam, Pension Homeland features an on-site restaurant and brewery with spectacular views of the IJ River. 

T-shirt gifts for beer day

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National beer day 2023 is an occasion for participants who are encouraged to give away “beer gifts” by buying beer and inviting others. The festival also encourages beer drinkers to explore and experience new beers. Overcoming the “familiar charm” of your favorite beers. Wish you will have fun with this holiday.