Top 7 most effective fishing methods you may not know


To be able to fish, it is not enough to simply stretch the net, but must have the “art” of fishing! Mazeshirt would like to introduce to you a few fishing tips so that you can fish most effectively!


The best time to fish is after the rain for 1-2 hours. This is the time when the fish bite very hard, the anglers should seize this time to go fishing and never return empty-handed. However, for each fish species, their feeding time is different so this is only a general time period, to know precisely what is the best time to fish.


Suitable location

If we choose a place with a lot of fish, the fish will go to eat strongly, then we have won up to 60% of this game of chance. 

  • Canopy: It is not too difficult to understand when the canopy of a large tree falls into the lake in the direction of the wind. where fish gather and fish eat strongly. Because trees, flowers, leaves, and seeds are natural foods that are familiar to fish.
  • If the water level in this place is not too shallow, ie about 1m deep or more, these are the places where fish gather and swim back and forth, looking for a lot of food.
  • At the end of the wind and in the middle of the wind, the calm of the lake: The end of the wind and the middle of the wind is always where the fish eat the most.
  • The silence of the lake: Have you ever gone to the lake and seen the lake floating everywhere, suddenly there is a corner of the lake and there is no wave in the middle of the lake, that is where the fish gather.

Look at the water surface and guess the amount of fish

The water surface is also a criterion to evaluate whether the place has many fish, suitable for you to sit and fish or not. Normally, the water surface with ripples, always bubbling will have many fish. This bubble phenomenon occurs because the fish perform the process of breathing and catching prey. The more bubbles that appear, the bigger the fish, and the more fish live in that area.

Usually, people will determine the first is choose the location. If you find a place where there are many bubbles floating on the water, congratulations, you have found a potential fishing spot that has not been explored yet. All you need to do is just drop the rod and reap your rewards.


How to choose a fishing rod

A fishing rod is an important tool that determines the success of the session. It is considered an effective assistant to help extend your arms, easily recognize the activity of prey, and the higher the ability to reach and conquer the prey. This is indeed a very difficult problem for some people who do not know how to use a fishing rod.

In terms of locations: If you choose the river, you should choose a rod that is about 1.6m to 3m long, and if in the sea, the fishing rod should have a length of 3.2m to 4.5m.

Understanding the living behavior of fish

Each of us has a unique and different personality, interests, and forte, no one is the same. And the same goes for fish. Fish have many types of fish, each with different characteristics, some like to live in shallow or deep water, and some like to live in clear or muddy waters…

Before going, you need to determine which fish your subject is and then learn about their habitat and behavior, from which you can accurately determine where they live a lot.


Choose the right accessories that are suitable for fishing to be effective.

  • Fishing hooks: Depending on the type of fish, you should choose each type suitably.
  • Fishing buoys: There are two common types of floats, latex, and foam, if anyone goes at night, they must have a light buoy at the top of the fishing rod. Depending on the type of fish we choose to have a float or not. 
  • Fishing lead: There are types such as anchor lead, round information used when the water is strong, square tip, and sharp lead.
  • Fishing line: It is recommended to choose a type of freight with a length suitable for the length of the boom bait

How to pull the lever

Not everyone knows how to pull the rod, so a lot of people when the fish has bitten the hook and still lose their prey.

We should note how to jerk the lever as follows:

  • Whenever we see the float running in any direction, we pull the rod in the opposite direction and the hook will stick to the fish’s mouth.
  • Whenever you see a buoy suddenly sinking quickly, you should not hesitate, but must jerk quickly in the vertical direction.
  • If you see the float being pulled for a short distance and then stop, if you pull the lever, it’s just good luck because the fish only takes a bite of the bait and then releases it.

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Above are a few ways to help your fishing become the most effective, hope your fishing will be easier, and of better quality!

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