Interesting things about White Valentine’s Day in Japan

Valentines Day

In Japan, the white valentine’s day on March 14 is just as important as Valentine’s Day on February 14, because this is the day “men” will prepare “reciprocal” gifts for the girl who gave them chocolate. February 14th.

Discover White Valentine’s Day in Japan

Valentine’s Day originated in the West and was introduced to Japan in the 1930s. During the period of February and March, Valentine’s Day on February 14 and White Valentine’s Day on March 14 was very important in Japan. In Japan, most people do not celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, so March 14 is considered an occasion to “repay” the boys to the girls they love.

Valentine's Day

Origin of white valentine’s day

In the land of cherry blossoms, February 14 is the day girls give their men sweet chocolates. More specifically, those chocolates are all handmade by the girls. Not only limited to husband or boyfriend, but the object of gift can also be a male colleague, superior, father or brother… to express gratitude or respect. February 14th is considered a day for men in Japan.

Therefore, there are two types of Chocolate on this day: Giri-choco (義理チョコ) and Honmei-Choko (本命チョコ). Giri-choco is “polite chocolate”, while Honmei-Choko, usually heart-shaped, is meant to be given to a loved one. The reason why women give Giri-choco is that they don’t want the single men around them to feel “sorrowful”.

In response to the hearts of women, White Valentine’s Day March 14 was born. However, the legend of this day is not a romantic love story but a business story.

The first White Valentine’s Day was celebrated in 1978. It was initiated by the National Confectionery Industry Association as an “answer day” to Valentine’s Day, that men should return the woman who gave them chocolates. or other gifts on February 14. In 1977, the confectionery company Ishimura Manseido in Fukuoka City marketed marshmallows to men on March 14, calling it Marshmallow Day. Gradually, this day is spread, not only in Japan but also in neighboring countries such as Korea, Taiwan, etc.

The phrase White Day and later White Valentine probably originates from the characteristic white color of that cloud-like marshmallow. However, today, men can give white chocolate or other cakes and candies depending on their preferences. The word “White” does not simply mean white, it also symbolizes pure love.

Meaning of gifts

Unlike other countries in the world, Japan prefers to give chocolates on this occasion rather than expensive gifts or cards.

Due to the name White Valentine’s Day, white dishes are especially popular, such as white roses, white chocolate, cakes, and marshmallows… and each gift has its own meaning.

If you receive a box of cakes, it means that he is trying to send you the words “I love you”, and if it is a box of candy, it is “I like you”. If it’s white chocolate, it has a softer meaning “I want to be friends with you”…

A special feature of the gifts that men are about to “give back” to their other half is that it must be worth 3 times more than the gift they received. If the value is equal or lower, it means that the girls’ feelings are not reciprocated.

The Japanese pay great attention to choosing gifts, because it is not just material item, it also carries an “underground message” to the recipient. Therefore, do not give a gift in a casual way or a gift that is too luxurious that does not contain the “heart” of the giver. And it is important to learn carefully the meaning of the gift you intend to give, to avoid misunderstanding by the other party.

Revealing the Meaning of Japanese Chocolates on Valentine’s Day

The Japanese are extremely picky and meticulous. From envelopes used for different holidays to chocolate on Valentine’s Day is also extremely diverse. And of course for different audiences.

  • Cho-Giri Choco

The name of this chocolate translates into Vietnamese as “chocolate of obligation” and the word “obligation” on the packaging is of course not romantic at all. In order for the gift to carry the true meaning of the giver, to avoid misunderstanding, the Cho-Giri Choco maker also cleverly creates a simple shape for each chocolate, usually square and round. This type of chocolate is placed in a simple box, without too many patterns.

In the Valentine’s Day tradition, women will give gifts to men to show their affection. Accordingly, Japanese girls also buy Cho-Giri Choco to give to male friends who are colleagues, classmates from the same school, or in the same class… You can even see boys in class passing a box of Cho to each other. -giri Choco of a certain girl.

  • Gyaku Choco

Gyaku in Japanese means “reverse”. Thus, not only do women give chocolate to men as in the Japanese Valentine’s tradition, men also have the opportunity to show their affection by giving Gyaku Choco girls.

  • Honmei Choco

Honmei Choco is a fragrant milk chocolate with a characteristic sweet taste, usually shaped like a heart. Honmei means true love, if you receive this type of chocolate, it means that the person giving you is intends to propose beyond friendship. Honmei Choco is contained in a lovely box, with a note or card so that the giver can write a few words.

Valentine's Day
  • Tomo Choco

Tomo means friend, similar to Cho-Giri Choco but with more respect and love. This can also be seen as a message: “I only see you as a friend”. Girls often give this chocolate with a card that says “For my friend” or writes Tomo Choco directly on each chocolate. Tomo Choco is also used by girls to give each other on Valentine’s Day.

  • Jiko Choco

Jiko Choco is the most special chocolate on Valentine’s Day in the land of the rising sun. If the chocolates that Chefjob just shared are used to express love between men and women or close and close friendships, Jiko Choco is for those who are single. In Japan, if you haven’t received a gift on Valentine’s Day, you can buy your own Jiko Choco as a comforting gift.

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From what Mazeshirt shared, Valentine’s is not only reserved for lovers but also an opportunity for you to show your affection to friends, and relatives or even encourage yourself. Learning the meaning of each type of chocolate will help you easily identify the purpose of the giver, and choose the right type that suits your purpose. Chocolate given on Valentine’s Day in Japan can express love, and can also mean “friend zone”.

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